The best online Paper Plane Game ever! (updated)

For some reason this little Paper Plane game has developed a life of it’s own. The words addiction, annoying and aaaaarrghhhh seem to be used commonly. Sorry everyone… we only made it for a laugh 😉

Original Viral Game Xbox 360 Version Mock Ads (NEW – Jan 08)
image image image
It just keeps spreading… a good throw is over 115m. You can find cheats in comments below or on YouTube

PLAY >>>

Slightly different graphics and tweaked flight. A good score is over 140m.

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We have no idea how far you can throw a migrant. But would you even want to????

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Jan 15 – The Paper Plane engine was just re-purposed by us for the AdNews ‘mock-ads’ (it is not a real site, but a what if…) If you’re bored of throwing planes then try throwing a Migrant! Play here. Note: Please read the intro before you get the wrong idea… this is a ‘reverse psychology ad’ that carries the real social message …at the end.

“That’s gotta hurt…”

Jan 4 2008 – Approaching 200 million games. The game was even mentioned in US Rolling Stone Magazine in December. So we’re starting to think about a new version and we’d love any feedback and requests for what you’d like to see improved/new features. We’ve set a page for your thoughts here.

It’s simple – throw the plane as far as you can using your mouse. You can play a game in less than 5 seconds. But if you’re like most people, you might have more than a few throws. There are plenty of tips and tricks from nice people below in the comments so read on if you are stuck.

Game History:
We built this mini game for a FlightSim X promo/competition in Dec 06. It finished it’s run after 6 weeks on NineMSN in Australia (did very well) and we pulled it from air when the competition ended. In April 07 we stuck it up on our archive server, and we put a link to it here in our blog. We have no idea how the game spread given that we did nothing to promote it, but we do really appreciate everyone (now counted in millions) giving up their valuable minutes to play. We intend to keep it up and running as long as people like it and want to play it, and hopefully we can pump out some new versions in the future if the demand is there.

Oh finally… we do apologise to people who have spent so much time, lost jobs, wives etc …over a (let’s be honest) rather annoying little game…

Love Amnesia 🙂

1,081 Responses to The best online Paper Plane Game ever! (updated)

  1. Iain says:

    This just passed 1 million plays. Not bad in just a few weeks.

  2. Bone says:

    Help … Addicted .. can’t stop.

    I’m ranked 92 at 102.244 m
    Bloke beside me at work is ranked 12 Globally.

    Must beat him.

    Can’t stop.

  3. Iain says:

    There is a cheat… for those in pain…

    Take your mouse to the top left corner, now steer your mouse all the way around to the other side of the screen then carefully enter and zooooooom.

    Looking at the database, the best score is 110metres so far.

    We may do another release of this game soon… stay posted.

  4. nugget says:

    can only get upto 102.242 but it is impossible to get further.
    I’m slowly sliding down the rankings.
    need more tips.

  5. eric the viking says:

    Ican only get my airyplane to fly 111mtrs any tips out there for a longer one?

  6. the chunky mandarin says:

    hi Eric, sorry you can only reach 111 but with practice and a bit of luck, 120 isn’t out of the question. keep flying and keep the numbers coming into the site.

  7. douglas bader says:

    Bull Ive bin flying for 50years and never made 120, at 115 my legs fall off!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kreepy Kat says:

    this is a really cool game!!!

  9. Kreepy Kat says:

    I think it’s cool even though I didn’t get far…

  10. me says:

    wot a bunch of sad men

  11. Hints says:

    I cannot get past 114.802 any further ideas?Just 115 would help me kick the habit!

    • BART says:

      hit zoom in 5 times after your plane is in the air on the “M” on the meter marker in the top right hand corner of the screen. then when the screen goes black click show all….

  12. Frequent flyer says:

    The click and drag mechanism is a bit clunky, not very smooth at all, 99m here for me

  13. Brent says:

    I just got a highscore of 115.006 with a global rank of 268 can anyone tell me the exact distance the person who is globally ranked 1st got.

  14. Mark says:

    A person I know who is ranked in the top ten is over 900.000m, and says a volcano is involved. Yes, he has the screenshot of his score to prove it. Obviously there’s a certain way to throw it that will make a huge difference, and not many people have found it.

  15. fraz says:

    my best score is 113 my m8 did 115 tryin to beat him

  16. mike says:

    your friend is a liar

  17. Brent says:

    I’m the guy that got 115.006. You’ll find that if you use different computers to play, you’ll get a different high score. I don’t know the reason for it but it works. My top score on my laptop is 114.802. And on another computer it’s 114.734 with global rank of 381.

    There’s a guy who claims he got 180.32 with global rank of 8, but it’s a bit suspicious because he has ms paint open in the tool bar below. If he didn’t have that open I would believe him without a doubt.

  18. chris says:

    of course he has paint open – that’s what he’s pasting his screen grabs into.

    i cannot get anything higher than 114. i’m averaging about 112, mostly. it’s really pissing me off that i can’t break that 115 ceiling…

  19. J says:

    hey everyone,

    My highest is about 102m but I can’t get further than that, any tips?

    I saw that thing Iain posted about starting top left but I couldn’t understand it (sorry

    dude XD)


    P.S. You bloody well can’t go 900m, that guy is making it up, if you rightclick screen

    and press forward it zooms out and you can see the whole area, about 150m or


  20. Breslau says:

    J, he means to put the plane in the upper left corner of the playing area. move your mouse further left, which will leave the plane in the same spot. now, move your mouse to the right side of the game window keeping care not to move your mouse back into the game area.

    once you’re on the right side with the mouse, move it back into the game. the plane will move quickly over to the right in an attempt to meet your mouse pointer. this will in essence make a throw for you when the plane crosses the red line. you’ll have to adjust your entry point on the right side to get the best throw.


  21. J says:

    Thanks a lot,


  22. Iain says:

    There have been a few questions about the genuine longest throw. We haven’t had time to look in the database for a definative answer, but during some testing on the new version (coming soon), we noticed that an accidental test throw of 129m was ranked at 239 globally. We have no idea at this point as to how anyone has thrown further than this even with the technique above but it does appear that some people have gone further than we thought possible (around 120m). We will try to figure this out soon and post back. – Amnesia 🙂

  23. J says:

    hey again,

    I have noticed 2 bugs while playing,

    1 is that if you right click and press rewind, then make your throw very quickly everything turns blue.

    Another is that if you use this cheat your plane is able to fly straight through the end wall.


  24. Tourettes says:

    Damn you people. I cant stop. I stopped going to work, I got fired, so I could play this game all day long. I hate you.

  25. Mark Claassen says:

    The best I can do is 113.019.There has to be a ‘cheat’ i.e. another way.

  26. Jackal says:

    Hi, I can get over 100m pretty much every time. My best is 113 ranked at 9966.

  27. Doug says:

    I can’t get past 114.915. I use the trick described above, is there another?

  28. Doug says:

    My friend Tyler really sucks. He can’t beat 114.8.

  29. Breslau says:

    Well Amnesia, maybe you can tell us how someone would reach 120. ’cause i’m tappin out at 114 and a half right now.

    if we knew how to get to 120, maybe we can figure out what others are doing to get beyond THAT. 🙂

  30. tyler says:

    My ex-friend Doug is actually a closet queen

  31. Doug says:

    Tyler is jealous because he can’t get past 114.915 like me.

  32. tyler says:

    Not anymore – 115.309 Rank: 558

  33. Mike says:

    114.808 using the cheat above rank 1178 no idea how to get any further

  34. dirtyden says:

    where is everyone putting there cursor on the right hand side i am stuck on 111.486m

    please someone help

  35. petersrolo says:

    my highest is 112.758

    14578 in rank i just wanna know what rank no 1 is

  36. Doug says:

    I am at 114.915 and ranked 959. I loose a couple of spots a day so I know somebody is getting past me. Dirtyden, put the plane in the top left corner, and put your cursorin the middle of the 3rd drawer down on the filing cabinet.

  37. Doug says:

    Dirtyden, you will need to adjust the screen a bit. Bring the right side of the screen to just next to the filing cab.

  38. petersrolo says:

    i just uped my score to 114.644m now ranked 5681 woo hooo

  39. randino says:

    GRRR 114.734m over and over. Can not go past it, but can hit it over and over 😦
    Ranked at 2254
    Hope to see a new version soooooooooooooon!!!!! HIGH5!!!!!

  40. Manny says:

    I was able to get 122m… but only once. Now I can’t even remember how I got that far. 😦 I’m only able to get as far as 114-115 now and it’s killing me that I can’t get back to 122, let alone past that. I’ve gotten several co-workers hooked on this game since I was sent the link yesterday morning. Thank heaven it’s been slow at work this week! 🙂

  41. Manny says:

    Forgot to mention I’m ranked at 247 now. WOOOHOO!!

  42. Doug says:

    Manny, how are you doing it?

  43. colin says:

    ive topped out at 114.508 is there a way to pass this??

  44. Reuben says:

    V2 is very cool. So far I’m ranked no 1.


    At least I made no 1 for a short while

  45. ChazZZZer says:


    Global Rank 8,711

    I can constantly hit 111-114, and want to know how to go farther. Any ideas?

  46. GGWPUFL says:

    I got ranked 8710

  47. ChazZZZer says:


  48. nasal says:

    125.something, got ranked 240 and really don’t know how i threw this much 😀

  49. Addicted says:

    143.307, Ranking 157

  50. CrAzY MaN says:


    37814 global rank 🙂

  51. CrAzY MaN says:

    any tips on gettiing better?

  52. Justin says:

    150.196. Global rank 31. Was stuck at 114.659 on the old one. I got that exact same score at least 100 times and couldn’t get higher.

  53. Gary says:

    Gary says was stuck on 114.365 for three weeks just hit 117.673 and now rank 359, what is number one?

  54. Can'tStop! says:

    144.497 with a rank of 167 – can’t crack the 145’s yet

  55. Can'tStop! says:

    145.748 with a rank of 142, 67,041 games played

  56. Addicted says:

    143.692, RANK 230, can’t get into the 144s

    • Trond says:

      ur all a bunch of crap mouth liars! I checked everywhere, there is no version 2 and nobody has gotten longer than 130m

  57. Addicted says:

    Finally, 149.121 Rank 75

  58. Addicted says:

    150 cracked. 150.127 Rank 46

  59. Reuben says:

    I am ranked no. 1 at present.

    166.407m – Rank 1 – games played 78,615

    Woooo hooooo

  60. Frustrated says:

    Can one of you clowns who reckons they are up to 144 and 145 please describe what you are doing?

    The rest of us plebs are stuffing around at 114. Obviously there is another cheat , or at least another method to be able to get to 145.

    Also Gary who was stuck on 114 for 3 weeks and all of a sudden hit 117; what did you do differently?

  61. mel says:

    the scores of 145 and up are from the second version of the game, follow the link at the top of the page to go to it.

  62. Iain says:

    Thanks Mel for sorting out the confusion.

    V1.0 – Can throw to around 115m
    V2.0 – Can throw to around 165m

    For V2.0 – you can always post comments in the V2.0 blog on this site:

  63. Currently ranked No 31 at 150.711m. I start on the line between the floor and the wall and keep the mouse as straight as possible, then move it to the right as quick as i can. I am going to trade my “wheel” mouse in on an infrared to see if it makes a difference. Will keep you posted.

  64. Can'tStop! says:

    For anyone trying to get a handle on the Xbox paperplane game (V2.0) here is a page with some tips to get you started.

    For anyone getting better distances than 148m please have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong! 😉


  65. Reuben says:

    I wish I could help but since I got the 166.407m I haven’t been able to get past 152m

    I wish I could remember what I did

  66. A Robot says:

    Damn this game! Its gotta be a scam. There’s a monkey somewhere that says, “hmm.. i’ll let this throw go past 150m”. Argh!

    anyways… I’m starting to understand what it means to be addicted. lol

  67. I bought a new mouse today – It does NOT make a difference. There is a secret to getting past 160m and I am looking all over for it!!!!!!!!!

    HELP – I’M GOING MAD…………..

  68. JstChillin says:

    I have been sitting at 155.685 with an original ranking of 8 which is now 12 for a week. There is a sweet spot to do this. Nothing to do with the mouse. How to get past 160, I dont know????

  69. Richie-rich says:

    Any hints on cracking 150m?

    CAn’t seem to get above the 2nd cloud so I keep getting 140-147.


  70. Reuben says:

    Q for Iain

    Can you do anything about posting the top 10 throws either on a high score list on the game or at the top of this page?

  71. shrek! says:

    another cheat – right click and select quailty – drop it down to low!!!

    just managed a 150.196 currently 134. and managed high 149’s every time now!

  72. Capn Bob says:

    Are they scores of 150m+ on V1 or V2 ? I can only get to 114.8 on V1 and would love a tip on how to increase distance !!

  73. Breslau says:

    V2 : 144.095 using the same cheat from V1

  74. frequent-flyer says:

    This game is totally offensive.

    Shortly after the aeroplane leaves the office several young voices can be heard to say “hey, honky!” shortly followed by “He’s my nigga!” What sort of message does this send out to the gullible and feeble-minded? I demand monetary compensation!

  75. Breslau says:

    150.196, rank 269 my highest yet with either game

  76. diggy says:

    does anyone know what the web kudos are?

  77. Reuben says:

    I am devestated….

    I am now ranked no 2. Who has beten me???

    I can’t even spell rite cos of this

  78. Hey Reuben

    If I was you I would also feel devestated, I thought you would stay No 1 for at least over 1 million throws. Dude, I went from No 30 to No 225 in 1 week!!!! I am feeling even more devestated. We need to make a plan in the week. I will give you a shout tomorrow.

    Cheers Dude…………..

  79. Martyn says:

    Hello everyone!

    I can not get past 150.202m and i’m 549th globally. Reuben, how far have you gone for that top stop?

  80. The Other Manny says:


    There are a number of people asking for how it was done.
    What are some indicators along to cours to determine whether the throw is on the right track. I am still stuck on 148.949.

  81. Reuben says:

    -> Martyn

    166.407m. However I am now ranked no. 2 as of this post. games played 794,657

    Still wondering who threw better

  82. Marc says:

    I was wondering why the global rank has changed so drastically. One day I was 50,000th and now im 7,000 in the world. I do not understand

  83. steve b says:

    i have a variation on cheat above – instead of dragging cursor around outside of screen, once on the outside right click then just move cursor to position you want to re-enter then left click

  84. stevie b (not the one above) says:

    114.734 is the best i can put out done the same distance 5 times, how can i better this please

  85. The Other Manny says:

    Reuben…….you keep giving us your improved scores, however you never seem to be answering anyone when they ask you how you did it or any tips.
    Will you ever share???

  86. The Other Manny says:

    Stevie b (not the one above) you should be able to hit close to the 140 mark every time if you drag the plane to the very to[ left hand corner. release the plane on the top cabinet handle. See how you do there. I am trying a number of variantions including where you grab the plane from. I find grabbing the plane from the nose seems to give more distance that the grabbing it form the rear.

  87. Reuben says:

    The only tip I have at the moment… Till I can get above 155 again is about 1cm below top left corner, right at the back of the screen…

    Unfortunately as I have said above where my mouse was I don’t know as my computer lagged as I went forward to throw and I don’t know where it was when the lag ended. Unfortunately I’m on a laptop with at present 128MB of RAM and a GCard of 8MB

    I will give a tip when I know how to get near or better my throw….

  88. The Other Manny says:

    Stevie B (not the one above) how did you go.

  89. danny says:

    holy cow guys this game is ace!! ive just got 115.092 out of 39,637,250 global flights….. wait for it….. that puts me at rank 508 inthe world and the top 0.0012%!!!!!!! wow im so proud of the last 5 hours of my life, i realy acheived something today.

  90. The Other Manny says:

    Hang on….How are you ranked 508 with 115.092 when I have a flight of 148.949 and am ranked 1687?????
    I don’t get it.

  91. stevie B (Not the one above) says:

    these comments are for version 1
    version 2 has its own comments page

    danny tell me how u got 115.092 and can email me a screen shot


  92. kevin says:

    I am stuck on 114.743, global rank of 2577. Have been for weeks,

    I “throw” the plane up to the very very top left – you can only see a tiny tip of the nose, then on the right I come in above the skirting board about about 1 cm up.

    Does anyone have any other methods for getting 115+? Would love to know.

  93. Simon says:

    People are getting confused on here about the different games.

    Version 1 – average between 110-115 is pretty good
    Version 2 – average between 140-150 is pretty good

  94. gk says:

    what happened to all the mini leagues please? my league ladder disappeared last week … and i’m up to 114.559

    • Tyler says:

      I created an office league but some of my coworkers don’t want to be in it. How can I delete players from my league or change their names? I can only see how to add them!?? Any help is appreciated.

  95. Sam says:

    Ver1 114.452 Rank 12375
    Ver2 149.403 Rank 2485

    Any help to get past 115 on 1?

  96. jet says:

    hey we have reached 147. but cant get any further

  97. jet says:

    ive read some of the coment and there is some confusion because there is TWO different games one flys over school play ground and one flys over rocks and ocean

  98. mad as now dude says:

    113m nearly 114 . i player a game called tribal wars , and inbetween that i sit and throw a stupid dart…! lol
    showed it to my girlfrend , now shes hooked too
    mu ha ha ha ha

  99. chemik_1 says:

    how the heck you could reach 120m…? stuck at 114.734 :/

  100. rix says:

    121m too hard to get any further, involves man hole at 116m so u get a little push

  101. WARMS456 says:


  102. MrClay says:

    also stuck on 114.734… with a rank of 3971 – got this distance 3 diff machines now and so have most of my friends… so i’m guessing another 1cm will leap you up a good 2000-2500 places.

  103. GBBucks says:

    chemik_1 is close to the mark, I suspect 150 is tops, appears that way if you look at ‘field’ when you check right-click ”forward”. Count the trees! My consistent best is 114.757m for a global rating of 3355, will not go above that. Anything else is a fluke or malfunction. And it don’t make any difference if you adjust your mouse speed!

  104. signlab says:

    I am sitting on 114.199m with a global rank of 23202 great game!

  105. Shali says:

    I don’t get the league thing. I push submit and it puts a green check beside all the names, but then does nothing.

  106. Iceman07 says:

    My top score with the cheat is 113.022.

    I wonder what the top throw is without the cheat is? Mine is (was) 96.72. How about your top through without using the cheat?

  107. Rich Boorman says:

    Version 1- 115.094 Ranked 1873 Can’t get any better and have tried loads!!!!
    Version 2- 150.208 did it at work so dont know what i was ranked!!

    I do seem to throw further on my laptop though…why is this?…any ideas anyone?..Ta!

  108. Rocketman says:

    how the heck do you get past 115?

