Trust Banners – Science based advertising

1.4.2008: We are delighted to announce the arrival of TrustBanners – a scientific breakthrough in advertising. The results come about from 18 months of research with Professor Olaf. Prilo an expert in the study of brain function.


Below: The dots stimulate both left and right eye individually, stimulating the human mind to feel compelled to immediately consume or purchase the subject matter in the middle (eg: the apple shown). The animated version of the image below can be seen (here)


The Amazing Facts from viewing a TrustBanner:
– 87.9% average increase of product desire in test subjects.
– 76.4% switched brands after seeing a single TrustBanner
– 63% purchased consumable products within 7 days.
– No Click / CTA required. Can be applied to any banner ad.



We look forward to hearing all you feedback and everyone enjoying TrustBanners in your favourite websites soon. 🙂


50 Responses to Trust Banners – Science based advertising

  1. MASTERCHEF says:

    Where can I see a trust banner in action? – these are awesome – I can’t believe nobody has done this before.

  2. TimS says:

    I found this difficult to beleive at first but then I looked at the scientists linked in page and watched the user test subjects and now I’m not sure. Does anyone know if this is real?

  3. Dana says:

    This makes me really angry. I never liked apples and I DON’T WANT to like apples. I will NEVER look at one of these things if I see one.

  4. AllyTribe101 says:

    @Dana – it says that if you don’t like Apples all you do is you “CLICK THE TRUST BANNER 5 TIMES” and it sends a reverse signal.

  5. Fred from Newcastle says:

    I need to eat more fruit. Bring these on. I’ve watched that apple one with the flashy dots 5 times just to make sure.

  6. Twalve says:

    I’m going to wait till tomorrow to read this 🙂

  7. Sodor says:

    WTF. Is no one else seriously pissed off with this? What r u fools not gettin????? Its like them ads they did where they show u 1 frame and you never know u saw it. THESE ADS GOT TO BE BANNED ASAP.

  8. Superiororganism says:

    There already exists laws in relation to mind control such as using hypnotic techniques and hypnotic language in sales so I’m sure the same thing will happen with this

  9. Millie says:

    We were all talking about this in the office – because you have to look at it for five seconds maybe it’s like an OPT IN system? So… if you don’t want to be made to buy it you just look away before 5 seconds is up.

  10. Adguy says:

    I’m going to get one made with my face on it.

  11. purple says:

    hehehe. if you look at a trust banner with a message not to look at trust banners then it warps the space time continuum and that’s how you create time travel

  12. Daniel G says:

    Nope didn’t do anything for me. Could go for a smoke though.

  13. Mat S says:

    Very nice guys! It’s not April 1st yet in the UK though 🙂

  14. the sandman says:

    this is crap

  15. Adboy says:

    It’s real I just bought 200 cans of Pepsi. HELP!!!!!

  16. Craig says:

    Stupid. Very stupid.

  17. KevZ says:

    Genius! I hope you’re considering submitting this for the Nobel Prize. Purely inspirational on all levels. Well done!

  18. TheCraig says:

    Love it! Happy Fools day:)

  19. Spagman says:

    You marketing guys are fucking morons.

  20. Matt says:

    what a load of BS

  21. Kuruu says:

    i think i’m gettin more attention to the dots than the actual product.
    hmmm been looking at that pepsi banner ……….. but i still feel like coke

  22. robin says:

    These are the most effective banners ever! Not only will I immediately implement them into my own work and deploy them across every campaign I work on, I will happily and obediently respond to their beautiful simplicity and mind-numbing wickedry.

    Thank you Amnesia for making marketing even easier than before!

  23. tuts says:

    April Fools Joke…..ha ha ha ha

  24. drew says:

    are these comments for real?? funny site, well done!

  25. ffad says:

    BOOOO dont work

  26. The activist says:

    This is disgraceful and should be banned. Join the facebook protest group:

    Together we can stop this.

  27. E. Neville Isdell says:

    As CEO of the worlds most successful brand I am always on the look out for proven and innovative sales and marketing techniques. This is the greatest idea since posting pictures on the web. How do I jump onto this bandwagon (buckets of cash to follow). Please reply.

  28. obiobi says:

    april fool didn’t trick me at all~ but sure i believe a nice start for something viral.

  29. mauro says:

    come on people… its all fake! I wanted to buy the worm.

  30. eunmac says:

    We’ve had a few people wondering why they suddenly want to buy apples but seem unnaffected by the can of Pepsi shown. The answer is that the Pepsi ad is only running the micro dots at 15 frames per second – ie: it’s just a demo.

    The apples trust banner is running the full 90 frames per second so we’re expecting greengrocers around the world to experience rapid sales, and people to become very healthy 😉

    To the CEO above – buy stocks in apples asap.

  31. Saira Ramallo says:

    Professor Olaf. Prilo.
    April Fools.

  32. Chris says:

    SEE IT IN ACTION: The first live TrustBanner ads will be deployed into the Australian online marketplace at 12.01am on April 1 2008, and rolled out internationally over the following 24 hours.

    Bit Funny if it’s on April Fools!!!!

  33. Bentos says:

    I don’t get it. Maybe it would be funny if banner ads weren’t actually that effective in the first place.


  34. ellie says:

    mmmmmm… apples….

  35. […] technology New advertising technology that you will probably want to get on your websites: Trust Banners. Pretty cutting […]

  36. Kevin says:

    Professor Olaf. Prilo

    Did anyone notice that Olaf. Prilo is an anagram for April Fool ?

  37. Will says:


  38. xGAx says:

    its not real, do you all even LOOK at the date? (April 1st) ?

  39. Lethal_1 says:

    What A Crock Of S***.!!!
    If anything, it made me pissed off.!!
    Coz the ” Dots ” were ANNOYING THE CRAP OUTTA ME.!!
    NO-ONE can make U buy something, just by showing U a TrustBanner.??
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah … BULL****

  40. Steve Jobs says:

    I call BS. The only thing the banner made me think of is how much time it wasted. Sorry, showing me an apple when I don’t like apples i not going to make me want to buy one, even if you interspliced it with subliminal porn.

  41. adexzec says:

    *Bwah! ha haha haha! Good one Amnesia design…

  42. hiatus says:

    uh…did that really work for any of you? I have no desire to purchase nor drink pepsi, a far less superior product than coke. Apples are good, however.

  43. MCS says:

    Trust banners are great i used for a good cause like eating healthier, but subliminally brainwashing someone to vote for a certain candidate in and election should be illegal.(that is currently going on in Australia)

  44. Matt says:

    Lol april fools!

  45. breakfastbeers says:

    Looks like a f*cking cherry to me. Mmmm…cherry Pepsi!!

  46. cam says:

    um, if this is accually real, which i doubt it is, the information they published on this page states that the flashing lights are at a rate of 90 frmes per second… a standard computer screen (flatpanel) opperates at 60-75 frames. so i dont see how it possible unless your web surfing on a television.

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