Vice Does the Douche

I usually get my quick fix at Viceland. Comments such as




really give me the giggles. (I usually end up in foetal position laughing till I can no longer breathe when I see them with their accompanying snapshots.)

HAHA, funny funny now read on…

Today however, my monitor was suddenly attacked by a weapon of mass annoyance.

Landing to the Dos and Don’ts section of Viceland, every time I moved my mouse, a gunshot would fire off blasting the page. All I wanted to know was why you can’t go out in your homemade rave overalls…


About to have a skitz attack, I decided to test my douche radar. In a teeny tiny nutshell, I think this game is genius. Applying the dos and don’ts pics to the classic Time Crisis games, the goal of the game is shoot down the don’ts and not the do’s.

 image image

Confused, go have a play! Submit your details and the highest five scores win a Time Crisis 4 pack.

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