  109. Rocketman says:

    tips on getting past 115? Correct email here.

  110. Rich Boorman says:

    God knows!!!! Sorry,know it doesnt help but at work i can’t get past 114.783 but at home on my laptop my best is 115.094…Might have something to do with the laptop..really dunno!!!

  111. Bossman says:


    I have created a league and the scoreboard only comes up occasionally and it is normally blank !

    Am I doin anything wrong ?

  112. Big J says:

    V2 150.434m was ranked 1498 a few minutes back, now ranked 1509. Obviously someone has worked out a strategy. Seems my best throws disappear off the bottom of the screen around the 115m mark and then come in low after the 3rd Kudos pole. Can’t hit it consistently though. C’mon guys, share the secret! 🙂

  113. Giga Bite says:

    great tips, but I can’t seem to get past 119 v1. Past the playground there is a snow covered moutain in the back. It seems you will see a volcano to get to the record 170m this guy has…

  114. Giga Bite says:

    addicted to the max…

  115. Rich Boorman says:

    For anyone that interested i have put a pic up of my 115.094 on my myspace page(on my pics) so feel free to have a look and comment!!..Ta…Still can’t get any further…LOL..

  116. Rich Boorman says:

    soory should have put up my address….DOH!!!! Ta!!!!

  117. Chuck ask says:

    Can’t get past 104.4 been playing for about month now, any help out there!

  118. ant says:

    dude you gotta use the cheat haha put the plane in top left then move your mouse cursor out of the play area to the left and move it round the bottom of the screen outside the playing square, then slide it in about 1cm about 10 ‘skirting board’ thing. it will fly out the window and go around 110m every time.

    im stuck at 114.775 ranked 4195 yesterday, now dropped to 4203 😛

  119. Rich Boorman says:

    WOW…just beat my best score…115.754 now!!!..Yippee…pics on Enjoy!!!!!

  120. Rich Boorman says:

    V2 154.074m Global Rank 465…..There is a god!!!! on I love my laptop!!!!

  121. ant says:

    damn your laptop ! haha i wonder why different computers make a difference?? i thought it would be the same regardless if its programmed that way? what parameter is variable?

  122. Rich Boorman says:

    The laptop strikes again!!!! Version 2 157.873 Global Rank 94…WooHoo…pics on the normal place!!!

  123. gobbledock says:

    Okay boys, can’t get passed 150 since throwing it weeks ago (first ranked at 843, now 1939). Throwing from about 1cm from top LHS seems to give best result, if loops then just start again (no good). Damn you aqua-scum!

  124. Magnus says:

    Whats the best throw on pc, i guess its V1 game?

    Mine is 105.

    And is rank just pc players?

  125. gobbledock says:

    Try this !! Grab the plane, holding left mouse button down. Drag to top left hand corner and continuing to hold left mouse button down, drag mouse around outside of window and then release (in the rhs scroll bar) when you’ve lined it up in the usual place.

  126. Magnus says:

    Hmm, dont seem to work for me. Makes no diff if i hold down the mouse button or not. Cant make loops outside by moving mouse. And most of times it “bugs” and stops at relese-line and just drop down. :S

  127. ray says:

    version two,my mate andy taylor is a wag he got 150.013 and i equalled it, can’t get any further though. Must keep trying.
    Version one i’mstill on 114.734, again can’t seem to do any better with whatever i try.

  128. Magnus says:

    Ok, in v1 im on 113.8 meters now. got about 145 in v2.

  129. Diezel says:

    114.734 any clue to go further

  130. Magnus says:

    Hehe, im trying pixel by pixel to increse. Every good throw is about 113 now.

  131. Tasten says:

    for Ver. 1

    My friends and I can’t get past the 114.7xx mark. We were doing it without any loops in the flight. Are people getting it to loop and getting further than that? When we do it, the furthest we can get is 93m with it looping twice. Any suggestions on where to “release” the plane to get more loops?

  132. bear says:

    i have done 114.734 but i can not go any more

  133. Scott says:

    Great game, cant get passed 114.734 either, would love to break th 115 mark, any clues ????

  134. Scott says:

    same score on v2, how to get passed it is hard

  135. Ray Harris says:

    Hey all,

    I just broke the 116m mark. I am working on a better result.

    Will keep you all posted

  136. Corey says:

    i managed a 115.044! woot

  137. Richard says:

    Just hit 129, didn’t get a screen shot (forgot) my friend has reached 143.975 and is sending the screen shot

  138. Helen says:

    I got 155.616 for v2 yesterday and was ranked 155th, now I’m 158th – so I know people have beaten it! I have no idea what I did -I fluked it on about my 5th go. Does anyone know if hitting the middle of the 3 x-box things helps?

  139. Rachel says:

    How do you break the 115m mark in Ver 1??????

  140. Lee says:

    Has anyone got any evidence of breaking 115m in version 1? My best is 114.717m, 115m seems impossible unless there are more cheats.

  141. flight club says:

    Hey is it possible, ie has anyone managed to get above the second cloud without being forced down???

  142. Peter says:

    110.358 in v1 and 145.164 in v2. Can consistently get around 130 to 140 in v2, but hard to go apst that.

  143. Peter says:

    Just did 111.44 then next throw got 111.639, in v1.

  144. Lurke says:

    Also stuck at 114.734 m. Was ranked in the 4000’s at first but am now at 9469. I’m starting to think it’s random or dependent on what graphic card one is using or something.

  145. […] Go check it out and waste half your day. By the way there is an XBox Version as well and that is the latest version (Released in July 07). Get all the info on the blog about the two versions. […]

  146. Craig Aust says:

    someone help, think i will lose business and family unless find the solution to getting over 155m in v1. Have evn penned a mark on my screen that seems to give optimum distance of between 144.690 and 114.734.


  147. Craig Aust says:

    SORRY 115M

  148. Tricky says:

    149.124, just threw on the version. it seems to be all about pin point accuracy regarding postion of the plane and where you bring the mouse back into play on the right side

  149. Shelly T says:

    V1 114.734; V2 149.202 Can’t seem to get beyond these scores

  150. Tricky says:

    V1 114.69
    V2 150.208
    any further suggestinos?

  151. Shelly T says:

    what’s up the loops? How do you do them and can they REALLY give you better difference? I find if my plane does one loop, I get a shorter distance.

  152. Bruce says:

    Got 114.734. Yesterday I was placed around 8000, now I’m 224th. Have the scores above 114.734 been taken out of the scoreboard?

  153. Disco says:

    How do you resize the screen to see the chest of drawers?

  154. Lee says:

    How annoying, i simply cannot get past up to 115m

    see my high score here 114.747m, global rank 228

  155. squire says:

    v1 global rank of 32, v2 need help any tricks

  156. Prattman says:

    What is up with 114.734??? I have hit that number countless times but can never get past it! Seems like a lot of other here are having the same problem with 114.734.

    Can someone who knows how to get past 115 please leave a detailed post? I here there is a manhole or something? HELP!!!

  157. Simon says:

    114.802 is the best I’ve managed with V1

    Just started playing V2, 143.255 so far.

  158. Conrad says:

    My son somehow managed 117.351 without any cheats. When he got it he was ranked 13th, but now it has dropped to 16th.

  159. Omen says:

    Just got 114.76 on V1 and ranked 187. If you equal the score do you get ranked before or after ? does this mean I am the 187th person to do this distance ?

  160. Lion's hood says:

    Got 114.757 on V1 today and ranked 199, my friend got the same after I did and I am now ranked 200. So I believe that if someone equals your score it is placed before you as they have done it more recently.

  161. Conrad says:

    In addition, when my son got 117.351, he said his plane did at least 4 loops right above the chimney. I don’t know how to do that with the cheat, so it must take just the right throw.

  162. Lion's hood says:

    To get loops you must put your plane in the top left corner and take your cursor off and around the screen, then when you put your cursor back on the game put it slightly lower than usual, I managed to get 3 loops this way.

    Good Luck

  163. goat says:

    114.824 vi

  164. Soto says:

    114.802 v1 with original cheat ranked 284

  165. Checo says:

    Ranked 211 with 114.76m, last week I was ranked #175. Tip: before you grab the plane look how is doing a synchronize movement, Use this synchonize movement of the plane to make the shot. will help you score more meters.

  166. El Roly says:

    Please dont’t play any more and go back to work……

  167. Capt Clo-ackle says:

    On V1 I can get 114.734 every time so how are people getting higher? there must be another trick to it.
    somebody please post how as this is starting to do my head in.
    Seems strange that it gets the exact same distance each time which lends me to believe that that is the max distance and everyone else who reckons they got higher are dreamin.

  168. goat says:

    114,825 ranked 116

  169. Paul B says:

    I have a good distance in v1 of 114.735 but see my global ranking slipping down from 244 to 305.

    HOW is that possible ????????

  170. Ben C says:

    coz someone got a higher score 😉

  171. Gary says:

    I am at 117.673 and ranked 18

  172. chris says:

    best distance on V2– 1554.892m
    have gone down 1 hundred spots in 4 days
    friend bested my 148m with his 151m
    now i’m untochable at 154m
    ha ha matt sucked in
    p.s.yeah yeah matt u have a better distance on v1(.25m)

  173. chris says:

    oh yeah now ranked at 610
    tip: try to throw form 1.5cm down back left corner , use around the outside cheat.
    bring pointer back in at top of white area below cupboard.
    plane should go close to fan and then out the top of plasma screen.
    if you get 2 backflips near second blue globe down low YOUR IN LUCK
    should take of like a rocket and get to over 150 easy.
    THIS TIP IS NOT PERFECT(dont forget to try a little higher lower on both sides)

  174. Scott says:


    I’m on 114.694 and currently ranked 794 (it was about 754 last week)

    I have to be honest, i use the “round the outside” cheat as I dont have the technique to get enough distance to even get out of the window.

    I have tried EVERY concievable variation on start position and end position and there is no way I can get this plane any further.

    Who holds the current record for the SAMSUNG version of this game (not the xbox version) and can they provide any tips on how to get my plane further ?



  175. Capt Clo-ackle says:


    who has higher than 114.734 on V1 ????
    Let us in on your secret !!
    I can’t do any work any more – I need to know

  176. Welshman says:

    114,737 lol a little bit higher

  177. highflyer35 says:

    i got over 1,300 metres but something happened that wasn’t normal.. screen went black but plane kept going… weird…. yes thats right 1,300 metres.. when it got to 1000 mtrs it reset to zero…

  178. Guitarman says:

    I followed Chris’s advice from his August 3rd entry and got 153.61 I’m globally ranked as of September 1st,at 1177 and finally got to numero uno in my league.Thanks for the tip Chris.Now if I only had a life.

  179. Guitarman says:

    Using the same technique as Chris advised,I just hit 154.431,with a 947 global ranking.

  180. thepaperaiirplanedude says:

    I would kindly like to request that you would tell us how you got that test through to go so far and i really like the idea of posting the top ten so that we can know what the high score is cuase it is driving me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. thanks

  181. Guitarman says:

    My furthest distance is now 154.832,with a ranking of 653.I’m still using the “Chris technique.The plane needs to go out towards the bottom of the screen and then spin at the second globe.I’ve hit 154 + countless times with this method.Good luck!

  182. TBONE says:

    I just wanna know what the kids are saying in the background, anybody got a clue? It’s just not clear enough!

  183. bridie says:

    Ha ha i only got 65.34m well only after about 5 goes

  184. Macca says:

    114.757 and I’m 275th

  185. thepaperaiirplanedude says:


  186. Beagle says:

    Just found you guys. How do you get the file cabinet to show? When I click on Play Again all I get is the plane, a blank wall, and a red line. Until I read the cheat, my best was 108.543 on a regular throw. Now I am in the 114 range with the cheat.

  187. Rob says:

    Help, ( V1) i’m stuck on 114.734 cant get any further. tried eveything. Any Tips?

  188. Flying-High says:

    I’ve got 125.745 and am ranked 5th in the world on version 1. I can get 186.17m on version 2 and am currently ranked 31st in the world. I would love to know who is number1 in the world for version 1 and how far they threw it.!!

  189. chris says:

    flying high
    how the hell do you go that far (186.17) whats the trick for the rest of us beginners
    my mouse now has RSI, wil need to get a new one, and my desk has a rut.
    work is a time waster and there is not enough space on two screens for any more internet explore for xbox plane (v2)

  190. Flying-High says:


    To be honest, the furtherst throw I could make on version 1 was 115.266 using the first cheat that everyone knows about (moving the mouse around the outside of the window and quickly dragging it back on). However, there is a second cheat that allowed me to hit 125.745 and I’m only ranked 5th! Whoever is Globally Ranked 1st is definitely using both cheats. It works on both Version 1 & Version 2. I could spill the beans on it if you really wanted to know but it might spoil the fun. Let me know and I’ll reveal all…

  191. chris says:

    well its not just the cheats that work its how you tweek them.
    diff computers diff results(dont know y)
    matts laptop goes well
    Your fears are real!
    once we know (the cheats) you may drop a couple of hundred spots in the first few hours but???? where would the challange b
    y not c if you r still rank that high after the post
    plz reveal your second cheat, so the company does not have to forclose on my behalf.

  192. Manstret says:

    Plz give at least a hint on how to do it. I’m losing in our office league.

  193. Robbo says:

    1st version is 114.56 mtrs 2nd version is 155.341 ranked 395, method i use is when i position the plane on the left i left click the mouse which keeps the plane in position, then position the cursor on the left edge of the screen(find your own point) then right click and plane flys out the window.

  194. Flying-High says:

    No probs mate. For Version 1: When you fly the plane out of the window, right-click and hit zoom in about five times. Eventually the screen will turn a solid black. When it does you have about two seconds to right-click and hit show all. The plane will then drop at around the 120 mark. For Version 2: When the plane is out the building right-click and hit zoom in about five times as with version 1 but when you start to see the grass on the last straight wait about ten seconds and hit show all. Let me know how you get on!

  195. Flying-High says:

    Forgot to mention on my last post – if you leave it for too long before hitting show all the plane will drop off the screen and the counter will run up to 999.99m before resetting to zero. Don’t ask how I came to find this cheat, lets just say I’ve thrown a lot of paper planes!!!

  196. sharon says:

    woooohooo just got a 121.359 with a global ranking of 21

  197. Kurt says:

    I used Flying-highs recommendations and just got 27place global with 199+ on version 2

  198. Richy says:

    Ver 2, 209.522, global rank 21, struggling to get past as i keep going off. Think I’ve had enough of this game now lol

  199. Rob says:

    flyinghighs technique does not work on my pc – the screen never goes solid black. 114.4 v1 and 151m on v2. Any more tips for us flyinghigh? 115m is a holy grail in my office!!

  200. Jer says:

    Hi just got a 115.374 no v1

  201. sharon says:

    i just got a 124.447

  202. Jer says:

    how did you do that sharon

  203. Rob says:

    hit 125.536m ranked 23 on V1. jackpot baby!!

  204. Jer says:

    how did u do it then

  205. Jer says:

    just got 125.606 rank 22

  206. Rob says:

    125.772 rank 13 its all in the black space!! see highflyers posting

  207. Rob says:

    anyone managed over 126m on V1?

  208. Guitarman says:

    Thanks to Fliying-High for helping me to get 204.386 with a ranking of 29.That won’t last for long,I’m sure.

  209. JJ says:

    186 v2 and 119 v1

  210. TrickyTree33 says:

    v1: 125.761 – I’m 20th !!!!

  211. Lee says:

    v1 i’m currently 11th with 125.79m is 126m the limit?

  212. Guitarman says:

    207.852,ranked 24 v2 and 122.164,ranked 55 v1

  213. Guitarman says:

    125.446,ranked 38 v1

  214. Rob says:

    125.795m i’m 6th V1

  215. Flying-High says:

    Before I posted the cheat on this site I told the lads in my office how to do it, and althogh 8 of us had different scores around the 124-125 mark, we were all ranked 6th in the world so I’m not sure how the rankings work. Would still love to know who is number 1 tho (on either version)!!

  216. cathead says:

    125.671/31 v1; that is the best i can do, what else can be done to increase?

  217. ldmack3 says:

    V2 – 145.024, v1 114.859

  218. wolsty says:

    flying-High you are my saviour. 201.599 rank 45. I’m off on hol for 2 weeks and was actually considering taking a laptop with me just to try and get a decent score. Thanks mate

  219. Guitarman says:

    209.076 with a ranking of 24 for v2. 125.748 with a ranking of 24 for v1.Thanks Flying-High

  220. Conrad says:

    Just did 210.272 ranked 21st on V.2. Found a slight tweak to flying-high’s tip.

  221. Guitarman says:

    What’s the tweak,Conrad?I’m at 209.076,ranked 27.Knowing when to time the show all is the hard part.

  222. BM says:

    Where on the screen do you zoom in as this has a bearing on when it turns black?
    115 is still the target in our office

  223. Lee says:

    BM you can zoom in anywhere on the screen, its probably best if you zoom in on the counter in the top right of the screen.
    Once you’ve zoomed in about 5 or 6 times you will reach maximum zoom, you then leave it there until the screen goes black, once the screen has turned black you will need to click show all after about 2-3 seconds.
    If you don’t click show all at this point the counter will continue onto 999.999 before it resets and you will not have a score or ranking.
    The cut off appears to be 126m, this is why i say zoom in on the counter, if you leave it later the counter will run on to 999.999.
    Hope this helps.

  224. chippy says:

    hi i have just managed a throw of 125.729 on v1 but having done so my mini league disapeared and it no longer gives me a global ranking anyone any ideas why?

  225. Guitarman says:

    I managed to get 210.237,with a rank of 24.That was on the 10th. Today,the 11th, my league score still shows the 210.237,but the global rank showed nothing, until I started playing again and only displays today’s highest score,which is currently 207.158.Does anyone know why the original distance of 210.237,no longer displays as my best,globally.

  226. Guitarman says:

    I think Lee is correct about the cut off of126.I just hit 125.8 ranked 5 globally,v1.

  227. john says:

    i just got 127.44 v1 i am ranked number 2 who is ranked number 1 cheers flying high just a little different to what said but thanks

  228. Lee says:

    whats the secret john

  229. Playa says:

    I think you are all full of sh*t! I have tried this b.s. zoom in a million times and it doesn’t work! Any more suggestions???

  230. Sally says:

    Hey Y’all, Before knowing about the cheat, I got 115.857!! Thought that was good and now trying the cheating way. Just wondering how high anyone got w/o cheating??

  231. Lee says:

    v1 125.795, global rank 6

  232. Playa says:

    Lee is a liar!

  233. shan says:

    125.025 rank 96

  234. shan says:

    125.71 rank 59

  235. John says:

    123.443 V1 ranked 119th

  236. thefoxboy says:

    v1 125.794, global rank 15

  237. Lee says:

    Playa, in order for the zoom cheat to work you have to first be able to throw the plane out of the window!!

