Kick a Migrant – THE VIRAL GAME. In November 2007, amnesia was the first digital agency (ever) to be invited to participate in the ADNEWS MOCK ADS.

THE BRIEF:HOW WOULD YOU CHANGE THE PERCEPTION OF MIGRANTS?Australians are suspicious of migrants and more of us than not believe our intake is too high. A common perception is that migrants steal jobs from hard-working Australians. Create an ad promoting immigration as being of benefit to the country’s economy and/or cultural heart.

OUR ANSWER:KICK A MIGRANT – A game based on the extremely popular Flight Sim X paper plane game, (developed late 2006 by amnesia and has now passed 200 Million games played).

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, play through and see what happens at the end…

UPDATE: WE DARE YOU to join the Facebook group… remember this is an experimental viral campaign – we ask, “Would you be willing to say you’ve ‘kicked a Migrant?'” JOIN NOW!

126 Responses to KICK A MIGRANT – VIRAL GAME

  1. […] Kind of like what we did with Kick a Migrant. […]

  2. Iain says:

    Andy is ranked 3rd with 1739m, but I can’t get past 1660 something. ARRRGH

  3. Andy Pearce says:

    1739.4 metres … global rank = 3 … i thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  4. Iain says:

    You won’t last Andy….

  5. Deano says:

    To get the best distance, I wonder if it makes a difference which migrant you throw.

  6. Phil says:

    Check it out 6th in the world at 1890

    my mate in the ffice got 1992 by keping it low and bouncing under the ballon at 1900 kms!

  7. Phil says:

    by the way 1992km’s is the 3rd largest so two mart people know how to get it a lot further, no cheats required in this game yest

  8. Michael says:

    I was not happy when I saw the kickamigrant game, but thankfully took your advice to ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, play through and see what happens at the end…’
    Good work.

  9. Dodgypress says:


    Maybe grow the song selection.
    When playing the game the it becomes rather tedious…and painful…
    Maybe… waltzing matilda or something, anything…

  10. stanko(stankie) says:

    i’m first i swear
    2147 and number 1

  11. stanko(stankie) says:
    theres the proof (pic)
    i’m at the end named stankie

  12. Cole says:

    stankie looks like i beat you.!

  13. Deano says:

    Well done! 2147 is the maximum distance. I will update later to allow for further distances but in the meantime, see if you can reach the maximum in other ways. (e.g. maybe bounce off the balloon)

  14. Fast Eddie says:

    Seems that 2147 clips you off while it’s still going…
    Lets see how far it will really go!!

  15. Deano says:

    A recent update has been made to the game, you can now record distances past 2147.

  16. Rick says:

    Should it be in m’s rather than km’s?? it doesn’t really make sense that the migrant goes 7km when you just drop them straight down the cliff. Anyway, some how made it to no1 with 2385.4

  17. Deano says:

    Yeah, it seems a bit strange at the base of the cliff, however, it’s not to scale plus we wanted to get a message across that they were being thrown out of the country (overseas to their home country).
    Good comment though 🙂

  18. Phil says:

    When you land on the second whale I got blown into outer space and gun on 495 km

  19. Phil says:

    Sorry meant last Hung in space.

    Aslo got to 2429 KMs world reorcd guys

  20. Ahrensy says:

    Phil, don’t take the credit from me buddy. (workmates)

    To be more precise, the world record is currently 2429.388, set by… myself 😛

    Not giving away my strategy though 🙂

  21. Tough Tony says:

    Superb piece of work. Congratulations!

    Nice to some socially conscious stuff that isn’t overly earnest and has a sense of humour.

  22. Ahrensy says:

    Is the game broken at the moment?
    What happened to the high scores/number of global-throws tracking, and about 5 of the islands?
    Not to mention the baloon at 1850 and the fact that launch speeds are WAY higher than they used to be.

  23. Ahrensy says:

    Oh lol, I changed my browser-mode from Firefox to IE, and above problems are gone 🙂
    And I see my top score is still top, WOOT !

  24. Deano says:

    Made some minor backend changes this morning, sorry for any inconvenience.
    Nice score by the way.

