How to turn off WordPress related links

An unwelcome new feature “related posts” appeared in WordPress hosted blogs on April 25th 2008  (announcement possibly here). The result is that inside your blog post a list of links (some internal, some external) appear inside your post at the bottom of the page. You have no real control of what is displayed. Some users also noticed links inappropriate material appearing in these related posts (here).

We weren’t too happy about this new feature being delivered out of the blue, but luckily we found a forum (here) full of other WordPress users desperate to turn it off too.

This is how to turn off WordPress related posts:
Go to Dashboard.
Click “Design”
Click “Extras”
Put a Checkmark on “Hide Related Links”
Click Update box below


We think the feature would be great if the option was to provide links ONLY from YOUR current blog. That way there should be no issues of unwelcome content being linked in.

2 Responses to How to turn off WordPress related links

  1. that’s awesome- thanks!

  2. But that way, you won’t get any extra traffic that you might get…

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