  238. Lee says:

    PS. Heres the proof

  239. Jamie says:

    At about what time does the screen turn black for the cheat. I’ve been trying the cheat and all that i can make happen is either a normal through (114ish) or the counter keeps on counting upto 999

  240. Jamie says:

    i meant distance not time! Doh!!!

  241. juan says:

    Done….. minus 148.955 !!!
    See if anyone can match that…!

  242. chris says:

    what chaos has arisen,
    hats of to the old boys before the cheat took over, this new breed is in a plane chucking universe of there own.
    good luck chuckers

  243. Jonnyboy says:


  244. Lion's Hood says:

    V1 125.717
    Xbox V 178.358

  245. Dennis says:

    The leaderboard on V1 must be very crowded. I went from 125.761 (53) to 125.795 (9) – 0.034m + 44 places!!!!

  246. bboy says:

    how did you get to 125.795….I cant get past 114.734

  247. Dennis says:

    Hi bboy, look at ‘Flying-high’s message on Sept 5th – it’s all timing from there.
    Good luck and let us know how you do.

  248. Bo says:

    I’m stuck at 114.809. Any tips on how to throw it further?

  249. Jimmy says:

    Yep same…im stuck at 114.717. Can’t see how you can get it any further. Even using the technique by moving your cursor around to the right of the screen. Anyone got any tips on how to break 120M ??

  250. ryan says:

    zoom in 4 times on the counter at the top. make sure your on the 2 numbers before the decimal. it will pass 114 and you need to click show all to come out of zoom for it to stop. If you don’t it will go forever. make sure to click right on about 125, maybe a little before. You’ll get the hang of it. 125.795- 13th

  251. Roger O says:

    Thank you for the tips folks. I just started today and I hit 125.747 and rank #96. I’m not gonna get alot of work done for awhile I see…….

  252. john says:

    oi how are u getting passed 114 odd?
    is there a trick to it?
    i need to no it.
    the two fuc**** next to me are gay.
    let me no.
    peace out

  253. Dennis says:

    For f**k’s sake john all the secrets have been given above. If you’re too damned lazy to read the posts, you really are a…….. Do a bit of research – it’s right in front of you or would you prefer someone to do it for you. Mommy not into computers eh?

  254. Donnie says:

    Driving me crazy! I’ve heard of 170’s but I can’t get past 125.7 using V1……

  255. Dennis says:

    Bugger, I can’t get past 125.795 (V1). Was ranked 9th, three days later ranked 17th……..

  256. Joe says:

    What are those kids saying. Who are they and what do they want from us?

  257. Todd says:

    116.580m V.1 using no cheats at all.

  258. Dave says:

    Anymore games like flightsimX??

  259. danny h says:

    no cheats todd, bollocks lol. im at 125 odd usin the zoom cheat cant seem to get past it. any one with any other cheats?

  260. danny h says:

    v1 by the way

  261. capon says:

    your so sad lol i can get 124 easy m8ts all u hav to do is put your mouse at the top hand of the scren then put the mouse all the way around the sceen and put the mouse back on again from the other side and watch it go !!! 🙂

  262. Joe says:

    Yes but who are those kids? What do they need? I’m scared for their safety.
    Please! Please! Listen to them. They need our help.

  263. Todd says:

    Believe it or not I dont care, but the secret is in the smoke. with cheats i’m ranked 11th
    at 125.82m

  264. paperflyer4sure says:

    Figured it out!!

  265. paperflyer4sure says:

    Put the plane on the floor exactly two plane lenghts from the red line. Do the mouse trick going around the outside of the screen. Put your mouse on the fifth red dash from the top and hit enter twice after releaseing the plane. Simple once you figure it out. 🙂

  266. Tansar says:

    I am at 114.101. Still trying…..

    On newer version, I am at 140.819….

    Any working tricks? this blog is very long…can’t filter.


  267. gary stuart says:

    Try thisne,jusy as addicting.I am number 1,,at .002 meters.

  268. Lee says:

    I’ve been trying for ages to get past 125.795, tried paperflyer4sure’s trick but didn’t get anywhere with that, are there any more ways of refining the zoom trick, i;ve tried zooming in on the counter, any more???

  269. Tansar says:

    still stuck at 114.692.

  270. Joe says:

    Let it keep flying and listen to the kids! They are calling us, all of us.
    I wonder what their names are?

  271. Tayler says:

    Yeah well fuck this 358.

    KISS MY BIG ARSE!!!!!!!

  272. Joe says:

    I think if we find out what the kids are saying then we can fly further. I’m trying to zoom in on the playground to try and find them. The secret is with the kids I think
    if I can just find them.

  273. Laybob says:

    125.61 using the zoom trick

  274. John says:

    It just keeps flying in the dark. 1043 and giving up!!!

  275. macdizzle says:

    someone help. the zoom won’t work and i don’t know any other cheats. i’ve got 114.747 with and without the cheats. Anyone…………….?

  276. Josie_3_of_a_kind says:

    Thanks paperflyer4sure with your cheat I just went 127.72. Wow after it hit the ceiling it followed the ceiling and went over top of the ceiling fan(cool) and when it went thru the window a burst of flames shot out of the back side and it just rocketed off!!! That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. I did figure out you only have to hit enter ONCE not twice for your cheat to work!!!!! Keep the plane a hair off the floor don’t let it touch. Its a fine line but I think thats why I only have to hit enter once.

    Thanks again paperflyer4sure-you da man!!!!!!!!!:)

  277. Todd's Gay Says says:

    Zoom in on the playground and you can see the shadow of 3 little kids…………….

    I think there the same kids that sing in Pink Floyds album?? Listen carefully I had to extract the sound track and play it back in slow motion to identfly what there saying.

    You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

  278. Bartburger says:

    Thanks paperflyer4sure-126.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Didn’t get the flames?? Must keep trying, must keep trying, must keep trying.
    God I need help.I haven’t been to work in 2 days. HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME

  279. Jennifer says:

    how do you get the mouse on the 5th red dash. I can see my pointer when I move it over. I did get over the top of the fan once but can’t do it again.

    Who’s pink floyd

  280. macdizzle says:

    why canit i do it.? what are the exact steps

  281. Rod says:

    Wow! Who’s Pink Floyd? I feel so old.

  282. SIMON says:

    i can’t do it. it doesn’t work.
    where are the children??????
    what are they saying??????
    why is it important to know?????

  283. SIMON says:

    Rod the Who and Pink Floyd are two different bands!!!! You really don’t think there the same group do you? how funny

  284. Paris says:

    I touch myself when I fly.

  285. Touch me Paris says:

    i have something you can touch. muuuwwwahhhhhhhhhhh

  286. John says:

    My wife is divorcing me. Stupid game!!!!!!! Has anyone found the kids?

  287. […] been around for a while, but I’ve only just discovered it. Paper Plane1.0 has been played over 75 million times! Paper Plane2.0 has been launched in July 2007 and has been played over 13 million times […]

  288. flyTexas says:

    tried the floor trick,keeps looping back when it gets 2 the ceiling.

  289. DizzyDon says:

    my friend Ron is lame, he doesnt play the game, he just reads the blog

  290. DizzyDon says:

    i said he is lame not gay

  291. DizzyDon says:

    at least his boyfriend said he wasnt

  292. DizzyDon says:

    i made Ron cry… uh oh.. i better get back to work!

  293. Mark says:

    this is some new cult and we need the #1 ranked flyer to be our leader…
    i’m at 119.943….
    take me to our leader, kids!!

  294. Rod says:

    The kids and pink floyd are a big big help. The Who is no help except that I won’t get fooled again. Currently at: 125.612 / rank 298. Mark, what do you want me to take to the leader. By the way, this is not a cult. My leader told me so.

  295. Henry says:

    I think the children are gonna tell. and make us play their game. They don’t like the Grumps. When they find us they will go BONK BONK on our heads.

  296. Chris "the Viper" says:

    I got 121.491 and I found the kids

  297. Mark says:

    125.474….ranked 344.

  298. John says:

    Chris: Where did you find the kids? How many were there? What were they doing?
    Please tell me!!!

  299. Chris "the Viper" says:


  300. Mark says:

    Hey! “Viper! Leave them kids alone!!”

  301. Ken says:

    I don’t care about the stupid kids. Let the cars run over them.
    With cheats I’m at 127.54. The secret is with the first cloud.

  302. A lighter shade of pink says:

    The kids found the phone, oh nooooooooooo

    This is America calling…….(beep beep)……..are we reaching you?

    The kids keep hanging up..!!!!! I don’t understand it……………….

    Really, who are you…………….I really want to know……………………..

  303. Marvin says:

    I’ll give you all a clue. Look carefully at the building just outside of the window.

    “the kids are just another brick in the wall”

  304. Hillary Clinton says:

    this game is taking over our kids minds.

    “we don’t need no thought control” everybody just leave them kids alone.
    They are hurting anyone. Where is the justice. Bill, oh Bill.

  305. Jennifer says:

    what does any of this have to do with the game. I asked my parents who pink floyd was and they just said oh my god. I figure they must be a christain band or something.

  306. Chris "the Viper" says:

    Jennifer, just say no to drugs!!

  307. John says:

    The kids are all alone and they need our help. Doesn’t anyone care?
    They sound like they might be hurt. How can anyone hear their cries
    and not at least feel the need to help them in some way? We don’t even
    know if their safe.

  308. Taos66 says:

    V1, Rank: 590, Distance: 122.978

    V2, Rank: 556, Distance: 193.311

    Interesting game. I’ve played both games for a total of about 5 minutes each to get to where I’m at. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

  309. Taos66 says:

    Just noticed the time. Guess it’s Aussie time? I’m in Texas where it’s presently 11:03am.

  310. Flighty says:

    v1: 125.51, #387

  311. Flighty says:

    v1: 125.738 #248

  312. Joe says:

    Still haven’t seen the Kids. Beginning to think I won’t ever find them.

  313. SAYS says:


  314. Chris "the Viper" says:

    to “Says” the best tip is give UP.. I mean on everything. to “Joe” Don’t give up on dem kids!!!

  315. SAYS says:


  316. Viper AKA Sperm Breath says:

    I don’t get what Pink Floyd has to do with the game? Anyone care to explain or is it that you all are a bunch of jerk offs with nothing better to do than waste my time.
    Now give me a real cheat losers.

    P.S. Jennifer will you marry me. I will make you happy and take you away from your hippie parents.

  317. stevo says:

    i am at 500 with the zoom cheat and i cant get it to stop any suggestions?

  318. Neil W says:

    If you hold the plane at exact mid point on left, – do the round the outside trick, then release at 3/4s while pressing F5 and tapping enter 9 times the plane gets an alien pilot- Wow!

  319. Machine Mads says:

    Just tried the Alien thing- Fantastic- Won’t get you a good score though!

  320. how says:

    this zoom thing does not seem to be working…can anyone give more detail

  321. Barely Legal says:

    I just turne 18 today and my science teacher says I’m built for my age. Anyone want to play with me? Its all in how you work your hands, you know hold it real tight and let it go with a gentle release, then repeat till it cums to a stop on the ground. God I want someone to play with me -BAD!!!!!

  322. Dennis says:

    ‘Barely Legal’ – that is really sad. Your science teacher built you??? Like Frankenstein? I thought that was illegal, you must seek professional advice NOW.

    I will play with you… Let’s play marbles, I’ve got mine, but….OH….you’ve probably lost yours… sad.

  323. Superman says:

    Well, there a guy in our office that has just done 125mtrs

  324. khai says:

    i did 125.753m for ver 1 and im still just 294 in global ranking..
    any1 knows whats the best throw for ver 1??

  325. khai says:

    125.794m now for ver1… global rank #88
    i guess #1 isnt far from 125m… maybe?

  326. Superman says:

    I can only get 113m any tips so i can beat this other show off in the office

  327. Ghee says:

    With vs 1, My maxiums are 104m by chucking the mouse across the desk, 116m by doing the round the screen thing & 124.38m using zoom.
    My Global rankin is 702 & I have run out of ideas on how to improve this !!!!!

  328. Bob says:

    What’s the zoom cheat?

  329. Ghee says:

    ‘Bob,’ – look at the blog from September 21st.. all is revealed…. (its works better if you zoom 5 times,,,)

  330. khai says:

    hmm… ghee.. prolly u need to find a better startin point? i myself, am gettin lazy to better my score till i know just how much is #1’s score..

    any1 knows?!

  331. Flighty says:

    I doubt #1 is over 126; my guess is it’s somewhere around 125.800-125.802. Here’s how I get that:

    One player above stated he’s at #294 with 125.753. I’m (now) at #169 with 125.785. That means that (roughly speaking) there’s only a difference of .032 meters between 294th and 169th place, meaning that about 4 players share each .001 (one-ten-thousandth) of a meter. Another player above said he’s at #88 with 125.794; that means there’s only a difference of .009 meters between 88th and 169th place, meaning that about 9 players share .001 (one-ten-thousandth) of a meter. Even if the ratio doesn’t change above 88th place–which it almost certainly does–the 9 players on each point mean that first place would shared by nine people, all of them standing somewhere around 125.804. If the ratio of players per measurement does change as I suspect, first place may be shared by as many as twnety players, all of them standing at 125.798 or so.

    Something to shoot for…

  332. Flighty says:

    P.S. — What this means is that my 169th place is separated from 1st place by a flight distance of just over one-half an inch…and the guy in 88th place is out of first by a fifteenth of an inch. IOW, it’s not so much skill as plain–or plane–luck. 🙂

  333. Flighty says:

    P.P.S. (And the last one, I promise) — What this also means is that at an average flight speed of just under 5 meters per second, the difference between, say, 90th place and first place is roughly 1/1200 of a second. Good luck with that. 🙂

  334. Ghee says:

    Flighty – i am now at 125.786, 1/1000th in front of you, but four places at #165. How does that work when the counter on screen is only goes to 3 decimal places….???
    I reckon 126 is the maximum, with several people all shairng the same distances. I also reckon that the program can’t work out if people have a tied/joint distance….

  335. Flighty says:

    So you (and others) bumped me; I’m now at #171. 🙂

    3 decimal places *is* thousandths, remember?

    I don’t think it’d be possible to hit 126. I’d bet good money that my 125.800-125.802 mark is correct.

    So far as tied distances, I’m guessing that the first person in each spot gets the best rank for that spot. Like I said, there are certainly, say, a dozen people with the longest distance (125.802, let’s say), yet those people are ranked one through twelve. At 125.801 there may be 20 players, and they’re ranked 13th through 32nd. And so on, and so forth. I’m sure that at my current 125.785, there are probably a half-dozen other players. No one else going 125.785 can move me, but someone getting, say, 125.787 will move me–and a hundred million others.

  336. Scott says:

    I just got a 125.791 and I’m ranked 123 in V1. Once you learn how to get to 125 mark the game is boring. Took me two days to learn the cheats. I’m done!!!

  337. Ghee says:

    Now at 125.795m with #58 ranking

  338. Flighty says:

    I’m finding that I can get to 125.650 + nearly every time, but I’ll be darned if I can top my own 125.785. I’ll keep trying, though, in spite of Scott’s statement that “Once you learn how to get to 125 mark the game is boring” 🙂

  339. Flighty says:

    At the risk of being boringly repetitious here, I’ll just say that I’m now #152 at 125.788, meaning that flying an extra 3/1000s of a meter moved me up 27 points in the ranking, right in line with my stated assumption yesterday that there are a dozen or more players on each .001m detente when at this level. And given that Ghee is now #58 at 125.795–meaning that he’s ranked 96 places higher than me though he’s only flown .006m farther, I’ll state that the max distance is probably closer to 125.798 or so.

  340. Ghee says:

    I guess that to improve on anything above 125.79 we are completely relying on luck..!!
    If Flighty’s predictions are correct then to get to #1 we have 57people all within 3mm ( typing 3mm is actually longer than 3mm !!!!)

  341. Crash says:

    I just hit 125.792 ranked 115th globally. This game is awesome. I lost my league chart. Does anyone know how to get it back. Thanks!

  342. Crash says:

    I just hit 125.795 and now ranked 62 globally. I believe the game ends at 125.99 or 126.00.

  343. Ghee says:

    125.795m is shared with me .. (also ranked #62), was #58th a few days ago…
    I reckon that with the number of shared/tied positions, that this distance is joint 3rd or 4th (presuming that 125.798 is about the max…)

    Anyone higher that 58th, please post your distances

  344. littlec says:

    I can’t get back into my league, any ideas?

    Also, can you have more than one league?

    And, if I access my league from a different PC, can I get it to remember my score?

  345. Crash says:

    I can’t get back into my league either. I did loose it at one point and while playing the game it just reappeared. It is gone again and I can’t get back into it all.

    My score still sits at 125.795

  346. mr x says:

    hey guys i have sum really interesting stats about the game, i jus did it it on work computer and got 224.675 it was amazing u shud really check it out i got past a second climbing frame it was awesome. i spend my life playing on it its good. i even workes out the angles and everything coz i am such keen phycist. i really shud get a life like u guys shud to.

  347. Dr cocksucker says:

    I heard cocks and thought that i wud share my score of 24m which i cannot beat i have bin playin the game for some time now and wud like any pointers. I wud love to hear from mr x and mr z and maybe meet up sometime??

  348. Flighty says:

    Ignorant people are always fearful of the knowing, and they show their fear by posting illiterate and juvenile rants poorly disguised as ‘humor’. Funny, bob! Funny, mr x! Funny, mr z! Funny, Dr! OMFG!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    Sad and pathetic losers…

  349. k8sky says:

    I’m at #47 with 125.797. I used to be #30 with that same score.

