40Gbps Internet connection in Swede’s home

It’s not often that such wide open bandwidth gets piped directly to a home, but a 75-year old Swede recently changed all that when she had a 40Gbps connection installed in her domicile. ‘Course, this fine dame is the mum of Swedish internet legend Peter Löthberg, and she’s hoping to somehow “persuade internet operators to invest in faster connections.” The trick behind the setup is a “new modulation technique which allows data to be transferred directly between two routers up to 2,000-kilometers apart with no intermediary transponders,” and just in case you’re wondering, she can download a full high-definition DVD in a painstaking two seconds.

I want one!

UPDATE – you could think of a million and one ways to totally take advantage of having a 40Gbps internet connection installed in your abode, but for one Sigbritt Löthberg — she chose to take advantage of it in quite a perplexing way. Reportedly, the 75-year old dame wasn’t too interested in downloading an entire HD film in two seconds or having ping times more minuscule than the brain can fathom; rather, she chose to use the excess heat emitted from all the kit shoved in her house to “dry her laundry.”

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