  25. Ahrensy says:

    I just noticed it’s been beaten 😦

  26. Ahrensy says:

    Error report:

    Before Kicking – Strill in 2nd place with personal best of 2429.388

    I just kicked a 2444.58 (screenshot can be provided), but the finish screen said Global Rank: 0; Your Best: 0

    Clicked “Kick Again” -> Now I’m pushed down to 3rd place with personal best of 2429.388 still

    What the !!

  27. Phil says:

    obviously you cant kick far enough!

  28. Deano says:

    Ahrensy, if you chose to kick again, does the score update? Maybe best if you clear your cache just in case you’re running an older version. I made updates this morning.

  29. Ahrensy says:

    Nah it just still says 2429.388 as “my best”.

  30. Gary says:

    Damm game is broke, was #37@2222.880 then the lilltle bugger got hung up on a rock so I hit F5 to refresh and it gave me someone elses score? Now back at 337 and by the way you do not need cheats just those water spouts.

  31. Deano says:

    Gary, thankyou for your feedback, although it was hard to replicate I think I’ve found and fixed the problem. New version is now online. (version 1.1 at top right corner)

  32. Phil says:

    hey dean why cant you extend your game to go past the 2500km??

  33. Deano says:

    Phil, I made an update this morning to allow for further distances, are you running into troubles? Are you running version 1.1 (see top right corner above the distance gauge). If not you may need to clear your cache.

  34. dave says:

    Having spent the last 4 hours on this game I am now up to 10th. I have thrown over 500 migrants. Will I be in trouble for doing this with the authorities.

    The second migrant I threw I managed to get 2004km and got 21st place. It has taken me another 520 throws to get to 10th place because I couldn’t remember what migrant I had thrown and how I did it , now I am on 2432.281km.

    Much more fun then the paper plane and a lot more skill involved when trying to bounce off the islands and reach the whales at the right time to get lifted up into space.

    Linda seems to be doing the best for me, I don’t know if it makes any difference which migrant you decide to throw. But I tell ya what, I’m totally knackered!! When you get to around 1850 and you bounce off the balloon, how much further can you go, because you don’t seem to have much speed to go much further. Only time will tell I suppose.

  35. dave says:

    Down to 11th already……don’t take long does it!!!

  36. dave says:

    Now I’m down to 15th ….what’s going on !!!

  37. dave says:

    Why has everything gone back to zero……No top scores, no nothing….help!!……have the migrants attacked back?

  38. rastus says:

    sorry all i’m currently ranked no. 1 with 2615.22km. basically trial and error using paperplane cheat but the whale blowhole seems to be the key at around 450-500km

  39. finnbee says:

    78th with 2390.377km after 347 throws.

    It’s addictive isn’t it!

    I use the same technique as rastus – from what I can tell, it doesn’t matter which character you choose, all it changes is the speed (distance remains the same). I tend to use Kumar.

  40. dave says:

    I’m using the second blow hole technique, but I don’t understand what Rastas was talking about when mentioning the same cheat as paperplane. When using the zoom technique on the paperplane makes the plane fly further, it makes no difference whatsoever when using the same technique on this game. So I don’t really know what he means…….for some reason the game is messed up somewhere and I seem to have lost about 300ks…which isa shame because its so hard to get that distance back again…….I seem to have gone from being 11th to 82nd through no fault of my own…..whats going on amnesia?

  41. finnbee says:

    Maybe you’ve slipped to 82nd because 71 people have beaten your score?

    I think what Rastas meant was using the cursor cheat where you move the mouse to the far left then out of the game area then bring it in from the right hand side to get maximum speed.

  42. finnbee says:

    58th now with 2428.362km – I used Mohammed Basir, using the paperplane cheat, then bounced off the island just before the 2nd whale, caught the 2nd whale’s blast at the right time which shot me high enough into space that I could see the glitch with the space bitmap doesn’t scroll anymore then as I came back down to earth I bounced off the huge baloon which is at the 1850km mark – then I landed at 2428.362km… Anyone got a better technique?

  43. dave says:

    Finnbee, I reckon thats about it really……although at one point I did linger around in space for ages and without hitting the balloon still managed to get 2395.656km…there seems to be a barrier in space that doesn’t allow you to get much higher…..believe me I have tried every goddam thing…..I think I may need another week on the sick to get over the frustration of this crazy game….anyway, keep plugging on!!