  350. flighty fucker says:

    i do agree 100% with flighty that these ignorant bastards are not konwing and scared of gods of paper aeroplanes such as flighty… this is not just a game its a way of life, i spend 6 hours each day improving my technique, so that oneday i might be as good as my idol flighty. i love him!!!! i do also think that during the day at least 8 hours should be spent on this game from heavan !! and flighty should lead the way in this battle against mr x and mr z and nimrod!!! we must defeat these ignorant people and show the way to life..thankyou xx

  351. Private penis says:

    Hi guys, got loads of new information about this awsum game. Iv been doin loads of research into the angle of attack and angle of release of the paper aeroplane. It helps having a degree in quantum physics. iv been using loads of formulas and have worked out the perfect throw. im now ranked 5 globally. If u wanna know more about my theories and how to throw the perfect throw, theres my email address. cheers guys!! God speed and Per Ardva Ad Astra. thnk u xx

  352. Nimrod says:

    Flighty fucker is obviously gay and wants a bit of action! concentrate on the game or go and do something that actually satisfies you. but your probably wanking over flighty the fanny or a paper areoplane. my record is 125.34 metres so if you beat that then i wish to see proof and then i will wank over you aswell! xxx Private penis i want your penis so its public not private

  353. flighty fucker says:

    no seriously i am gay and its not anything to laugh about! gay rights i say!! flighty is still my love and i wish to learn his techniques to improve my score of 4cm!!!! i seriously want to be good at this amazing game but i cant seem to have any degrees in quantum physics as private penis says, i am just6 not tht clever!! im sorry tht i have failed u in this battle flighty…

  354. ballsack says:

    i have just maxed out my throwing technique, the zoom with a wierd boost out of the aeroplane. i am now ranked 1st, oh yes champ of the universe. fuck you all anus face’s read and weep. i have my secrets on
    i rule the WORLD.
    i love you flighty fucker and nimrod i will lead you to the top 10, and take you under my wing (punn intended)
    peace out mo fo’s

  355. Smythie says:

    i cant get past 54 metres!! are there not any cheats for this adreniline fueld game!! i have been on it for the last 6 hours. i cant drag very well! please help me or i might have to take drugs or sumthing or get a tatoo to get this game out of my system!!!!!!!!

  356. Private penis says:

    flying high iv just shot u down ur now sixth in the world mwhahahaha. I panned ur ass. Im like .1 of a meter off 4th globally. write back if u beat me and i want proof. the world cup paper aeroplane championships r coming up i expect to c u there. Right im off to wank over the knew Hawk deployed at RAF VAlley c ya

  357. flighty fucker says:

    OMFG smythi ur such a noob! private penis ur an inspiration 🙂 i would love 2 talk 2 u guys 2 discuss techniques further, then we can show these ignorant bastards the true beauty of the game and how it can transform ur life. it also makes u a hit with the ladies! honest i told my pen pal brenda (an attractive auystrian milk-maid) that i had the 10th highest score, and she totally digged it !! yay im in there! god bless paper aeroplanes xxx

  358. Private penis says:

    o golly god i came within 2minutes of opening the magazine and saw the knew hawkl its so fit. Has anyone beaten u yet. Flighty fucker i relli wanna meet ur pen pal, i met shes a good yodeller, does she play the paper aeroplane game, cause if she does we are goin to bond like a missile hitting a building. o yeah giggity giggity goooooooo.

  359. female gamer says:

    leave us noobs alone!!! im a girl and i love this game!! and i have got a girlfriend and im living!! so go away btw flighty thanks for sticking up for us xxxxxxxx

  360. Flighty says:

    Psychiatric help is available by phone, guys…though judging from the illiterate, ungrammatical, typo-filled comments above, you’ll probably need the help of your kindergarten teacher or special ed assistant to dial the numbers. Cheers, assclowns!

  361. assclown says:

    haha flighty’s a douche-bag! + ooer nice comeback dickweed!! xx

  362. A Kindergarden Teacher says:

    I think Flighty would be welcomed into my classroom anytime. As long as he gets on with the other children as they are knwon to hate outsiders which is clearly what he is. I agree with assclown. LOSER LOSER LOSER oh and LOSER

  363. A Kindergarden Teacher says:

    sorry ‘known’ as Flighty might get up tight about taht ‘illitertate ungrammatical, typo filled comment’

  364. james says:

    woot! ranked 107 and found new cheat! put other way round (plane at bottom mouse near top and u ride the ceiling!) not effective but cool :D!

  365. privatepenis says:

    Flighty can’t spell. I think its you who needs to go back and learn English.

  366. real name 3 says:

    right mate if ur name is my penis is rather large or real then i can fly and arnt u posting on this sad sight aswell! so in all fairness ur being a rather hypocritical crapend!!!! oh and flighty i need to ask a genuine question….do u actualy think you have a life??

  367. real name 4 says:

    oi, tiny penis your name is not real, i bet you are a middle aged loner who goes on this game at work and at home. get a life. you have massive fanny lips on your mouth. write back if your not too scared you little prick.
    i am real. x

  368. Ed Barlow says:

    I feel so sorry for you, “my penis is rather large”, no wonder you waste your life away on shit online coomputer games, the bullying for having “my penis is rather large” as your name must be intense, especially considering its actually a little prick. oh and no lies flighty this is my REAL number – 07828 121 906 id love 2 here from you 🙂 !! xx

  369. adam webster says:

    flighty and tht real dude are both fuckin loser…get a life

  370. real name 2 says:

    My Penis is rather large is a loser and a hipocritical loser! you have got a funny name. But your probably from America so i expected it.

  371. Rubber Johnny says:

    By the way this is my real name. My penis is rather small but you cant see it so it is actually 12 inches long. Hello Mr admin man. I love you. My Penis IS Rather Large is a hipocritical fanny basher

  372. adam webster says:

    i like a rubber jonny by my bed side table but i bet flighty doesnt even no wht one is and even if he did obviously doesnt no how to use the thing

  373. Admin says:

    To help Real Gamers with the game: Put your mouse in the top left and move your mouse around to the other side then before you move your mouse on screen press space bar 5 times and then tap caps lock twice and finally type in PAPER PlANE. If you have done it correctly then your plane turns blue and is alot bigger. Gud Luck. Mr johnny especially

  374. Flighty says:

    You know, you gays were vaguely entertaining for a while–reading your infantile scribblings was like watching crippled retarded children attempting to juggle eggs. But now it’s just so sad and tedious, because most of you can’t juggle for shit; you’re just, well, crippled and retarded, and even watching you crippled retards sitting around eating your own feces–entertaining as that might have been at one time–gets old after a while.

    IRONY (EYE-ruh-nee) noun 1. incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

    IOW, it’s crippled, illiterate retards posting repeatedly on a paper plane game website about how little life other posters to that site must have.

    Suggestion for all you assclowns: pull your buddy’s penises out of your mouths, step your lard asses away from your keyboard, brush whatever teeth you have left, slap on some deodorant, and get a life. Oh, and please–pretty please, with cherries on top–take at least a first-grade English class so you can learn something about language, grammar, and spelling.

    I’d be glad to hand out my number, but I don’t want any of you crippled illiterate retards calling me begging to come over so you can suck my semen out of your asses. You guys will just have to live with your fantasies of me. 🙂

  375. Breslau says:

    V1: 125.728 (404)

  376. hahahaha says:

    flighty mate…stop being hypocritical,stop bein a sad no life fuck face and get a life! oh and come up with somin better than assclowns….i mean come on

  377. hahahaha says:

    the greater are knowledge increases, the more our ignorance unfolds…

  378. hahahaha says:

    sorry if u want to be petty i ment our…u sad fuck…its a fuckin computer game..get out! oh and one other thing before i go.flighty u seem to be using their arguments as your own so mate…think up somin by yourself mate

  379. Flighty is a loser says:

    you are a proper gimp! so sum guys want to have a joke! what is your problem! its called fun like this game was intended! what is your problem with spelling and grammar? are you an english teacher? OBSESSIVE! they don’t have to spell correctly if they don’t want. If you are an english teacher, mark some work or something instead of being on this blog thinking you know the angles at which an animated paper aeroplane flies! your actually right for one thing though. I can’t juggle but your a bigger loser than these guys thought if that mattered? and does it make me a retard if i cannot juggle eggs? i prefer to have them on toast or scrammbled in the mornings or birds come from them. Give it a rest and get yourself out of where ever you are and do what you told them to do! PATHETIC. By the why i would not let you bum me if you were the last guy on earth and i was gay and had not shoved my cock up a guys ass for months! but its funny how you think of your self so highly in their eyes. LOSER

  380. Flighty says:

    Says FIAL: “they don’t have to spell correctly if they don’t want.”

    Truer words were never spoken. Garbage collectors, burger flippers, sewer crawlers, and cross-dressing male prostitutes giving 10 cent glory hole blowjobs down at the bus station: none of these professions require a knowledge of proper grammar or spelling. Most of you, then, appear to be ideal candidates for your chosen careers. Congratulations!

    (FWIW, I’m not an English teacher; I’m a professional football/soccer ref, so if any of you pathetic fat-assed weasels care to meet me one-on-one, I’m sure we could arrange ourselves a pleasant little match.) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  381. Helga says:

    Hello i cum from ze deutschland, i cannot get over 0.02 cm! can anyone help me ? ive been playing for 5 years. oh yeh and ze admin guy has a small willy. and because of this flighty will get banned!! u little cock!!! fuck u!!! FAT FUCKIN LOSER!! i had ur mum but u didn’t know coz u is so fat ur stuck in ur computer chair!!!! hahahaha

  382. dinosaur man says:

    rrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr!!!! did i scare u guys!!!!!! hehehehehehe i’ve heard that flighty’s so fat that he hasn’t seen his dick for over 3 years!! Can u actually wash under that overhang??
    peace out!
    dino boy xxx

  383. littlec says:

    Admin – does the big blue plane easter egg work in v1 or v2? I can’t get it to work in either…

  384. Admin says:

    V1 but you’ve got to work on your timing to get it perfect. It took us here at admin quite a while to get it right.

  385. dom foster says:

    Playing “soccer-football”, as you americans call it, on your computer does NOT make you a professional football referee! Further more, I’m from England, so if I want a fucking fight with some pussy aledged American FOOTBALL (thats what its really called, because we invented it!) coach, I’ll take you on after a game between Manchester UTD, Chelsea, Liverpool, or whichever team you want, against whatever you can throw at us! So suck my dick,

    Dick (dik) – the tiny pin that hangs between flighty’s legs.


  386. Flighty is a loser says:

    A Football ref!! You call that a proper job? What writing do you need to do in that apart from when you have booked someone! Get a proper a job yourself, if your so good at grammar and spelling on blogs, become an english teacher?

  387. flightman says:

    Admin – can you please explain the cheat further as it still wont work for me! Is there any other cheats?

  388. hahahaha says:

    ur mumma’s so fat flighty she needs a bazooka to put her tampon in

  389. Corky I am says:

    Duh.. dee.. duh.. i told 2 shek out dis site cuz im wetard and get along with utter wetards. hi guys. i love paper plane. i throw out window when i get break from coloring klass. i love to color. blue is not my favorite. but green iz. so happy now that i have friends that are like me.

    thank u for being u!

  390. privatepenis says:

    i think we have scared flighty away either that or hes getting the next flight over here in the latest paper aeroplane.

  391. Flighty says:

    I am here. I am queer. Get use to it.

  392. This use to be clean message board says:

    Until all you foreigners starting posting your childish garbage.
    Understand MATE.? Hmmmmmmmm what country calls others mate and plays soccer, lol. Remember you ALL could be speaking German right now or maybe that would have been a good since Hitler would have straighten up your childish, whining and pathetic lives.
    Now stop posting your garbage, I’m serous……………………………………………..

  393. Flighty says:

    well when you put it that way, sorry

  394. dom foster says:

    I’m from England and I owe my life to the American’s. Thank-you and I will stop posting this garbage as you call it. But we do like soccer. 🙂

  395. Helga says:

    I’m sorry, ve getz es iden.

  396. dr ben crapper says:

    I guess I’m sorry also. What is the fact that the phone numbers I posted like (077498451599) gave me away as a foreigner??

  397. assclown says:

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  398. My penis is rather large says:

    hey assclown. I’m coming over to your school (school -no wonder your talking like this your all a bunch of kids, hahahaha) and I’m going to bend you over and make you a man, got it son! urrrrr mate!

  399. assclown says:

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  400. My penis is rather small says:

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  401. The Nerd Liberators says:

    Congrats “my penis is rather small” words of wisdom indeed. We here in england seek to confront nerdy gamers, and confront them on their miserable lives. More often than not they don’t listen, but I’d like to think we make a difference! My penis is also small, and i salute you with it! much love all, our work here is done xxxx

  402. help is always given to those who ask for it says:

    well well well thankyou to everybody on this site…. we here have had some fun over the last week just trying our hardest to give these fat fucks some sort of sense of a real life! and whoever fell for the admin trick is as gullable as it gets…Admin was one of us you tit, there is not blue plane easter egg cheat!! anyway flighty we hope to god for your sake that we have helped you if even a little bit with our illiteracy and words of stupidity…it obviously got to you if you put up such a pathetic flight…i dont know who you think you were some philospher from another game your obsessed with! anyways were going now and leaving this site in peace for the odd gamers to have some fun…but just don’t get so intense and obsessed by a computer game…! i leave with the nerd liberators…our work here is done xxxx

  403. privatepenis says:

    Good bye, its been nice talking 2 u all, despite the odd insult. My job and the rest of the nerd liberators is done, we have opened ur eyes to the real world. But if u wanna play on games all ur life good luck 2 u, dont blame me if u die of a heart attack cause u exercise is ur fingers and eyes. Theres so many better things out there than fucking computer games. Anyway i leave you in peace and love, im off to get my pilots licence. c ya x

  404. Simons says:

    privatenutsack says “im off to get my pilots licence”
    I didn’t know Toys-R-Us stayed open this late! hahahahahahaha
    get it! hahahahahahaha
    You are a pathetic loser. Toys-r-us, hahahahahahahahaha

  405. taking the piss says:

    have you not of sarcasm and taking the piss out of you lot you dumb fuck simons….as help is given said, some people never learn…you thick fuck

  406. taking the piss says:

    oh sorry for the grammar, maybe if i proof read it properly as u are pbviously supposed to do on blogs i would have realised i have missed out a heard “have you not heard of sarcasm”! hes not actaly going to get his licence you stupid gullable eagit! he was taking the piss out of you as you al probably want to be pilots, i can tell you that a computer game thatr throws paper airoplanes isnt going to gt you very far!!!get a life you “pathetic loser”….i swear thats wht this lot have been calling you all along..come up with your own stuff dickend…

  407. simons is a sweaty ballsack says:

    point made xx (oh and he is getting a pilot’s licence cos i know him, therefore, spin on that!)

  408. taking the piss says:

    haha my bad, well there you go then simons he is actually getting a licence…maybe he’ll fly out to you someday and take you for a ride…i hope you’ll find it more entertaining than this sad game

  409. Simons says:

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    Your soooooooooooooooooo sad.

  410. taking the piss says:

    dont flatter your self! “slammed you good” wtf! and your calling us sad…look at yourself..! keep posting?? what are you on about?…enlighten me…

  411. adam webster says:

    awww simons did we “slam you good” cos you can’t seem to come up with anything…or are you just taking your time to think something up with your slow insignificant brain…

  412. Score Keeper says:

    To sum up the score so far:
    Simons = 2
    Pathetic Losers = 0, zero, goose-egg, nothing, nada, zip

  413. score keeper's son says:

    i wierdo

  414. score keeper's son says:

    i wierder

  415. score keeper's son says:


  416. score keeper's son says:

    i wierdest

  417. assclown says:

    i bet the score keeper is simons trying to cover up for himself…you need a life…go on i’m waiting for another comment to “slam me good”

  418. flighty fucker says:

    oh realy i thought u were queer, u did admit to it! and even if you weren’t my mum has better taste than some low life scum who thinks his fancy language makes him better than anyone us…u arrogant fuck! now serious question….do you actualy genuinly think you have a life?? oh and going to play on fifa for the next 5 hours doesnt make you a pro ref! wel i’m off now to hit some englsh clubs, couple of ladies clung around my neck when i get home, quick to me to you and then i’l wake up and come back here to see what you’ve been getting up to!, we come back cos its jst histerical reading your comment, you really think your the stuff don’t you…

  419. hahaha says:

    17th…you are so sad, you do actaly take it all so seriously don’t you?

  420. Robby Webb says:

    Wow this game is really addictive thats for sure. I find myself just playing and playing and playing. It sure is alot of fun. I keep trying to beat my personal best each time but its also kindof frustrating at the same time.

    Good game! thanks amensia

    Robby – Los Angelos, Cali.

  421. Robby Webb says:

    oh wow I just got it to loop just outside the window! cool.
    What are the children saying? I can’t make it out. lol I’m just joking around here.

    Back to flying for now.

    Robby – Cali

  422. Robby Webb says:

    Oh yeah, I’m going to get my work associates to join me in an office league this week. This should be fun, Nothing wrong with a little competition amoung friends right!

    I think Carol our front desk girl will have a go at it since shes always looking for something to pass the time in between phone calls.

    Good night everyone and happy flying…………….

    Robby Webb

  423. Robby Webb says:

    Wow how did you get to be ranked 17th? Thats pretty good. I’m along way from getting there thats for sure!!

    Robby W.

    Its late and I have to stop now or I won’t get any sleep. ARGGGGGHHHHHHHH, LOL

  424. England Rocks,....... says:

    Robby, were from England and you and all of your american buddies suck mate. we are far better than any of you american assholes and we have the higher education of you all here in our universities!

    we can beat the americans at anything we trie to. you all a bunch of pathetic losers with a worhtless leader named after a womens critter. bush will be the end to yopu americans, the world wants you gone.

  425. flighty fucker says:

    well i don’t know who you are Robby Webb….but all i can say is, couldnt put it better myself…

  426. Robby Webb says:

    I’m getting better each time!!
    I got work addicted to the game so now we all have the compitition thing going on. Even the boss walked by and busted carol playing and we thought we were done for!!! next thing we see is the bosses name up on the league board. the bastard was playing behind his closed office door. How funny is that!!, lol

    good times were had by all today in the office. lets keep it going gang. carol’s the one to beat.

    Robby Webb

  427. Robby Webb says:

    yet another round completed.

    I’m getting better each time!!
    I got work addicted to the game so now we all have the compitition thing going on.

    Even the boss walked by and busted carol playing and we thought we were done for!!! next thing we see is the bosses name up on the league board.

    The bastard was playing behind his closed office door. How funny is that!!, lol

    Good times were had by all today in the office. lets keep it going gang.

    Carol’s the one to beat.

    Robby Webb

  428. Robby Webb says:

    I almost forgot we had a vendoe who we really like come in and bring us donuts today and we got him hooked on the game also.

    He’s going back to his place of emplyment and will be getting his office bunch in a league also.

    Arrrggghh, this game is sooooooooooo crazy we don’t have time to work anymore. my wife wants to talk when I come home from work but I end up telling her to take care of the kids I have important work that needs to get done before the morning. Little does she know I am playing this crazy game the whole time, I can’t seem to stop it has really got a hold of me thats for sutre. I also have a tendency to talk wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much after I’ve had a few drinks so this is one of those times and I should probaslbly stop now since its cutting into my game time for sure.

    One more game then its bed time for me. Hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are? this game is a kick in the pants and really addicting. arrrgggh gfotta stop now.

    good night everyone and enjoy playing the game.


