Microsoft Researchers bring the Scobleizer to tears.

A recent demo of some top-secret Microsoft technology magics brought Robert Scoble to tears. It doesn’t happen often, he claims, but that kind of reaction is one that he has had in the past when he sees “software that [he] know[s] will change the world [his] sons live in”.

Spake the Scobleizer on his blog:

“Curtis Wong and Jonathan Fay, researchers at Microsoft, fired up their machines and showed me something that I can’t tell you about until February 27th. I’m sure you’ll read about his work in the New York Times or TechCrunch, among other places. It’s too inspiring to stay a secret for long.

While watching the demo I realized the way I look at the world was about to change. While listening to Wong I noticed a tear running down my face. It’s been a long while since Microsoft did something that had an emotional impact on me like that.”

Well, bring on the 27th, I say. I got to see this thing, whatever it is!

Read his post here.

2 Responses to Microsoft Researchers bring the Scobleizer to tears.

  1. eunmac says:

    I know what it is.

    It is new software that puts Scoble’s blog as the home page for every browser in the universe. It can never be changed or deleted.

    What else could it be 🙂

  2. Yang Goble says:

    Nice blog you created! It looks very well laid out, and looks like you know exactly what you’re doing. I’ll definitely be back to catch up on more of the stuff you write :DD

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