  44. finnbee says:

    I don’t think there is a barrier, it just gives that impression. In programming this is known as clipping (when you leave the game area and it doesn’t have anymore texture to display). You can tell because as you say, you still carry on rising, you just can’t tell. If it was a barrier, you’d hit it and bounce off it, starting to return to earth again immediately.

    Deano, how about a couple more whales and islands around the 2400km mark for the die-hards among us? 😉

  45. Phil says:

    Where has the balloon gone at 1850!!!!!


  46. Ahrensy says:

    I don’t like it.
    I don’t like it.
    I don’t like it.


  47. Deano says:

    So sorry guys, my mistake, the balloon has returned but not the same size and position. I hope none of you are losing wives, girl friends or jobs over this. Remember, be nice to migrants as they are an important part of our wonderful land.

  48. Phil says:


  49. Carl says:

    After 50 odd kicks I have got 2600 and ranked 4th

  50. Carl says:

    You only need 1 rock and then into space to get over 2500

  51. Carl says:

    Rank #1 at a distance of 2618

  52. Carl says:

    Rank #1 at a distance of 2618

  53. Ahrensy says:

    did you really need to add two posts to say exactly the same thing? 😛

  54. Carl says:

    I think it was worth saying twice 🙂

  55. JBall says:

    OK guys, post season is over, it’s time to remember your wife or girlfriend. Maybe you better make up for ignoring her for most of January. How about a Valentines gift from (

  56. danny says:

    2364.975kms rank 434 dont even know how i did it all i know is i was in space for a long time

  57. finnbee says:

    Deano, is it just me or is the last balloon now located at around 1350km? This makes it impossible to get much beyond 2100km (i.e blast into space but never bounce off a balloon) or did you move the old 1850km balloon further on? I’ve yet to spot it and I’ve gotten to 2100km a few times now…

  58. Deano says:

    Hey finnbee, yes the Balloon was moved as the background is a non-looping (limited) image therefore I wanted to restrict the distance, (maybe unlimited next time).
    I’ve noticed Carl has gone past the 2600km mark which amazes me. Personally I can only get around 2100 as well. Answer to question: Yes, Balloon is at approx.1380km. 🙂

  59. finnbee says:

    Cool thanks for that, I can stop playing it now!

  60. Carl says:

    Deano – I got 2618.694 and now ranked 4th -very annoyed with 3 people.

  61. finnbee says:

    Carl – Out of interest, which migrant do you use?

  62. Carl says:

    I used Linda, and as another useful hint – bottom of left armpit at the top of the far left building and mouse to the bottom right corner of white box – give or take.

  63. Paul says:

    It’s no secret that here in the US we have a major problem with illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America.

    However, not even the most stringent “secure our borders” person is saying we need to deport LEGAL immigrants…..

    Australia is lucky to be an island. If you shared a border with a 3rd-world cesspool like we do then your “migrant problem” would be a million times worse than it is now.

  64. Andy Pearce says:

    I’ve added a video of my gaming technique on the facebook group:

    Carl – i’ll try your technique out and if I can get it to work, i’ll make another video.

  65. finnbee says:

    Carl, thanks I’ll give it a try. It’s quite different to the technique I used to get 2428km – I used Mohammed and go from the bottom left corner then mid way through the sign post but since the big balloon at 1800km is gone, I can’t seem to get past 2200km anymore.

  66. finnbee says:

    Woah! Just got 2609.145km with Kim! Global rank 27th 😀

    Thanks Carl!

  67. john r says:

    Great game-very addictive. I have gotten out to 1700-2000 kM’s a few times, but no further. Where are the islands, balloons, whales, etc. at this distance? I keep hitting the water.

  68. Bill Wise says:

    Outstanding response to all of the negatives about immigration. We are a nation of immigrants who have forgotten who we are. The problem in the USA is a lack of any policy other than the Bush Fence at our southern border.

    Obama is about to change the mindset. Get ready world we are back from a devastating detour crafted by George Bush!

  69. me says:

    Hey Bill, You’re so far off of the truth that it isn’t funny, And stop blaming everything on President Bush. Do you let people that break into your house stay and take ownership?!

  70. Andy Pearce says:

    guys – check out the videos on the facebook group. should get you over the 2000km mark. video any other techniques you might have. cheers. andy

  71. Andy Pearce says:

    2438.96km and still only global rank of 470. what am i missing? anyone got any tips?