    Robby Webb

  429. Robby Webb says:

    Oh I meant to ask what the gentklemen from England was being so mean? Was that all directed towards me or someone else? Its doesn’t make sense since i just started playing? Soory if I offeneded anyone it was not my intention at all.

    Thats all for now, gotta go, really, wow


  430. Robby Webb says:

    One more beer (giggle) and one more game to finish the night. My arms getting tired. lol just kidding I’m having too much fun to stop but we all know we have to evenually don’t we.

    See you tommorrow for more.

    Boby WeBb

  431. Robby Webb says:

    damn I spelled my name wrong on the lasdt post, maybe I has too much to drink, oopppps


  432. Robby Webb says:


  433. Jo says:

    I can’t even get it out of the window! Help

  434. flighty fucker says:

    no we wernt taking the piss out of you u ledge robby, its flight..have u seen how mean he’s being….its cos hes well hard though so dont worry he has an excuse!!!! he thinks hes better than al of us..its quite funny actualy… but in all honesty he’s just some loser who has no life and thinks hes some sort of pro ref…but its american soccer..hardly anything to be proud of x x

  435. flighty fucker says:

    and and this jo girl…dont u start losing probably quite a good life for this sad sad game…dont turn into flighty

  436. Jo says:

    i’ve got to learn how to do it as we have a league at work!

  437. Flighty says:

    ‘flighty sucker’? You had to borrow half your screen name from me, did you? You may be the most pathetic one here…and that’s saying a heck of a lot.

    BTW: I don’t think I’m better than all of you: I *know* I am. And I’ve the intellect to prove it.

    Robby Webb and Jo: please pay no mind to the many ignorant flaming trolls here. This is a fun game, though they’ve all apparently lost sight of that, busy as they are rubbing my feces all over their sunken, pale, and hairless chests. 🙂

  438. Jo says:

    so how do you get it to go out of the window?

  439. flighty fucker says:

    its flight fucker mate…get it right!go on then prove it you good for nothing piece of shit…

  440. Robby Webb says:

    You flighty guys must be a couple of kids that have nothing to do after school. please go away your postings are bad. I fi knew where you lived I would come over and shove your computers up your asses. trust me i could make them fit!! don’t go away mad, jusy go away!!


  441. Robby Webb says:

    Jo, you have to throw it just right to get it out the windaow and when you do it will fly into a school yard past a swing set. if you want to make it easy you can click on the plane and drag it to the far left and unclick the mouse and move the pointer over to the right side and move onto the screen and the plane will shoot across the room.

    carol’s winning our office league but i’m in a tight 3rd with Travis and Paul.

    Robby Webb the paper airplane bouncer!!

  442. Robby Webb says:

    No drinking tonight guys and gals just some serous paper airplane flying! I’m perfecting my skills and will soon be ranked number #1 for all to see.

    I always get what I try.

    Robby Webb, the webb I weave is crazy!!

  443. hahahaha says:

    ur a social reject arnt u robby….u wierd fuck

  444. Ade V_X_R says:

    I threw 125.738 and got ranked 431 yesterday. There are many many people who have thrown only 10cm further than this it would appear.

  445. Arnold Zifflr says:

    Just went 125.794 meters and listed at 120

  446. […] like Amnesia’s own Paper Plane game spread actually completely organically (mainly via email), which you could probably label as […]

  447. ThrowMaster says:

    125.788m!!!! 206th!!!!

    at time of post

  448. adam webster says:

    woooo clever you, your so awesome wish i was ranked 206th…u sad fuck

  449. ThrowMaster says:

    Hey ADAM WEBSTER! nice opinion, I hope you can learn to substitute your manhood with something more then random flaming on blogs. Have a nice day!

  450. ThrowMaster says:

    And another thing ADAM WEBSTER, your negative statements are merely a reflection of your own poor attitude toward the game, people whom enjoy it and your serious lack of self confidence. Judging from what you’ve wrote in previous posts I would suggest a small period of self reflection and perhaps some consultation with a medical professional. Again, have a nice day! 🙂

  451. Boerseun says:

    136.282 m, rank 131060
    I am not sure how much skil is involved once that thing leaves the window

  452. Ima Nutbar says:

    To the powers that be, love the games. ( FlightSim is my first love)
    I have reached 191.683, ranked 884(ouch) and am attempting to master some of the cheats listed to get above 200. (vs1 is 125.792 ranked 153)

    Query #1, When will you be coming out with a new plane game?

    Query #2, How high does each go (max score or # 1 ranking. I run a small business and have no one to be in a league with. If the info is out there short of being in a league, it would be nice to know what I’m ultimately shooting for)

    Query #3, I hate to be a killjoy and will probably sound very Aunty Mabel-esque, but I used to play this with my 8 year old son and we would scroll through the comments to find some info to better our game. I was relieved that I was the one to come across the profanity and not him. Is there a way to “clean up the boards” as it were?

    I understand that there are people with acute cases of verbal diarrhea, the likes of which Pepto-Bismol could not cure. This in mind, I realize that this is another person playing your game and silencing them might mean a player lost. However, I am sure that the posters of the cleaner messages would be more willing to boost those numbers via word of mouth if there was a any kind of ‘dip’ in your numbers so the loss would be, well, not so much a loss.

    Just a thought….

    Oh, and the gentlemen (term used as loosely as possible) who find it necessary to speak of their “member” in such high regard, please remember, you probably wouldn’t speak to your mother like that. Tone it down, please.

    (Fun is fun, and there have been some hilarious posts on these boards, but some of these are so far out there, one would be hard pressed to find a mention of the game in it. Not necessary.)

    (Will probably cut and past this message on the board for FlightSim. as the posts there are a bit more difficult to stomach.)

  453. D&D says:

    Hi All… We’re topped out at 114.800m on Vs 1. Can anyone tell us how they managed to get beyond 115m. We were doing fairly well the other day but now our ranking seems to be falling by the minute. Current ranking = 9,346. We’d love to know what No. 1 is pleeeeaaassee…… xxx

  454. Hi says:

    The zoom thing, how does it work? It makes no differnce to me. I have tried zooming in to various parts of the screen and all it does is, well, erm, zoom in!!!!!!!

  455. Hi says:

    podge. That is wrong on so many levels! No need for it.

    How you can possibly say anything to anyone when you mind works like that.

  456. asdf says:

    how does one honestly get past 112m?

  457. Robby Web says:

    Hey everybody sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I sure some of you were worried about and I appreciate the kind thoughts you passed my way waiting for my return. I now have the lead in our office league. We caught Carol stealing from the company and had to let her go. How bad can it be for someone to steal a roll of toilet paper? We figured if she could be comfortable with taking a roll of toilet paper she wouldn’t have a problem escalating it up to say pens and pencils and who knows maybe staple guns? How sad but she’s better off now.

    I now don’t drink when I;m playing the game cause it really affects my score and I always take everything I do to the extreme. What fun would it be to just accept a score when you know you can do better?


    Feal free to ask me questions. I know I can help you fly better. So go ahead and shoot.

    Robby Web – I’;M BACK AND HERE TO STAY!!

  458. Robby Web says:

    POdge, I just read your post and let me tell you if you do that again I will personally beat the crap out uyou you little punk!!!

    Back to flying.

    Robby Web – board bouncer is back…………………………………

  459. Robby Web says:

    Wow I just got my best score yet!!!! I’m hot baby, hot.

    I’ve master the game.

    Robby Web – the best in flying

  460. Robby Web says:

    I want to write my own program for a new paper airplane game. I think I could use my flying skills to make a better airplane game. What do you guys think?
    Does anyone how computer programing that could email me? I pick things up fast.

    Let me know.
    Back to flying I’m hot tonight, smoking hot and having a ball. God this is fun.

    Robby Web – soon to be computer programer/airplane game writer…………………….

  461. Robby Web says:

    Wow amI the only one playing tonight? I thought I would have a few questions by now? Really I’m here to help.

    Robby Web – waiting to hear from you…………………………………

  462. Robby Web says:

    asdf, I can get you past 112. I’m in the 120’s everytime now and way past that when I focus on it………………….

    Let me know and I will help you get through this ok?

    Robby Web – helping asdf get past 112.

  463. Robby Web says:

    I’m gonna call Carol and let her know she can still play the game even though she’s not in our office league anymore. I think she will be happy to hear from me!

    Robby Web – reaching out for the Holidays……………………

  464. dude that is addicted to this plane game says:

    this game is great…… for like 5 minuites then it gets annoying i cannot get past 143.621m and ive been trying for agers so any one from the ppl how made this game plz tell me wat is up with this is it a random calculating score thing or is there somthing else the ppl with150m+ arnt telling us

    PS. i have a idea how to test the radom theory try using a proxy sever to change ur IP address and make it look like a diffrent computer then we can see if the random theory is right or wrong

    PSS ive tryed it a i got a higher score in like 4 tries so i think its random

  465. really frustrated says:

    OK OK stuck at 114.717 ranked 10045
    what technique are you all using to get above that?!?

  466. jeff says:


  467. addicted but loving it says:

    can somebody PLEASE tell me how to get more than 114 (version 1)
    pretty, pretty PLEEEEEEESE. This is driving me insane. hve been trying to beat that for weeks now.

  468. ian says:

    well my screen has gone black but the metres is still rising
    am on 655 metres and still rising must be in space or something




    well if it ever lands i might be 1st at this rate

  469. ian says:


  470. addicted but loving it says:

    c’mon somebody, PLEASE put me out of my misery . . . how do you beat 114m (v1)

  471. S M says:

    125.789 M
    Rank 225

    Reckon you can’t get over 125.999 M

  472. S M says:

    Change that last comment


    Ranked 95

    V 1.0 of course

  473. Niki says:

    I’m gutted ….just introduced my 12 year old daughter to this game after scoring 114.568 myself….only to have here beat me by scoring over 116 ????
    Respect Libby xx

  474. addicted but loving it says:

    S M – PLEASE share your secret – or at least give a clue – if your score is real – I am going bananas here

  475. Ladybird says:

    What is the best score anyone has seen on there leaderboard for ver.1?? I am 4th on mine with 125.795 and our top score is 125.804 which is not even top 10. for proof.

  476. addicted but loving it says:

    Thank you Ladybird – I believe you – now PLEASE give a clue as to how to get near that score PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE – I’ve been stuck at 114 for weeks and am going insane.

  477. addicted but loving it says:

    C’mon guys, why is everyone being so closed lipped about helping – that’s what a blog is for – not just for bragging. I need HELPPPPPPPP here. Someone please give me a tip at least about how to get obove the 114m (v1) hump. Pretty pretty please – with sugar on top…

  478. Mephisto says:

    Me too stuck @114 metres. but once i reached 116metres but don’t remember how 😦

  479. Stevo the Devo says:

    I made 119.48 tonight but my ranking didn’t come up it was just a dash, anyone seen that problem before

  480. Stevo the Devo says:

    Forgot to mention my 8 year old daughter got 112 on her first try… how lucky was that I just spent hours trying to catch her although my 119 was good it was only once and I seem to be around the 114.39 mark the rest of the time

  481. Mike says:

    Well i to is stuck on 114m ish cant get past it! i have been on it all day at work and got the whole office and friends hooked!

    – Stevo, i to have came across this just close down the game and restart it works eventually!

  482. niki says:

    we have been playing all day at work and cannot get to 115 so Libby still holds the high score !!!!Loving the cheat hope our competitors dont get hold of it ha ha ha they should check the blog ha ha

  483. tess taylor says:

    i love this game..its the last week of work before xmas..its keeping me sane..hahaha..

    my highest to date is 149m……just scanned thru the other on earth can you get to just less than 900m..mind boggles…

  484. addicted but loving it says:

    Well there are no kind helpers about to give away anything at the moment obviously – BUT there was some nice person back a while ago — I found the answer by painstakingly reading this blog back for mon ths – the answer is there for those of you newies here who want to find it! I am now on 125+ but be warned – if you didn’t think the first cheat took the fun out if, the second one sure a hell does.

  485. bung says:

    wheres the 2nd cheat and who posted it?

  486. Niki says:

    please please tell us ???

  487. addicted but loving it says:

    See ryan’s post september 21

  488. gary says:

    2nd cheat says do a loop but the vid shows no distance… … kinda like the game plays. find it on youtube

  489. Ginger Rosey says:

    That 2nd cheat certainly takes the fun out of it. Yes you can surpass 114m mark but the background is wrong; it goes black and as far as I can see, your plane could fly for ages.

  490. Niki says:

    dont like the second cheat takes all the fun away and though i still cant beat libbys 116+ i’ll stick to the first ones hope the guys at manchester airport dont discover it tho ha ha !!

  491. DarthVader says:

    115.658 using the first cheat sheet. I am thinking it was a fluke as I cannot get past 113.441.

  492. slowhand says:


  493. xboxteen says:

    Robby Web is the only one here that can help us!! Robby where are you buddy we need your help!!

    Come out come out where ever you are…………

    Seriously Robby you are the master, the main man, the one to go to. Its obvious your brilliant and the only one that can help. Your post stated you were here to help and all we had to do was ask!!

    So man we are asking for help.

    Everybody else please jump in and ask Robby to help us, please people post here asking Robby to help. We need everybody asking so he will know were serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  494. S M says:

    Ok, here we go

    This is how i get around 125 m

    Start top left, move your cursor left so u can just see the nose sticking out, left Click and release, u can now move ur cursor around the outside of the game, line up on the right hand side above the skirting just above the 4th red dash, if u look closely at the grey background you’ll see a fine whiteish line running in from the right hand side. I find just putting my cursor on the underside of this is about the highest u can get the plane thro the window. As soon as u move ur cursor onto the screen the plane is released .You need to get the plane to go though the window as high as it can.

    Once through right click with the cursor roughly over the distance reading on the top right click and select zoom in option do this 5 or 6 times so that the you can only see the 10’s ie 50, 51, 52 etc forget seeing the decimal values wait until you go past the 100 u’ll see 99 00 01….. get ready when you get to 115 ie u can only see 15 showing right click ready to select ‘show all’ at around 24 quickly select show all. The plane will have landed around 125 m distance.

    Practice this a few times

    don’t wait too long before u click ‘show all’ otherwise u’ll end up in a black void where the distance keeps going up to 999 then the clock starts over again at 000. I reckon 126 is the maximum u can get.

    There i’ve spilled the beans – there could well be other methods -let me know

  495. Andy says:

    Wow!! The second cheat takes all the fun out of it. On V.1 I’m currently at 267M, and still going.

    The answer is on this page, just do some looking.

  496. Andy says:

    SM posted the cheat before I posted above. I’m now at 125.37M, ranked 908. There is now no fun in the game at all.

  497. Gary says:

    Hey guys just got 125.792 ranked 179 what a blast…

  498. stoney says:

    cant get past 114.6 in thousands of tries

  499. underdog says:

    Hey just to let you guys know I have reached the little milestone of 125.786! The CMG guy!

  500. stoney says:


  501. niki says:

    cheats cheats cheats the lot of you !!!!

  502. niki says:

    this game is now boring!! make a new one please!!!! happy crimbo all xx

  503. Mr Tinkertrain says:

    125.802 ranked 39th This DAMN game has cost me my wife, my kids, and my home.

    THANKS AMNESIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I didn’t know how I was ever going to get out of that mess.)

  504. StuntFlyer says:

    Wow, been playing this for a couple weeks now. My best is only 104.245, but I haven’t used any of the cheats, (YET!) Thanks Amnesia for a great game! It’s very addicting, but fun. Then again, anything fun is usually addicting! PEACE

  505. StuntFlyer says:

    AMAZING! Just beat my old record. New one is now 111.809!

  506. stoney says:

    it is not possible to get pat 114.6

  507. The Z-MAN says:

    Thanks for the help !!

    125.774 m

    Good for 365 overall !!

  508. crash says:

    Stoney, you must use the zoom cheat to get past 114, right click then click zoom in, do this between the first two numbers on the distance meter until you only can read two digits, then wait till you are close to the end, on version one its a bout 120? Then right click again and quickly click “show all” That’s how these guys are doing it. I can get 124-125 all the time now.

  509. crash says:

    One last thing to note, If you get greedy and go to far before you hit “show all” the plane will keep going and NEVER land. The trick is learning where to stop. I have gone 183 on the new version but anything more and it seems to go forever. Hope this helps someone

  510. crash says:

    The game was a LOT more fun before the cheats came into play.Wish they would make another one without the cheats, it’s to easy now

  511. stoney says:

    thanks Crash

  512. stoney says:

    ok 125.776 with the new cheat…. Ican move on now

  513. stoney says:

    357 global ranking

  514. The Z-MAN says:

    125.787 m !!!!

    Good for 267 overall !!

  515. luke says:

    wat is the trick to get over 115 whenever u put the plane in top left then u go out of play then it always go 112 or sometin

  516. Mighty Log says:

    before cheat
    114.9 – was 8500, and dropped to like 10000

    after cheat of ryan on Sept 21
    122.528 m – 1552

    He’s not joking about if you don’t do it right, it will fly forever…

  517. flighty fucker says:

    come on then robby webb u sad fuck, beat the crap out of me! see if u can, have to find me first u bent bastard! and seriously u think your so cool drinkin 24 seven, wel i tell you that all it shows is that your a loser with no life and have to drink so you can act as though you have a social life x

  518. podge says:

    btw flighty fucker and i are mates so you may have to take us both on, not that i’ll need any help x

  519. =( says:

    i can’t get it out of the window -_-

  520. chris says:

    flighty u sad twat stop throwing yer dummy out yer pram muhahahahahah merry xmas best flight 114.303

  521. Tracer says:

    just done a 122.461 sooooooooooooooo easy

  522. skip says:

    went 960 m and still going. had to stop it but score never got logged. why?

  523. skip says:

    went over 900 m and still going. Had to stop it. score never logged why?

  524. Andy says:

    If you don’t stop before 125, it will continue forever. In fact, once it reaches 999.999, it will roll over to 0 and continue. I imagine that the highest score attainable is 125.999. I am currently sitting on a 125.797 and ranked 76 globally (it dropped from 74 over night). Prior to this score I was at 125.37M, ranked 908. About four tenths of a meter moved me from the top 1,000 to the top 100; not a whole lot of wiggle room.

  525. Tracer says:

    just done a 125.79 ranked 236 bloody game

  526. The Z-MAN says:

    Almost in the top 100 !!

    125.796 m !!

    Good for 101 worldwide !!!

  527. RedActor says:

    Это полнейшее гониво, работать в таких условиях нереально. Автор – ты отжег нипадецки. У товарища в офисе прекратился производственный процесс на полдня, я сам залип на столько же. уже и надоело, но не могу остановиться. дайте чит.

