March 22 2008 Amnesia Internet Challenge

PUZZLE #2: So we know a few people that claim they can find ANYTHING on the Internet. Are you one of these people? Well here’s your chance to prove yourself…
(This challenge posted 10.42pm GST+10 on Mar Feb 22 2008):

Is this image real or fake? (only part of image shown here).
Winner = [winner’s name to be posted here].


Rules for this challenge:
1. Winner to post answer in comments.
2. Winner must post full image url.
3. Winner must explain the back story behind the image.
4. Winner should state how long it took them to find.
– Amusing comments and guesses are welcome.
– No prize – just the glory of having your name (in red) above!


7 Responses to March 22 2008 Amnesia Internet Challenge

  1. iclazie says:

    Teahupoo, a big wave surf spot in Tahiti

    Here’s a larger version of that shot:

    …and the page it’s on:

    Took me about 5 mins.

  2. iclazie says:

    …and the answer is, it’s real!


  3. eunmac says:

    too easy. will have to get something harder…

  4. Marco says:

    Here’s a much better version:

  5. Marco says:

    PS: took me less than a minute, but I already knew to look for Teahupo’o waves.

  6. eunmac says:

    OK – next time I’ll pick something a little more obscure…
    Thanks for the better image marco 😉

  7. Austin says:

    Dang, only took me about a minuet too – and that was mostly the time it took me to get the spelling of that place right.

    Teahupo’s one of the most unique waves, too easy to spot. = real

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