Feb/March 2008 Amnesia Internet Challenge

Fancy a little game?
So we know a few people that claim they can find ANYTHING on the Internet. Are you one of these people? Well here’s your chance to prove yourself… here’s the first of our monthly Amnesia Internet challenges (First posted 8.16pm GST+10 on Sat Feb 21 2008):

What is this and what’s going on in this photo??
Winner to post a valid url and adequate description in comments.
Pls – Tell us how long it took you to find it and how you got there!
Amusing guesses are of course welcome.

There’s no prize right now, just the honour 😉


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Got an idea for next months challenge? Send it to [ amnesiachallenge at live.com ] with a url and your details so we can credit you.

16 Responses to Feb/March 2008 Amnesia Internet Challenge

  1. Brady says:

    I’m getting disturbing flashbacks to the Japanese horror movie Ju-on 2.

  2. Andy Pearce says:

    i’ve seen this somewhere but can’t put my finger on it. reminds me of someone though: http://www.latexmaskcentral.com/images/hartwellpics/cousin_it01thumb.jpg

  3. eunmac says:

    I’ll give you a clue. You’d normally see this with a handle on it.

  4. Paul Ridoutt says:

    4 of my staff and myself on separate computers trying for over an hour. You guys suk suk suk suk. Nice. Now back to work.


  5. Paul Ridoutt says:

    4 of my staff and myself on separate computers trying for over an hour. You guys suk suk suk suk. Nice. Now back to work.


  6. Leigh says:


    too easy, 15min and counting. it’s actually a piece of moddern art by Servet Kocyigit.

  7. Brady says:

    @eunmac : do you want me to say “it’s a broom” ?

    It’s a broom.

  8. eunmac says:

    OK – a new clue. It is attached to some tracks on the ceiling…

  9. eunmac says:

    Another clue – it was created in 2005.

  10. eunmac says:

    Ah – we have a winner…

    I think my ceiling tracks clue gave the game away…

  11. Evan says:

    If you google “hair broom ceiling” it’s the first link

  12. Sean Williams says:


    took less than 2 mins with my first search terms being “automatic human hair broom”

  13. leigh says:

    Ok, what was wrong with my post?

  14. eunmac says:

    You’re right Leigh – I skipped over somehow… Will credit you. SORRY!!!!!

  15. […] Oliver – well done Joshua (see comments).This challenge has been won. Want to try a tougher one? (here)  THE CHALLENGE:What’s the story behind this strange picture (can you spot what’s […]

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