Customers love Windows “Mojave”

Microsoft has released Windows “Mojave” and customers love it!

Mojave Experiment

Mojave Experiment

This is an interesting experiment to demonstrate how consumers react to Windows Vista when they approach it without carrying all the collective negativity Vista has generated since launch.

It will be interesting to see where MS take this marketing project, and whether it can combat the Mac vs PC campaign that has helped compound the negative perception of Vista.

I personally suspect they won’t turn the perception problem around until the slate is genuinely wiped clean with Windows 7.

There is a lesson for us all in Vista – it doesn’t it matter how good a product is; if the word on the street turns against you, you could be in for a hard sell.

Lastly, a quote from one disgruntled interviewee when its revealed that Mojave is actually Vista:

“…but why is it faster [than Vista]?”

One Response to Customers love Windows “Mojave”

  1. Very good blog post. Really educational.

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