Beaver gets banned

Kotex may be forced to pull a new TV ad for tampons after complaints from viewers and animal rights campaigners. No beavers were harmed in the filming, but critics say it depicts beavers in a degrading manner. Only joking. Here’s the genuine article.

Should this ad be banned? Tell us below.

Here’s the ad:

4 Responses to Beaver gets banned

  1. DunningC says:

    Dear sir. The link you have provided to the article is not correct.
    Please note the article is by Saffron howard of the Daily Telegraph.
    The original source is,22049,23358850-5006009,00.html

    The link you have provided merely a copy of our original.

    Could you please change to the URL provided.


  2. Brady says:


    Saffron Howden and The Daily Telegraph are both credited at the linked article.

  3. eunmac says:

    @DunningC – None of your work has been reproduced on this site and we are not responsible for any third party content or links. If you would like us to link direct to something we would be happy to oblige …that is if decide to ask us a little more politely than you have done above. 🙂 Thanks.

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