Unexpected theatre (and smiles) at Stansted.

I got a lovely surprise when I checked my inbox this morning – a particularly nice ad from lastminute.com. It is a campaign for their theatre tickets business. Rarely do rm, ambient, outdoor, TV and viral meet in such an integrated way. This is a good example for all of us who think the above are exclusive entities. Have a look and let me know what you think? And if you’re a marketing manager with budget to burn on such a stunt, let’s have a beer. Enjoy.

edm sent by lastminute.com

4 Responses to Unexpected theatre (and smiles) at Stansted.

  1. Al says:

    strangely enough i know the marketing manager behind this and she’s an aussie! Watching the chaser at home in Melbourne at Xmas maybe…

  2. Bentos says:

    I was in a cinema last year when a woman barged in looking for her son and played him at Wii tennis on the big screen.

    Frankly it was all a little embarrasing.

  3. karthik says:

    Im happy that i dont know any marketing manager…ha ha ha.

  4. Aldo says:

    Loathed it. I’m sure British Airways did something like this in cinemas over a decade ago. But I guess I just watched 3 minutes of footage and can recall the brand perfectly. So here’s hoping there really is no such thing as bad publicity

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