Human Testing (Viral)

Very cool viral from Tooheys – the Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum Testing Facility. Human subjects are needed for testing, using video and flash games – this is something unique. I got served this in an EmailCash mailout, and for a while there I thought this was real…

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  1. […] Still If you go to the site you will see a typical (for Alternate Reality Games) spoof corporate website, again in the ARG domain of bio-experimentation. (Not sure why they all have that 10 years into the future DNA thing about them?). Anyway the site is nice, feels a parody of the corporate site itself. It is obviously Tooheys as that appears in the web browser top bar all the time, but the rest of the site trys to keep us in ‘human testing’, lab world. It is a flash website and feels like some of the prototypes we have been producing in LAMP for the past year – lost of scrolling real world representation, files, noticeboards, test tubes – in fact like a late 90s CD ROM. I was finding it hard to find Tooheys beer references in the site itself so that was good. But back to the impressive thing – the only thing I have seen on Australian TV in the past year or so that has MADE me go to a website Another blogger said he was informed via email, so their “access point” was more viral (as he puts it). There is very little out there at the moment about this – will dig up some more about the campaign. Well done team behind this anyway – beats the dull washing machine fighting with the hover ad, swimming pool ad. […]

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  3. Iain says:

    Just responding to Gary Hayes comment in his article below – No this was not an Amnesia Viral Campaign. We’re not sure who made the site, but if we ever do create future virals – we’ll be honest to say it’s ours in our own blog! Promise 🙂

  4. Alise Muecke says:

    Lovely sharp submit. Never believed that it was this uncomplicated. Extolment to you!

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