Adobe TV and Adobe Media Player Launched

Adobe TV is a vast new Flash-based video portal presenting a huge range of design and creativity-based video programs from Adobe.

The interface is very fast, slick and intuitive. The range of videos already available on the site is going to take a lot of lunch-time browsing sessions to get through.


Adobe Media Player launches alongside this, bringing this content to the desktop with an even slicker Adobe AIR application that can access all the Adobe TV content plus additional clips and full TV episodes from providers such as CBS and MTV.

Like all Adobe AIR apps, installation is a one-click-and-you’re-done affair.

You can install it here.


The content here is great, too, but the official TV offerings are a bit light. With no advertising, I’m not sure I can see them getting better any time soon.

The free content such as the stuff from Revision3 and TED is excellent, however and this is the kind of content that is going to flourish in a medium like this.

Still, I’d like to see Heroes, Lost and 30 Rock added, please.

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