  528. Melky says:

    Хелло Америкосам) вы бля че творите? вы сами в нее шпили? это ебание мозгов! я провтыкал пол дня понимаешь, а они там самолетики крутят! Козлы вы бля да и только! Мелкий. во да и переводчика возьмите, а то вы же не рубите не хрена, а то еще подумаетте, что я вам тут комплементов напиздохал))) ну пишите писька. ЧАО

  529. clarky says:

    125.725 still only 625th global…………. loosing the will to live now

  530. djaibi says:

    my best throw : 125,789m and i’m 254th.
    thanx for the tips 😉

  531. Marina says:

    I do not see how anyone can get over 45 m. I can only get 41m. ahh

  532. JoJo says:

    My score is 115.684m
    That is using plane at top left corner,
    drag mouse around outside picture,
    enter low down on right of picture method.
    I find myself now trying to analyse what the kid is saying
    in the background.
    It sounds to me like:- “Hey nuthead, your standing on my tractor”
    May be it’s another language, any ideas?

  533. Gordon says:

    I have managed 149.636m by placing the plane in the top left corner, then moving the mouse around the edge to a line about half way up the screen. If you just touch the edge of the screen, the plane will fly almost perfectly straight… not consistent though…

  534. Niki says:

    Does the 2 millionth thrower get a prize cos iff so I will stay here all night ????

  535. Iain says:

    That’s 200 Million – not 2 million!

  536. buckwheat says:

    I got 115.108 with a regular toss out the window. It did 4 loops and took off.

    My best with dragging the mouse around the window is 114.6.

    The zoom trick does not work on my computer, nor do I have kids on the playground. Just a red box.

  537. SM says:

    V1 125.804 ranked 23 – not bad eh?

  538. Dottydettie says:

    Hi all– just got 125.175 with the zoom trick and have 114.269 without how do you getpast 114.Purleeeease.

  539. The Z-MAN says:

    Finally in the top 100 !!!

    125.8 m

    Good for 54 worldwide !!!

    Thanks for all of the tips !!

  540. Rusman says:

    What is the zoom trick?

  541. xboxteen says:

    Robby Webb your the only one that can help the newbies. Give us a sign or something. Olease help them, they need your insight..

    Thanks for making flighty go away!! You did good Robby Webb……………………

  542. xboxteen says:

    Russman, thats where you zoom in when your flying. You zoom, get it?

    Ask Robby Webb, he can help you and he got rid of that flighty dude too……

  543. Nanta says:

    So, my record is 114,455.. i just simply cant get past it 😦

    every throw i make now gets ~111m D: few 112’s D:

  544. MIKEY G says:

    I have got over 350 and its still going looks like i am the daddy now!!

  545. tonydude says:

    hi love the game play at work best score 114.567, can any nice person help to tell me how to put xbox version, (space ship one) on a disc so i can take to work, our work pc dont have internet acsses.. b forever in your det…. tony

  546. SM says:

    how to get 125M version 1.0

  547. daffers says:

    i know its a bit sad but can anyone help with the ‘flames’ thing (post from 21st Sept)
    have tried all sorts of combinations and cant get the plane above the ceiling fan!!
    PLEASE HELP – its driving me insane!!!

  548. The17thPope says:


    I’m more into this than game my weekend heroin binges. (Jokes)
    I’ve just got to $114.02 and cannot seem to beat that score.

    I think that the folk who say there’s a volcano when they got to “900m” must be licking the testicles of a frozen trip monkey! That ain’t happening. And as for Screen shot, photoshoip can do that for you.

    Keep on wasting time at work folks. Only 11543 more places to go until I’m king.


  549. The17thPope says:

    p.s – How do you tell which version you have (Either V.1 or V.2)?

    I can’t see this.

    Also, no Zooooom or zoom in & Show all shit wrking on this PC.


  550. NoNookieNoLove says:

    125.795m, rank 116 for v.1.
    Hey Amnesia, what’s rank #1 at? 125.911?
    If possible please post it to give us all some closure…cheers

  551. GingerKnob says:

    125.798m, rank 66 for version 1

  552. Bonusflyer says:

    The ultimate cheat (will require 2 persons):
    Hold down q, v, s, o, 8, y, and space…den press enter while trowing…if done right the plane will go all the way…just try!

  553. Bonusflyer says:

    Ok… I was only joking…but i would jhave loved to se somebody try that stunt…

  554. JoJo says:

    Forget the score for a moment!—what is the kid saying in the background???
    Sounds like, ” Hey —, your standin on my tractor”.
    Anybody help?

  555. The Pharaoh says:

    Hey S M (21st December 2007). Thanks for the cheat tip bro. The plane takes off for me but when I hit select all, it just keeps going past 124, 125… etc. into the long black hole. Any suggestiions?


  556. robert christy says:

    great gizmo however the eighth throw i reached the best shot of 108.24 & since then (24 dec) can’t break 90… whats up ?? oh yeah… what are those kids saying ??

  557. Peter Ryan says:

    doe’s anyone know how to make plane do a loop to loop

  558. Michael Holybee says:

    125.804 on V1. Global rank 25. Thanks for all the tips guys. Now if I could only get better then 125.804…

  559. morris the mole says:

    Plane needs C of G sorting out, could do with some nose weight

  560. Robert E says:

    V1 great game. 238th 125.792 thanks to the help of all who have posted. Haven’t beat my best but will keep trying.

  561. Robert E says:

    Jeff, see Flying-High Says:
    September 5, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    He’s the “mate” who helped me understand the cheat. Good luck.

  562. Press X says:


  563. Hi, if you get bored of throwing planes, come and play with my me at-

  564. falcon1 says:

    created a league of blokes but can’t get back to it to see results – help !!

  565. Gary says:

    Had left the game for months, used the cheats now #44@ 125.802M. Even with the cheat is is fun to try to be number one!

  566. Hambone says:

    thought I was good at my level until a friend got over 100m-bitch

  567. orcel says:

    Wow. Just tried the Migrant versoin and landed number one!!!! (2147km). Did the move the mouse outside the window thing, but no other cheats. My migrant hit a whale blast that propelled her into space. She was up there for quite a while.

  568. god says:

    146.87 baby!!

  569. ME says:

    just hit 125.771m and ranked 506

  570. Phil says:

    world number 1 at kick a migratn 2357 kms

  571. ME says:

    I think that Phil fell and hit his head!

  572. S M says:


    you have to select ‘show all’ when your zoom in on the distance readings when it reached about 124m if you leave it to late it runs onto infinity-ish. The key thing is to exit through the window as high as u can. Start plane at very top left so u can see just the nose, move left the outside the main screen click and release and then move around the outside of the screen. enter on the rhs about 5 red dashes up, if u look carefully there’s a faint white line put the cursor just to the underside, the plane should exit through the window looking as if going to hit the wall above the window. Now the plane is really moving right click and zoom in over the distance read out, i usually place the cursor on the ‘units’ digit right click and zoom until you can see just the ‘tens’ and ‘units’ wait till u go thro the 100 distance and when ur at say 18 ie 114 right click poised to hit ‘show all’ when you get to 124 -ish ie u can see 24 click ‘show all’ u’ve got to be quick though other wise leave it to late and you fly into oblivion, click to soon and you’ll end up with only a poor score list 123 m or so !!!!
    If u go into a black hole – lol just right click again and it select ‘ play’ I’m ranked 25th

  573. Gary says:

    S M could you please tell me what is your didtance at 25th please.

  574. ratfugel says:

    Tried your cheat Pharoah. Only gets me to 110 plus, usually over 100 but never up to the 120’s. My best way to launch it is by putting the cursor on to the absolute bottom LH corner of the plane. Then it flies. Go from the dado line near the bottom and don’t hesitate. Be positive.

    Will try again.

  575. ratfugel says:

    Correction. Tried again. Got 162.64 Wow! You were right.

  576. Redwitch13 says:

    Ok,I got something over 112 and it was a fluke.Normally I get around 79.
    I’m ranked about 15,300th and have been trying this
    “moving-the-cursor-round-the-screen” thing and getting nowhere.
    As soon as I click to move the plane it crashes on the floor or into the fan.
    Someone tell me where teh numptiness lies please?

  577. bob says:

    I can’t get past 115.6 in the plane toss. Any suggestions?

  578. Howie says:

    well let me tell you for the last 10 weeks none stop i have not eaten or had much sleep playing my wife wants an divorce she says its because i play this game to much i have slung out all of them some 155,550.00 Abdul seems to get it by now there are no abdul’s left hooray i now make a time on Sunday with my family uncle Sid plays with me hes slung out Mohammad sadly he keeps going back. he is not quite like me since finding this site in2006 he plays on the loo in the bath and he lost his job playing this game its great so great my life is not the same and will never be again.

    cant get them into other countries though great that the sharks are being fed they need food shortage around so Abdul feeds them i hope that you will agree with me this is a magnificent game best ever best invented best of best please please lets have some polish or eastern people of from the Baltic states of throw out so good for that poor Abdul all dead he needs more friends up in heaven to keep him company,

    My boss Arthur gold smacker he playing it the policeman the cleaner the world is and so should you all the best Howie

  579. peter penny says:

    my god Howie well i have been on this site since 2004 beat that,i lost my home and my husband the dog even left as it didn’t get fed i now walk around the city with my lap top trying to find some one who will plug it in to play i had to go into hospital for this a councillor medication i am addicted , so is there any one that can beat this story my dog tried to play the game also so to keep into my good books sadly that did not work.

    my husband now walks the streets warning people of this game as he says it so good once you start playing you just cant stop well i need to know how we throw the far-est last one i did Abdul is still in space hes been there for the last 12 weeks if you should see him let me know please.

    Tim my mate is up to 2,000 listing top dog why cant i get top dog may be i dont use my hand well not fast with the fingers well practice makes perfect and trust me when i say ill be the king of the migrants because i had a bad takeaway ching chong is may target he get slung over board yes life’s a bitch and then we die can you tell me of your stories its interesting to know .

    maybe we can become good mates get married play this game the rest of our life’s well who knows all the best penny

  580. Geoff says:

    I am flying 110 – 111 M consistently, but my global ranking is over 17000

  581. Redwitch13 says:

    Are Howie & peter penny actually one and the same?
    Gosh you must be bored.

  582. peter penny says:

    well done redwitch bored no the same no are we related no are we distantly related no is my mother a friend of hers no is my uncle a friend of a friend no is auntie Ann a friend of her mum no is William a friend of Ann who knows penny no are you related to Ann who knows penny no does any one know if i know penny no does tony Blair no well maybe but no do you no anything apart from no well no so no one knows penny penny doesn’t know Howie and the anser to your question guess yes well done first prize Redwitch give him a pat on the back as the anser is no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and i am not bored my life isnt boring i am never bored i love the migrants game play it today once more Abdul sad persons now up to 1555555,00000,0000 out slung out am i bored never no cant be wont be never be so does this anser the question you posed yes yes yes yes it does and no no no no i am not bored all the best from no relation to penny and not a boring person best regards to you Redwitch ….. are you bored please advise if your related to penny i think you could be how do you know her and are you a boring person please advise must know that is that from me now over to you Redwitch what name is that are you a red witch i heard of black witch or white which never red Howie

  583. howie says:

    may have given the plot away if your clever are you??????????????????????????? howie under cover for noddy and the care bears body guard on occassions and a body double for muppets

  584. Hi i am Bobby the Blob am i good I worked it out as i work for the national government and have info on Howie I can say without question Howie does not know penny in fact listed in the who’s who guild of the movers and shakers around the globe 2008 edition its says i quote from the very book are you ready

    Howie no 1 man top dog migrant game player best around no one can match his skill in this game has Abdul in space for last 10 hours records are set as he plays the game top dog top man are you big enough to take him on ….

    your bobby the blog

  585. oh derrrrrrrrrr my golly gosh oh dear my curry house please help i am in space and i cant come down Howie launched me and i am been in space some 10 hours Iam fed up my dinner is getting cold and my news con tob shop is closed help please help Abdul i need help please the one that saves me i cook a curry you can bintolaloo not vindaloo cause when you have eaten it your bintotheloo spicy nosh good stuff hot blow your socks off and Redwitch can come as well maybe penny but no one knows her i dont please help me


  586. Hi all My name is Sharon i live in a house 3 beds 2 receptions small garden backs onto the park nice area near the shops Edgware which is north west of London I am around 49 years old good eye sight and of course drive may i say to you all my fellow players of migrants sling them out game how great it is .

    I trust that you will agree when i say that this superstar person called Howie is my god superking as I saw outside my own house late at night in the dark guess who i saw calling for help as he for an instant in time yes you got it yes yes yes Abdul Abdul he was asking for help , within seconds Abdul the curry king was off .

    So were ever you are were ever in the world you may live what country what island were ever look out for Abdul he did say when passing to tell his wife hes out and not to worry if you know his wife please pass the message on as you know what its like if your waiting for some one.

    Well have to go now going out now for a walk with the dog perhaps never know i may meet Abdul again if so ill get his address in Australia and ring his wife up or send a message if your Mrs Abdul please wait he will be back

    All my fondest that women of migrants game who eats curry all day long loves the food shame how ever life just sucks cant be hamburgers no any way soon again


  587. me says:


  588. Boomack says:

    That 115 mark is a !@#$%%#@!!!

  589. Redwitch13 says:

    I guess that’s a yes then.

  590. oh halllllllloooooooooooo me like flied lice and i likie this game i meek so solly mean so sorrie horrible cant do the r rilly bad me slingie out mohameed as he not likee me sweet sour balls on lice mean rice you know what i name i send my good freind redwitch hoot sour balls on lice freeeeeeee good man muck likeeeee him i play game in between cooking and delivering the lice to reaple people bas spelling me spell as i talkie now to all players of sling the migrants out i now give you 19 per cent discount off take away menue offie price of today goooooooooooooood deal my flreind muhie cheap prlice keep slinging abdul out also then good business for my take away now as no indian takeaways left okkkie my name is fled fread no fred suezie okaaa

  591. Dear Howie p[lease forgive my brother for his recent comments he is sadly very distruped since that sad day in his life when he found out that your the guvnor the one and only the chosen one the highest of holiness of the game migrants its effected his mind he has lost the plot in life i see him a broken man lost the way of life beaten fills lost now in the world and cant carry on any more knowing Howie the boss no 1 uno numo so sorry for that comment he understands he can never be as good as you redwich is a broken man

  592. Hi All

    Been reading the blogs great blogs best ever blogs never better blogs so funny blogs cant stop reading these blogs keep seeing blogs love blogs love them so much cant help reading them,so on wards upwards off now to read blogs

  593. LT in USA says:

    I didn’t do to well at either the plane, golf, or the Migrant, but my 7-year old daughter did well on all three games. Buggy tho, she hit a hole in one and it gave her a score of 0.148meters, ranked 2554… Hole in one and she’s still away??? She liked the Migrant because you can pick different people. It seems that the lighter people fly farther/further. She took Kasia, hit two whale blasts, went into space for 2136.492 meters…

    My wife doesn’t mind us playing, even though the Super Bowl is coming on now…

  594. Dave 1 says:

    I am stuck at 125.746 and ranked 684 how can I get past the 125 mark please help Dave.

  595. me says:

    ActuallyI don’t think that you can get past 125.999. I am now ranked at 531 at 125.771m. Keep dropping in rankings everyday. I do believe that it is now just the luck of getting the plane in just the right spot when throwing and hitting the keys at just the right moment. good luck Dave 1.

  596. Dave 1 says:

    Hey thanks, now I just need to work on reaction time.

  597. Dave 1 says:

    I guess your right me says I just got 125.799 and ranked 71.

  598. Gary says:

    Hey “me” that might be knocking you down at he 125.777 mark ? . I can hit it about 70% but since I got 125.802 on Jan 18th and the rank of 44th still holds even playing a couple or more hours a day unable to get passed that 125.8__ M mark but it does keep the mind off the snow out side. Keep playing I know I will til I see #1 Ha Ha.

  599. me says:

    Seems like there is a very fine line between 125 and 125.999. I hit it at a high percentage of the time also. Just have to figure out the exact time to release at the end. My reflexes just aren’t what they use to be but I’ll get it eventually. Don’t feel bad if you end up with 125.998 and #2 and I end up with 125.999 and #1.

  600. me says:

    Just got ranking of #25 at 125.804m. Who will be first to 125.999 or at least tie it. If the #1 reads the blog what is your score?

  601. Gary says:

    Congrats me I am still fighting away, OH by the way may I ask where you are located and you age, I am 60.

  602. anjie says:

    i thought i was good at 114.456 m ….

    i need to get better

  603. anjie says:

    clock needs set it’s 11.01 pm here

  604. jason says:

    I LOVE THE TIPS when it askes you to play again the lousy tip comes up!
    did you know blah blah blah planes have been thrown so far! THANKS GREAT TIP!

  605. Gary says:

    Well it took 4 weeks but I moved up a notch. I do not understand I was ranked 44th with 125.802 and just now hit 125.803 and rank changed to 30th? Oh well back at it for another four weeks.

  606. Napolibill says:

    Looks like I’m equal 30th with you Gary on 125.803. Would love to see a league of who’s scored what and their world rankings. I use my world ranking to goad my kids!!

  607. Large Nut Sack says:

    The plane fly’s best after you release your stored load/energy.
    It all works that way. Women are like airplanes if you hold them right and gives them the right throw they will both go out the window and hit the ground.
    Hold her tight and get on top of it and release your stored medicine and let her go out the window. Treat her bad so she won’t return and you will go far, all the way to number 1.
    Sack has spoken………………………..

  608. supremecommander says:

    F*ck Heroine….I got Air Plane now!

  609. Alison says:

    Ha ha ha Love it

  610. Sean says:

    played for the first time lastnight. ranked 57th at 125.8m

  611. Carsten says:

    114,734 meters not more. Shit game lol 😉

  612. ceritadunia says:

    now i’m 130 meter. 😀

  613. cookie says:

    how on earth did you do that i’ve tried everything! can’t get passed 114.6+????

  614. Chris Taunton says:

    Addictive, isn’t it?
    Started playing two weeks ago – rank 16,009 —- thought I wasn’t bad.
    Today I’ve just risen from 261 to 72 to 57 @ 125.800.
    Sorry Sean (12 Feb 6:49 pm) – must have bumped you down one.
    Don’t ever say this is a game for kids – I’m a pensioner!!!
    Got nothing better to do!!
    At my age it’s better than having a w**k!!