  72. well dear friends fellow kickers Ive kicked more migrants off then you chicken chop Sue was first then Abdul didn’t like Abdul so thrown him off 7.5000.678,000 world record lots of them thank god well my mum said to me when i was young Abdul the curry king get him back for that terrible vindaloo he delivered last 10 years ago at our grange Williams house near the harbour .

    so Abdul is sent to India he is up in the air on his travel bloody good a!!!!! how are you my dear mosh Albert fart face from London he isnt to well after eating Abdul’s curry the Barbie ain’t to hot now dear followers of the game i am the boss the boss of the game i live now in boss land which is every were in boss land

    bit mad now as i play this game day night weekends in bed so were do you play this game on the toilet is best after the curry more abdul’s Ive read your blogs none match mine why not are you mad like me or are you then let us know but please no abdul’s

    All the best

    H the boss man

  73. yesbutif says:

    Grrrr ok I just got 2291.553km on my 12th go and without looking at any cheats…not bad I think…but looks like I got some practicing to do before I take the boss of bosses!!!!

  74. Andy Pearce says:

    you rock boss of bosses!

  75. finnbee says:

    I just kicked the 500000th migrant!

    Congrats Deano, half a million milestone passed!

    Anyway, back to kicking migrants, I’ve kicked over 1300 and still only ranked 31st!

  76. Deano says:

    Nice work Finnbee
    Over 1300 kicked, WOW!
    Anyone else close to that number?
    I’m on about 400.
    Is finnbee the King?

  77. finnbee says:

    lol… I have alot of spare time at work 😉

  78. Beryl Fall says:

    I have scored 2479.158km on kick a migrant and global ranking only 446. Any ideas to move up the rankings?

  79. finnbee says:

    I use Kim and I place her bottom of left armpit at the top of the far left building and then use the “mouse out of the game area” trick bringing it back in at the top right corner. If you do this right she should land on the far left edge of the island that is just before the 2nd whale. Time this so that the 2nd whale blast just a split second before Kim flies over it and it’ll catapult you into space to the point where the moving screen of stars disappears off screen completely for ages – You’ll know you’ve done well if you start coming back down to earth (i.e: you start seeing the moving screen of stars again) at around 1900-2000km, by the time you land in the sea you should be in the region of 2500-2600km.

    I find this technique (thanks to Carl) enables me to consistently get over 2500km but very rarely gets over 2600km (my best so far is 2606km now ranked 39th) – If anyone knows how to tweak this technique even further please let us know!

    It’s all a question of timing, I find that going just as the 1st whale’s blast is disappearing seems to get you to the 2nd whale at the right time for a blast into space but it is tricky to time perfectly.

  80. stuey says:

    I used Kim. From the bottom left of screen, round the outside and just about on line with the far right of the flat of the cliff. She caught the back end of the first island, just makes the second island nice and low then it’s down to timing of the whale, just as it is beginning to spurt. I used to be about rank 76 when I first did that. Now I hit it again at the right time and ranked 6!!! with 2627.712km.
    It’s all down to timing and missing that first whale!

  81. finnbee says:

    interesting thanks stuey, I’ll have to give that a go…

  82. berylfall says:

    Scored 2674.331 (global ranking 4) throwing Ji

  83. berylfall says:

    Using Ji Hyun Kim I hung her by the armpit on the very top of the tall building far left, took my curser round to the right hand point of the picture and let her go. I reached 2675.331 (still global ranking 4). Can’t improve on this. Would love to hear what the three people ranked 1, 2 and 3 did to reach their ranking.

  84. Lee says:

    Just reached 51 in the world with 2625.354.

  85. finnbee says:

    What technique do you use Lee? Same as above?

    Adn folks, where abouts do you bring your cursor in on the right side once you’ve taken it around the outside of the play area? I just bring it in at the very top right corner – doesn’t seem to make much difference if it’s there or a little bit lower…?

    Still can’t seem to beat my 2606 score from ages ago yet.

  86. Evil says:

    With Kim I reached up to 2645.613km. Last week I was ranked 31, now im ranked 33! Dont know how to go any further then what I have. I have tried all characters and still Kim floats the furthest for me.

