Unfortunate Advertising Placements

Some of these were posted on Digg over the weekend and a couple from bannerblog. Of course the advertisers would have had no prior knowledge or control of these less than desirable display media placements with the exception of the Shopping.com SEM ad, who might want to take a second look at their automated search terms.






Finally, not a display ad, but goes to show that anything can happen in advertising…


4 Responses to Unfortunate Advertising Placements

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  2. Pubblicità tragicomica

    Oltre alla libertà di espressione e a qualche corollario ad essa connesso, è la pubblicità a tenere in piedi buona parte dei soggetti che operano online come portali, social network e siti di informazione. Nel caso dei giornali sul Web

  3. echina24 says:

    Ad is really important for a website!

  4. […] woman’s tale highlights problems with broadband coverage Tags: | Get Info Here | Click Here | More Info | Category: Uncategorized  |  Comment (RSS) […]

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