  615. bubba says:

    DUDE I GOT 183.926 IM IN 2 GLOBALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  616. Grant says:

    OK – V1 for Dummies
    Click on plane over dotted circle. Hold and drag plane to top left of grey game area.
    Move cursor more, so it is up out of game area and release mouse. Plane stays there, almost hidden.
    Move cursor up and around game area so you are still outside of it, but don’t cross into area.
    Study right hand vertical side of game area.
    You have a blue-grey floor, a defined light grey skirting board at bottom of the wall, and then a darker grey wall.
    About 10mm (3/8”) above top of skirting board are a series of faint horizontal lines about 25mm (1”) long.
    Moving in towards grey game area from the right, slowly move cursor so that it touches end of the second line up (on my screen it’s about 12mm (1/2”) above top of skirting board).
    Voila’, plane flies out of window.
    Now right click over red distance read-out. Select Zoom in. Now, right click above decimal point, at half way point of numbers, vertically). Again, Zoom in. Repeat this 2 more times so what you see on screen is a single digit, a decimal point and decimal digit.
    Now, hold down space bar and hit Enter once.
    Right click once off game area (eg, just outside of right hand side of game area).
    Now, right click again, just inside right hand side of game area at about same height up, where you started the plane flying.
    You should see Zoom in Zoom Out Show All
    Hover your cursor above Show All and wait.
    Background will change from sky blue to pixilated green to Olive green, the numbers roll on, and then you notice olive green background start to brighten to a light green. This is cue to get ready to click Show all. Now game area turns to black as counter shows about “0.0”. Time to click is around about when it shows 4.0. Depends on the response time of the game server I think.
    Get it just right and you crash down at around 125 metres. Miss it and plane will disappear to bottom edge and roll on forever.

  617. Gary says:

    Hey Napolibill, did you get bumped back to #31 like myself?

  618. Napolibill says:

    Im down to #33 now, I’m absolutely disgusted. Is there a human rights agency I can contact? I’ve lost all credibility with my kids and my self worth is at an all time low. Guess it’s time to try and get back up the world rankings again.

  619. Gary says:

    Me too! #33 is there a new kid on the block?

  620. EvertonEdgers says:

    125.697 and i’m only globally ranked at 924. GRRRRRRR i will get higher god dammit.

  621. EvertonEdgers says:

    I’m slowly getting there lol. 125.729 and globally ranked @ 815. I’d love to know what #1 in the world is.

  622. EvertonEdgers says:

    I’m slowly getting there lol 125.772 but still only 551st.

  623. Priit Peljo says:

    125.758m and Global Rank 671 🙂

  624. Carsten says:

    122,3 Rank 2182 🙂

  625. Carsten says:

    123.949 ranked 2036 i´m coming no 1 lol

  626. me says:

    Hey, looks like we have some fun competition here finally. I haven’t been here for a week or so. I have gone down from being ranked #25 to # 28. Those that want to stay in the fun keep posting your scores and ignore all the postings that we know aren’t true. Hey Gary, in response to your e-mail back on the 6th, I am 51 and live on the west coast of the USA. By the way, nice shop.

  627. AddictedEmployee says:

    Using the “zoom in” cheat I’m managing to consistently throw around the 125m mark. My best is 125.807 global rank #28. It seems breaking the 125.7xx barrier is the way to shoot up the rankings 🙂

  628. Gary says:

    Ok me, thanks for dropping into my web page just did it to see if I could. Since this damm came to be have not taken pictures of been in the shop too often. I am still stuck at #33 have tied it twice but can’t do better. Guess three hours a day is not enough HA HA. Everone keep up the good work and I refuse to die until I find out who is #1

  629. Steve says:

    125.795 ranked 149 (was 136 a week ago!)

  630. Carsten (Germany) says:

    123, 982 m Global Rank 1.850 yeah 🙂 I am the best or?

  631. Carsten (Germany) says:

    If you raech with the zoom cheat the name of the paper plane change into nevercomebackairline. Testet with a 086 CPU at 8 MHZ.
    Test it !!! Plese excuse my bad english! 😉

  632. Bobby says:

    Just started playing today…got the site in an email from my brother. Wow very addicting. I am currently ranked 234th global with a toss of 125.794m…feeling pretty good about myself for a first day guy. Thanks for all the tips above!

  633. Bobby says:

    Woohoo…125.798. Up to 83rd rank 🙂

  634. Steve says:

    just joined you at 83rd…improved 0.003 metres went up 68 places!!!!

  635. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.629 m Global Rank 1591

  636. cyph3r says:

    made it 114.199 metres… not bad… hoping for 125 lol

  637. Jim says:

    I have about a ranking of do you get further??
    My dog hates me cause I dont pay any attention to him..
    And I lost two girl friends cause I cant stop..god be with us all..

  638. Nicole says:

    Woohoo – I made it to 122.80 with a ranking of 2228!

  639. extreefrog says:

    After 16 weeks…….CRACKED IT!!!!!…..125.425…..HEY HEY….ranked 1609…..down the pub for some serious celebrating……..

  640. extreefrog says:

    Now ranked 780!!!!!

  641. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.754m Rank 714 🙂

  642. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.789m Rank 370 WOW 🙂

  643. Daktari says:

    125.792 Rank 290 WW

  644. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.794 m Global Rank 240 🙂

  645. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.795 m Rank 155

  646. Openskys says:

    Global Rank 439
    for a few days now…can’t get past that.


  647. Addict! says:

    Grrrr 112.519m and trying!!!

  648. Addict! says:

    I noted that you DONT have to tack the cursor around the outside top/bottom of the screen….as long as you hold the left betton down when you take it off to the left hand side then you can drag staright across to the right. Dunno if this is helpful or not….just all the hints etc say you have to drag your cursor arounf the screen but you dont! :o)

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  651. beryl fall says:

    got 124.556 rated 1910 global. Still trying harder

  652. Drummer says:

    Why can’t i see my friends scores in my league window, but they can see mine?

  653. Carsten (Germany) says:

    125.799 m Global Rank 80 yippie 🙂

  654. Lindsay says:

    You should create a chat within leagues, so players can talk to one another!

  655. Steve says:

    125.8 ranked 62

  656. Marg says:

    125.8 ranked 62 also Steve

  657. Donald says:

    Once you get it to “float on forever” how do you get it to stop? I’m at about 220m right now and still going.

  658. Donald says:

    I had to kill the web page to get it to stop. The game went to a black screen but the counter kept going. It went to about 300m. I tried a few things but nothing would make it register the score and stop. I’ll keep trying.

  659. me says:

    Once it goes past 125.999, or somewhere very close to that number it won’t stop. You just have to start all over by refreshing the page. I am still stuck at #28 with a distance of 125.804. Would like to know what the 27 scores are above that.

  660. dave_s says:

    or right-click to show the popup menu and click on ‘back’ to restart.

    me…I’m also on #28 at 125.804. Can’t seem to get past this (even though
    I’ve written a program to automate the whole process, and tried LOTS of start
    positions around the top-left corner, and lots of different mouse positions
    on the right-hand side, and using a timer to stop the flight).

    A few more thousand hours of computing time and I’ll have it cracked,
    I swear I will!! (I think I’ve already cracked!)

  661. tony g says:

    have got 125.795 about 20 times now started playing 3 days ago ranked 163 any ideas on how to ge that extra 3 or 4 thousands of a meter?

  662. me says:

    Hey Dave, just a few more thousand hours? That isn’t bad. If you play just a few hours a day, say like maybe 12 you’ll have that in in less than a year!!

  663. Flutist says:

    This game is way too addictive. I’m at 112 – yeah baby steps as compared to you guys, but it is so very annoying!!! I WILL do better.

  664. Speedy says:

    114m i try i try How you made to get a better score

  665. derek says:

    How do you get past 114.50?!

  666. Openskys (Vancouver BC) says:

    My Best – 125.79
    Global Rank – 373

  667. BlueScreen says:

    First time I ever got blue screen of death on Windows XP was playing this game and doing the zoom in cheat. That will learn me. Doh!

  668. Openskys (Vancouver BC) says:

    Never have gotten a blue screen with XP…..well….not unless there was a problem with it anyhow.

  669. Openskys (Vancouver BC) says:

    Moved up to 163 at 125.795
    very hard

  670. Michael says:

    my best is 125.689m I am ranked 1715th.

  671. Steve says:

    125.802 ranked 47

  672. Speedy says:

    125.31 #1723

  673. Just can’t get past..or even up to 125.795 now…lol
    Any hints there Steve??

  674. How do I get a picture in the little box to the right there??? ——–>

  675. Owain says:

    This shows you how to get a great distance!

  676. Steve says:

    Openskys….the only tip I have is sheer perseverance & a lot of luck!!!

  677. Melli says:

    125.661 and only Rank 1546?

    What about all the other 1545? Did anyone of them got over 126?

  678. gordon says:

    ranked 829
    the zoom trick is the way forward!

  679. gordon says:

    125.75m ranked 744 now

  680. gordon says:

    ranked 297

  681. Jeniii. says:

    There’s alot of people addicted.
    This is sad.
    I like readingg the comments.
    Ahaha, it’s funny.
    I’m out.

  682. Openskys (Vancouver BC) says:

    Thanks Steve, thats kinda what I thought…lol…will keep trying

  683. me says:

    Hey Meli, I’m ranked at 28 with 125.804 and have been there for about 11/2 months. Just can’t seem to break the barrier.

  684. Aditya Chawla says:

    103.937 , My best !

  685. Baghdadguy says:

    Hi all, rank 980 at 125.713, boy , now I can rest….. three weeks of Continues tries anc Continues stress.

  686. rio says:


    got 125.773m and ranked 628. thanks 4 ur tip!


  687. Tony the Tortoise =] says:

    I love this game! Ive got 112.541 which is globally ranked 17497 which is not bad when im only 13.

  688. Sandy says:

    PLease please can somebody give me a tip: I am stuck at 114,000 how do i get further??

  689. Sandy says:

    OMG I’VE DONE 355,00 my plane is stil flyin!!!!!

  690. Ejc says:

    125.459m, 1782 global rank…

  691. Inkyu says:

    Sandy! Please share!

  692. jag says:

    I just tossed a 127.444 and a 129.467 with no cheating

  693. jag says:

    make that 135.867

  694. Sandy says:

    Well I found out to make the screen go black an al u can see is the numbers goin up an up and it never stpos 1 million, 2 million… but theres one probleme because it never stops itnever finishes…

  695. Inkyu says:

    I’m trying to find the sweet spot to make the plane flip and go the extra distance.. zzz any tips where to set the launch on the left and where to release on the right? My friend fluked the never ending fluke shot last night too lol, after flying 1k it reset.

  696. Inkyu says:

    jag share!

  697. Flighty says:

    Is it safe to come back? Did my trolls leave, or are they still lurking outside the office window with those other faceless kids, calling out to me as I pass?

    Anyway: 125.798 at #35, my first time playing in three months.

  698. jag says:

    I start from the bottom and try and hit the window/tv at the top, I hit the plant a few times and crash and burn but i have gotten to 140.452 now also aiming up helps to give you loops and that keeps you up longer

  699. Carolyn says:

    I am stuck at 114.642 . I s there a newer version of this game and if so how do i get it.

  700. Melfunction says:

    Our office has been playing this 4 months now. Top score 114.79…

    Jag if i start from the bottom i just hit the fan… more info pls so i can beat the drones i work with

  701. rvanya says:

    rank #516

  702. rvanya says:


  703. jahs34 says:

    HELP, i used the zoom cheat, and now its over 300 and it doesn’t stop, how can i stop it?

  704. rvanya says:

    Hit rewind. It’s over.

  705. Jared_b says:

    hey can some1 tell me where the sweet spots are on this game 2 get past 115?

  706. Jared_b says:

    my e-mail is

    send me any tips u have on getting a really high score…….my best is 114.216m


  707. Bobby says:

    Stuck at 125.798 ranked 92nd, but haven’t played for awhile just checked back to see where I was.

  708. colin says:

    my mate is claiming to have scored 135.353 in version 1 but only has a rank of 523 if anyone has a screen cap of less than this but with a higher place please can you email it to me at as im sure he has used photoshop to touch it up.

    why cant we get a league table?????????????

  709. colin says:

    my email is actually

  710. me says:

    I am ranked #29 with a score of 125.804 so I really doubt that he has a higher score and a lower ranking. I don’t think that you can actually get above125.9 or somewhere in that range of score. Anyone that claims that they have a score above 126 I would have to say that they are, well to be polite , lying. I have been playing this game off and on for about 4 months and have had my current score from sometime in January. Anytime it goes over 126 the screen goes black and there is no way to get a score.

  711. Steve says:

    Me is right….I’ve been stuck on 125.502 for weeks….started at #43 now slipped to #51…I agree with me entirely!!!

  712. Steve says:

    sorry I mistyped…stuck on 125.802!

  713. colin says:

    cheers guys i actually emailed the developers who advised me to construct a league and then invite him as this would prove what score he had actually acheieved. As the game is cookie based and as long as was using the same PC his highest ever score goes on the league table. turns out he has only managed a 114m.

    thanks again for your help

  714. taryn says:

    Can’t get a global rank to show up on my computer here at work, which is where my best score is!!! Can someone tell me why and how to fix it?

  715. D says:

    Can’t get past 125.792…….is it just plain luck to get over the 125.8**?

  716. VEGAS says:

    Just started playing a few days ago and received a 125.795 with a global rank of 178!! Love this game!!!

  717. Lynne says:

    Me and my friends are hooked on this game.. 105 highest score tho!!! but never cheated … till now!!!

  718. AMP says:

    HI I have been playing paper plain now for about 6 weeks.
    My best is 114.757 globle ranking is 14013.
    I think it is how much you PLAY not YOUR BEST witch besides your globe ranking!!!!!

  719. Lindaguitar says:

    125.748, rank: 871, after playing for about 4 hours. (And reading most of the blog entries. I can do the zoom cheat, but can’t get the floor thing to work. And how does one get over 126, and see the alleged volcano and everything?)

  720. me says:

    highly doubt that there is a volcano and if you do get over 126 it never stops so you can’t register a score. And yes it is luck getting a high ranking. How much or for how long you play doesn’t have anything to do you your ranking it just increases your chances of releasing at just the right time.

  721. Martin says:

    Tried a thousend times (or more…) and now 114.429 m. and rank 14.062 JIPPY!


  722. QueenMisha says:

    i must say i have only been playing tis one day at work, and i am hooked. i got up to 105 which i think is great for just six hours of play….. (looks around) oh my everyone went home… when did that happen?
    hey when did the lights go out?
    oh shit…. i think im locked in

    hmmmm well guess i will play till Sunday….

  723. Ryan says:

    I got 167.001m. rank number 2 globally!!!! JK JK. i got 114.241 and my rank is 14,141. How is that possible cuz some ppl wit the same score are ranked higher. How is that possible? unless…they may be lieing…Hmmm….

  724. Jason says:

    You want to know who is numba 1?………………………………………………I AM. I got 182.074meters about two weeks ago. NO ONE WILL EVER BEAT ME!!!! HAHA. Just try. it took me 4evr but i finnally did it

  725. rio says:

    just got 125.794 and ranked 274. haha.

  726. QueenMisha says:

    just got my high score of 117

  727. Steve says:

    tsk! tsk! methinks Jason tells large porkies!

  728. bogujoy says:

    hi! this is great game:)

  729. VEGAS says:

    Just got 125.8 and ranked 69. Was at 177 for a while and slowly went down. Played for the first time today in two weeks and beat my best. I should be good for a few more weeks.

  730. Festy says:

    I can’t get passed 114. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  731. Borobarmy says:

    Am ranked at 95…..was stuck on 114.0 mtrs forever until reading the blogs this week so go through the recent postings and you will get there

  732. Chenin says:

    HI evrybody that can’t get past 139.009meters! im so good at this game I got 2675u7y

  733. ryan says:

    i stink at this game!

  734. Borobarmy says:

    What is 2675u7y Chenin ????

  735. Jerri says:

    OK, someone, please, give it up. How do you get past 111? If not I’m soooo hopeless.

  736. Nick A says:

    I hate this game, i cant get away from it!! i see it when i sleep! lol. only managed to get 114.327m with the plane in the corner trick… must be another way *twitch*

  737. john says:

    Just got 122.343M, can you get more than that? The screen went black after that…..

  738. Openskys (Vancouver BC) says:

    Came in for 1 shot at it and got
    186 Global Rank


  739. Borobarmy says:



  740. Alley says:


    Have in in a spreadsheet – therefore don’t see the ranking…

    Thought I’d done well with 60m… 😦

    Still the best in my office though 😀

  741. Andy says:

    Got 125.804. cant get any higher. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  742. how 2 stop the place if its reached black area…anyone???

  743. me says:

    It won’t stop, it just goes on into infinity and beyond. You just have to refresh the page and start over. Good luck!

  744. Andy says:

    if it goes black, right click mouse and select play.

  745. Andy says:

    also, at the begining of game, move plane to top left hand side of screen. then, right click mouse so you get the drop down menu, then you can move cursor over screen without launching plane. once you have put cursor on the point you wish to launch plane, left click mouse and watch it fly. GOOD LUCK.

  746. Andy says:

    ps, if it all goes black and you right click mouse and select play and nothing happens, repeat.

  747. Bloody Eddie says:

    Freakin 116.206m and Rank: 2990.. WTH??

  748. Andy says:

    im on 125.804. if i score 124.804 or lower , it moves it on 1.0. if i score 124.804 or above, it doesnt move it on. why?

  749. Mark says:


  750. lee01 says:

    WTF 125.652 and i’m 1930 too!

  751. Mark says:


    Lee01 you posted your score here 41 minutes later than mine. If the top scores and ranking are updated in real time (which they probably are because that is the easiest programming method) then there were probably several hundred if not thousand updates between your score and mine to change the rankings in the database.

    This is also why its probably impractical to publish a top 10 or top 100 list. It simply changes too frequently to publish a list that has any validity within the game. If Amnesia would publish a “snapshot list” updated once or twice a day then it would give the active users a reasonable idea of how the game progresses and is scored over time.

  752. Leiv says:

    i think there is a bug, now i am at about 600 metres and fly and fly and fly and fly
    all went black, but the counter is counting and counting… 630 metres now, and flying

  753. Tony says:

    Its not a bug Leiv.
    Try reading the blog for more info.

  754. ryan says:

    Yeah…..i cant get past 114. somebody help!!!!!!!!!

  755. Shoey says:

    Can get the loops OK, hard bit is coming out at the right time. Get it right and build up excellent forward speed, get it wrong and end up in a dead cat bounce and lucky to make 50m. I reckon two quick loops and come out flat would give a great score but I just seem to come out near vertical and stall!

  756. cbv says:

    Have been at 125.802 for a month . I can’t seem to get past this but my ranking is slipping so somebody is passing me. What is the secret?

  757. Steve says:

    I’m exactly like cbv….was 39 when I first got it…now 58

  758. MoverShaker says:


  759. Ralf says:

    my highscore is 113 meters

  760. mike says:

    please help me and all my friends are stuck at 114. just found this site. have read everything, help me to be the first in my group

  761. badluck says:

    the biggest bullshit I’ve ever played! wasting of time…

  762. Steve says:

    Wassup badluck? You no good at it?’d be better off spending your spare time learning to spell!!