  87. berylfall says:

    Still no further than 2675,331 but now dropped 2 places to 6th

  88. Will says:

    Hi Im Will,

    I’m 12 and really into this game. Are you guys gonna make any cheats for this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  89. Deano says:

    Hi Will, yes there are some “cheats” (more techniques really). Best thing to do is read through some of the more recent comments as they explain some ways of gaining the best distance.
    Good Luck!

  90. Izeman says:

    Just kicked one 2234.576 km !!! 🙂

  91. Izeman says:

    Oops ok now my best is ….2452.743KM
    Get outa here 😀

  92. Da-Man says:

    does anybody knows how you can throw exactly in time that the imigrant hit the second whale blast perfect?

  93. Da-Man says:

    is there any 3rd or 4th whale blast? or any isle after 1350km???

  94. Mike Hoy says:

    My Score is 2485, very addictive, does it end?

  95. Deano says:

    There’s definitely a limit to how far you can go, no idea what that distance is though. (Only 2 whale blasts)

  96. Isaac says:

    I got 2585! can anyone beat that?
    Igot both whale blasts and went into space!

  97. wastewiz says:

    what about. you just kicked out an illegal who killed a citizen while DUI? What about you just kicked out an illegal who got in state tuition while your kids get screwed? What about you just kicked out an illegal who got a low interest home loan with no downpayment , no employment history check and no citizenship or background check, while you can’t get a loan because you obey the Law? Oh yeah, welcome illegals, natives , you racists are screwed.

  98. wastewiz says:

    I agree. Illegal “migrants” make up 70% of our Federal prisoners. Oooops. “they all come here to work and we should be greatful”. Talk about Racism. Activists today say, “they’ll work cheap and our economy needs the cheap labor.” That is the same thing slave owners said in the South. “Who will pick the cotton, plow the feilds, etc. ” It was Racist then and it is Racist now. How can any “Imigrant Activist” say, “it is OK to pay our race of people less than whites?”How wrong is that but that is the talk. In simple terms “Migrant Activists” in effect say, ” we are sub human and deserve to be paid less than the white man. Please let us into your country to work as slaves. ” SAD

  99. dinaros says:

    I reached 2551 and wont update my global rank.Whats up with that.

  100. Ian in Abu Dhabi says:

    I have reached 2535.597 but only rank 6,604 in the world. Where are the much higher distances getting to? Very confused…

  101. ShamanKing says:

    Please Post More Teqniques with MORE detail Thank You.

  102. andrew says:

    hit 2286 and ranked 17,417 i cant get further

  103. andrew says:

    my strategy is i click on the person then right click farthest left on the screen then right click farthst right on the screen

  104. Mike says:

    2624 Ranked 1096 3/4/9

  105. TL Winslow says:

    Racism is so sad.

    The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism.

    Click the url above to read the details.

  106. Funny how in that game, the two with the lowest worth are also Europeans.

    1. Kasia -$67,000
    2. Linda -$87,000
    3. Ji Kim -$78,000
    4. Mohammad -$120,000
    5. Kumar -$481,000

  107. PING PONG says:

    i’ve kicked a migrant 2624.886 and i’m ranked 1,184. how do i get further????
    any tips would be great!

  108. yoyo says:

    kk heres sometin that my friend found out
    go as far down to the left corner as u can with ur migrant
    right click then move ur mouse to where the like throwing thing stops
    and it launches so fast
    i got to 2785 with hitting 1 balloon

  109. rgfeaga says:


  110. Jimi Arundell says:

    I was all ready to kick off about this game till I played it and saw what it was truly about. Great idea, great message.

    Well done!

  111. Deano says:

    We truely are against racism here at Amnesia Razorfish. Thanks for your support!

  112. cheety says:

    ??????How many have you played??????
    1429 here!!!!!(high score 2564)

  113. cheety says:

    high score now 2624, ranked 1918!!

  114. brizz says:

    just got ranked 315th in the world: 2625.354km

  115. Smithydidsbury says:

    1702062.368km Rank 5 Global. Get in!!!

  116. “Information is not knowledge”, but it helps us survive. Your post contains a ot of good information!

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  118. Sophie says:

    2165.64 is my personal best so far. =D

  119. Shay F says:

    My best is 2231.505

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