  763. cbv says:

    Look at what Grant has to say back on about Feb 15. this will help you get better scores.

  764. badluck says:

    Thank you, teacher… I made 110, but I think, this game is minimal fun – like synchron-swimming…

  765. badluck says:

    by the way – a friend told me, that is paper-plane sometimes flies through the wall… with long distance than…

  766. Steve says:

    After you have done the zoom bit, once the screen start to go black from left to right….hit the “show all” when the tens digit gets to 3 or 4….you will almost certainly get over 124 or 125 every time.

  767. Steve says:

    Referring to the last tip…it will only do that if you get the launch right, in other words, a decent speed. Forget looping the loop, that does squat for the speed! To launch….position plane in top-left corner….then position the mouse approx 1/2inch above the “floor”, then release…you should see it go through the wall at a fair old speed, then it’s down to the previous tip & a lot of luck!!
    Good luck all!

  768. Borobarmy says:

    GRRRRRR, 125.802 for yonks. not good

  769. Steve says:

    Me too!! Gotta quit…drivin’ me nuts!

  770. Sapper says:

    114,753 how do i beat this

  771. Sapper says:

    Steve what do you mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  772. The Chad says:

    I did that “zoom in” thing, and my counter is still ticking over. It clocked over 999.999m, and it is still going. From 999.999m it went back to 0m, and is up to about 500m again on the second time through….who knows when it’s going to stop!!!!

  773. The Chad says:

    Almost 3000m now……………………..

  774. The Chad says:

    I think I am unofficially number 1, unless anyone else can beat 6000m and counting. I am going to leave it going over the weekend and see if it has landed in that time, but I believe my paper plane has found the black hole!!!

  775. Ellie says:

    does anyone notice that the plane pauses a bit as it goes through the window? why does it do that?

  776. Steve says:

    DOH! I meant to say when the screen starts going black from right to left (May 30 above).
    Sapper….if you position the plane in the top left corner, move the pointer outside the box….take the pointer to the far right of the box (do not go inside the box)….touch the outside of the box with the pointer approx. half inch above the point where the wall meets the floor….then you’ll fly!!

  777. Alatriste says:


    At the moment I have topped out on 125.797 and I simply can’t get any higher with my method. I heard rumours around my school about someone getting 170 and at first I didn’t believe this but then the shiny screen pic this individual had on his cell-phone put me to shame. All I know about this crazy distance is that it did a big loop-de-loop over the electrical wires, it seems that it was luck, and that he has only done it about once. Does anyone know anything about this? Please help.


  778. I says:

    Oh yeah. i just got 15m and my rank is 146,023!!!! whooooo. just kidding switch those numbers around…….

  779. Mikey says:

    My best is 89.048…i been workin at this 4 a while..yet still cant get ne higher…

  780. Jessie says:

    I must have one awesome PC and software cause I’ve tried everyone’s little tips and tricks for passing the 114M marker over and over and over again and it doesn’t make the plane fly any further. I can constantly hit 114 without any issues.

    Right clicking 5 times and zooming in doesn’t do squat. How do you do it?

  781. vanessa says:

    its the best ever

  782. Steve says:

    I can hit 125+ just about every time…but my highest is 125.802 which I’ve hit TWICE….I just can’t get past it!! Now ranked at 59.

  783. Borobarmy says:

    Ok Steve….how come you are ranked at 59 when i am also 59 on 125.802 ? Does that mean there are possibly 1 Million plus with the same rankings ?

  784. Steve says:

    I think the answer to that must be YES!!!!!

  785. Paul says:

    I am at 114.734m, 15201 for ranking….seems to the a ceiling at this distance. Can get every time, but no further.

  786. Borobarmy says:

    Can anyone in the top 10 please advise their distance…..want to know if there is any point in carrying on based on the fact that we will not get past 126.0

  787. steve says:

    125.87 and ranked 12

  788. Marko says:

    Someone give me some advice…….can’t get past 98

  789. Dubai-King says:

    Hey guys….I dont manage to turn loopings once I passedthe window…neve get farther than 70mts….hhmmm – who can help? Cheers!

  790. Martin Bridges says:

    I got 114.625 but can’t get further, I wont give up until 120M

  791. […] M Says: December 21, 2007 at 2:03 am Ok, here we go This is how i get around 125 m Start top left, move your cursor left so u can just […]

  792. beastwood says:

    a bloke in our office is ranked 1 in the world with 9995m – beat that lads

  793. D-Structo says:

    113.247m … harder to get further

  794. D-Structo says:


    i dunno how people are getting higher than scores around that mark

  795. Martin Bridges says:

    O.K. so the zoom in cheat works, I just got 125.08. It is not very satisfying though I don’t like the fact that you can’t see the plane anymore.
    My previous best was 114.75 but I could not beat it.
    My global ranking is now 2069.
    Now I can give it up.
    I like throwing a migrant though. I’ve tossed one around 119,199 KM’s

  796. Martin Bridges says:

    I lied (FORGOT) the best kick a migrant throw was 1933.245 KM
    You have to be lucky to get a steam updraft that tosses the migrant way up in the stratosphere. Gets old quick.

  797. Martin Bridges says:

    Just kicked a migrant 2136.492 KM
    Damn you all, hooked again.

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    work at home typing jobs no cost ever free start up…

  799. me says:

    Considering that once the score goes past 125.9 the score goes on for infinityI would have to say that beastwood is full of, well, lets just say he sure isn’t telling the truth!!

  800. Gary says:

    STUCK! Have been playing this almost since day one. Am retired so time makes no difference just waiting for the end. But in the mean time keep my blood pressure by playing for atleast one or more hours a day. Have tied my score a few times but am stuck at 40th with a 125.803. If something does not change soon going to go and play Bingo!

  801. Gary says:

    What the hell happened, went for a couple of pints go to play and dropped from 40th to 42nd all with in 12 hours……….Bingo here I come.

  802. phillip says:

    flew past 1200m, as you fly out the window zoom in 5 times and leave it,
    after awhile zoom out and the palne just keeps going.

  803. Gary says:

    Where did all the posts go?

  804. Gary says:

    Whoops their back!

  805. Gary says:

    Hey “me” gland your still at it. I remember when you where at 125.804, still there and if so at what rank?

  806. stuey says:

    What has happened to HALOFORE? I saved the link and now it just takes me to the xbox website. I was ranked NO 1!!! Now I have to start all over again!

  807. Gary says:

    Ok that’s it from 40 to 43 in three days, sat a 40th for over five months who is cheating the cheats?

  808. Chris says:

    I got 110.731 and ranked 22642

  809. Chris says:

    9995m is not possable.

  810. Gary says:

    Has anyone notice stoppages during game play or is it at my end?

  811. Gary says:

    Please disreguard my above comment , problem at my end and rectified. All is well but still can not get better than 125.803

  812. 2gs&ac says:

    got 125.804, rank 37,put cursor all way to left of screen after going through window , start zooming , 5 zoom seen to work best and when goes black count to 5 1/2, got 125 several times. also have (show all) almost in middle of left side

  813. 2gs&ac says:

    sorry after 4-5 1/2 seconds hit show all

  814. cody says:

    wtf i cant get past 99 none of these cheats seam to work

    plz HELP

  815. 2gs&ac says:

    put all the way to top left , go to other side of screen, count up 14 of the red marks, in that area put cursor in, after plane goes out window, hit zoom 5 times and wait , if you can time it right, hit show all and you should start getting around 125, i get 125.40 alot , my highest is 125.804, ranked 37th good luck

  816. filthyralph says:

    The first plane game currently at 114.247.

    The other one with all the space invaders and crap is 140.51.

    I will get better with age… im only 3!

  817. Jeff says:

    One of those cheats works. Just went to loo, came back and it’s still flying. Just passed 500m

  818. Jeff says:

    Just passed 1000m. This will surely put me at no. 1 if it ever lands.

  819. Jeff says:

    Er, but it doesn’t land. Back to the drawing board.

  820. someone says:

    I think the furthist u can get it is 126

  821. Unicum says:

    The best i could do was 114.734 abd ranked 16143 th. can’t seem to throw more…darn.

  822. Mike G says:

    im not sure what im doing wrong. seems like i loose all my momentum as i cross the line cant seem to pass 10feet lol

  823. Chris B says:

    125.794 Ranked 333

  824. Benoit says:

    I done what 2gs&ac said, I’m at 300 and it’s still going the plane is no more on the screen…!(I’m french excuse my poor english!)

  825. marc says:

    used the above cheats and got, 122.234, ranked at No. 3026, not bad for half hour of game play.

  826. marc says:

    ok forget above just did a 123.059, now ranked at 2814

  827. flo says:

    125.787 ranked 573

  828. Gary says:

    Hey boys and girls want another little cheat that I have been playing with for about eight months? It is bound to help someone. Just go to my web site click on “Whats Shakin” and the is a link to a little video I made to help out with the quest to get to be #1 in the damm game. Play with it , it does work and let me know how you make out.

    Good Luck Gary

  829. Gary says:

    Damm it did not put my web site in sorry here it is…………..

  830. edge540 says:

    its summer time , fan is going and the window is open and everything is green otside. so why is there smoke coming from the frie place stack? does it give the plane lift when thrown at a slow speed/

  831. Gary says:

    Hey edge540 yes if you play the game with out the cheats it will do the loops because of the up draft.

  832. Greg says:

    my global is 43

  833. well mates and all fellow players this is cool cool cool and i have cleared them all off ive gone golly gosh bung them off big time all the migrants of the island no one left wish it could really happen as for the flight game my plain was sent off two weeks ago and hasn’t landed at all still up beat that if you could

    well you lot of game players who agrees about roger the dodgers remarks he says follow the plain eat mcdees eat kfc and then go on to russia were i live next week after that i get my plain and fly off to brighton global no 1 global top dog i am the looney king you beat that i am the king of the global so sod off to you half brains

    flighty yes you guess it retards its me back in business the boss man of this game i bet you two bob you cant see me but i can see you arse faces on the world and sod off all the migrants here there and every wear and you can after you read this play the game now ok the boss man tell you to ok ok ok now

    so my fellow mates are you as loooney bas me if so then tell me

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  835. Dennis says:

    How can I stop the plane after using the “zoom”cheat. The plane does not stop flying and I just want to set a better record than my colleague Eric. He’s driving me crazy with his louzy record of 103. Unfortunately I can’t do any better so please help me cheating.

  836. Macca says:


  837. Nick says:

    113.227, though I did kinda cheat.

    Still awesome game

  838. Kari says:

    The best I can do without cheating because I just can’t figure out hoe to cheat is 100.110. I am addicted to this game. I just want to do better. Global rank is only 3112. I know I suck!!!

  839. limtat says:

    what da hell…my friends just get it through about 999m…do u have any idea how could it went that far??

  840. Big B says:

    I have hit 147.361m in the XBox version of the game. Still trying to beat my own record…

  841. DiXXXy says:

    125.794 and world rank of 383.

    Trying to get as close to 126 as poss. This is max score and gives you number 1 ranking. I use both cheats but only need to zoom 4 times. Tried finding other cheats but no luck so far, anyone else?

    I let it fly non stop for 3 days and it just keeps on going!

    Good luck to all Amnesiacs

  842. vwoodard says:

    If you use the cheat where you drag the plane all the way to the left corner and take your curser go all the way around to the front and bring the curser back in a little above the floor you will have to practice this til you come out at the highest point of the window,while your flying when you reach about 50m right click on your top right corner where your meters are counting hit zoom in do this about 3-4 times where these #s are very big then right click and hit show all this will automatically crash your plane.u cant get over 126m at all.this really works.

  843. explosive82 says:

    why when i get 125.720 my rank stays the same as 124 somthings wrong wtf!!

  844. Confused says:

    why is the window open when the office has a fan and three air condtioning units….

  845. slackyuk says:

    Divorce will follow if I don’t stop this. 122.91m best ranking 3274.
    Oh just one more go then……

  846. HunterGerken says:

    Ha This game is easy Iv’e got 125.788 I’m ranked # 562 Need help people?

  847. Wheeler Lover says:

    these games are fricken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  848. kade says:

    omg i got 141 easy andmy record iz 145

  849. kade says:

    omg i got 141 before and i cant do it agen ffs

  850. kade says:

    duz any1 need help coz im ranked # 13

  851. I love this board game.

  852. Gary says:

    Sure wish #1 would give his score

  853. mrpopo says:

    high score 122.369

  854. Mojo says:

    I put this on the works computer, now I rarely get a lookin, But I still got the top distance of 114M. It’s so addictive, cant, wont go cold turkey to break addiction. thnks

  855. tom says:

    What is the best distance by just grabbing the plane and dragging it across the line- mine is 96m with 3 fast loop de loops at the chimney for propulsion- i only heard about the cheats today

  856. vincent says:

    i got it through the window in flightSimX paperplane game

  857. moggy says:

    we got up to 120 with no cheats…but there were 6 of us working on it and we had been made redundant – so we had heaps of time to play

  858. bob says:

    I got 125.799 ranked 115

  859. Carolyn says:

    What is happening with the flight game? I have been getting higher scores but after a few flights or if I sign off the game reverts back to my old score.

  860. grrrr says:

    ok so i cant get further than 2 ms ahaha how do you do it?

  861. Oran dDeeney says:

    haha got rank number 1

    355.657 beat that 😀

  862. mk says:

    SOOOOOOOO addicted to this game!!!!! my co-worker and i are in competition!!!!!

  863. Weezy says:

    114.734 this was the best i did so far

  864. Vincent says:

    i got 106.236 m.

  865. Al says:

    The best I got is 110 mtrs, when I got it I was 6700th, now I’m 25,894th. I can’t do any better. Why does the plane sometimes crash before the dotted line?

  866. You says:

    First day playing and record of 122.434 with global rank 3723. This is due to considerable help from this website. 😀

  867. Jakes says:

    How can I reset my score to 0, i want to create a new
    league? Pls help

  868. Jakes says:

    I got 124.978 with global ranking of 2666, but with cheats… 😦

  869. Gary says:

    Jakes I am sure the came keeps track of your I.P. change it and it is gone, I build a new system and went to the game I was a virgin, no score but when networked with the old machine my score was still on it. One other thing is to blow away your cookies?

  870. dusty says:

    somebody please tell me how to cheat to get over 114?

  871. Gary says:

    Dusty go back up the list and read, all the cheats are posted.

  872. Bob says:

    I cant get past 9 any tips??

  873. Gary says:

    It’s about time finally move a up a notch since Jan/2009.

    Was ranked 229 with 125.796 now
    ranked 168 with 125.797, humm makes me think all those decimal points flying by so fast are counted even though not displayed. Well that is my up date back at it to beat my 125.804 on my old machine!

  874. shaun says:

    Got 125.807 dont know how to go any further please help

  875. Gary says:

    Hey Shaun old boy, what rank did the 125.807 give you? Think your getting close to the end, some of the fellows say 126.00 is the end or highest?

  876. Gary says:

    Oh boy just got 125.803 ranked 47th

  877. SkyCamera says:

    Played this great airplane toss a few years ago…and happened to find it again here in May of 2009. It is very addictive and enjoyable. Without using the cheat I managed 99m …with it, 108m …not much difference. The background music selected is a bit annoying, maybe something more soothing or Star Wars would be more appropriate. Oh, the background sounds near the playground and city noise is perfect, well done.


  878. Ben says:

    The cheats are fun… ranked 663, but before i knew of any cheats I made a 105.539m throw. Can you beat that?

  879. SkyCamera says:

    No one is going to believe this but I did over 600 meters and it still kept going…with the cheat now. I could not stop the plane and finally had to log-off …it did not save the massive distance. Amazing.

  880. big dog says:

    i have a high score of 115 rank 336 the cheat is really easy

  881. Bruno Sodré says:

    I heve 90.562… gosh I´m addicted!

  882. Linda says:

    I got 106m without being aware of any cheat.

  883. TMLeigh says:

    Discovered the game today. started at 37m in 2hours got to 115.096, in 3 hours got to 124.004 on v1. consistently hit 113 to 114. I put a square sticky note turned 45 degrees on my screen for the end around re-entry point, worked every time. drag to top left, re-enter at middel of 3rd file drawer.

  884. Leslie Kneelson says:

    Does anyone know what the voice says when the plane gets about 20 m or so? It sounds like “sky rocket” and something else, but I can’t make it out. It sounds like either a kid or a woman yelling. Drives me nuts not knowing! (Look, I know I have better things to worry about, but I’m spending time playing paper airplane, so this sort of thing becomes important….).

  885. Flem Hackley says:

    That second version is kind of stupid. Every time the plane passes the one sort of cat-shaped head it takes a dive. This isn’t a very sophisticated version. I like the images, but it’s not very interesting. There are only so many variations on the flight path in each version, and the built-in limits on the flight distance make it uninteresting after a short while. Sorry.

  886. kathy says:

    My best with no cheat is 111.08. WITH the cheat its 114.802.

  887. I put my hand in my ears when i fly, somehow it prevents me from vomiting when the plane dives.

  888. bredes says:

    Its amazing, i started this game about 3 years ago, and on my third attempt i really hit it. Its still going after more then 3 years and the distance is now so long that its no more space in picture to tell how long it s now. I dont use my computer for nothing else now, only look at plain is flying. Of course its my work computer we talking about. My boss think i work hard every day since i keep steering into the screen all day.

  889. Lasse says:

    My plane is just flying and flying….. I`m looking at 200m as we speak…. go on!!!!!!!!!!

  890. This is such a cool game that I think most gamers would like ti. I simply love it. 🙂

  891. Jack Itnightly says:

    It’s a shame they’ve never upgraded the thing to allow some involvement after the initial toss. This game gets a bit repetitive after a while. I’d like to see some new scenery.

    And I’d still like to know what the voice is saying when the plane gets a little ways out the window.

  892. Brian Hill says:

    Best so far – 114.169m……

  893. Arno says:

    Nice Game 🙂

    114.567 so far… Still trying to bust this personal record.

  894. Melissa says:

    take the plane to just below the top of the screen on the left hand side, but a little bellow. then move your cursor around the playing screen (up, right then down) and bring it in just below the top handle of the stove. the plane should then go through the flatscreen and doesn’t flip at the first astronaut.i usually get around 136m or so?

  895. Mel O'Drama says:

    I prefer to throw it at the floor so I can start over more quickly. My best is 0.97 m.

  896. Teh says:

    I get 0m 🙂

  897. Judy says:

    damn you ceiling fan
    damn you floor
    damn you chimney
    damn you walls

  898. Jahanzaib says:


    Its nice lots of people like that game.