Is the NRMA’s carbon footprint campaign making them a profit?

The NRMA has launched a website to members that claims will help reduce their carbon footprint. Whilst the intent is to print less paper annual reports, the catch is they will only donate $25,000  on the condition that they receive 200,000 emails (or 10K for 100,000).

You see, for me the maths don’t stack up. If this many people opted not to receive an Annual Report (which is likely to cost a few dollars per copy in print and postage) then the donation ought to be the ACTUAL money being saved by the NRMA on printing – and it should not be conditional on how many email addresses are being collected.

Bottom line: For your effort and email address they will be donating 12.5 cents per person who opt not to receive the paper annual report. C’mon NRMA. Do you really think people would be signing up to this if they could see the real maths here.

So here’s my rant to the NRMA… Put your hand in your wallet and pass on the REAL savings from this campaign to the environment.


Now add in the metaphoric planting of virtual trees which have nothing to do with planting real trees and we have something that I think is rather misleading.


Unfortunately the takeout from most people I showed this to was that this campaign appears to have nothing to do with saving trees, but saving the NRMA internal costs. Tsk tsk.


2 Responses to Is the NRMA’s carbon footprint campaign making them a profit?

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  2. Michael O'Neill says:

    I live under the shadow of the Anzac Bridge and have been watching the ‘UN’ campaign unfold over the past few weeks.

    I have also been ‘battling’ with NRAM for eight months in order to receive payment for hire expenses incurred during an accident in January.

    I was therefore ‘unimpressed and largely uninspired’ when I saw the NRMA logo appear with the campaign.

    In my recent experience, NRMA have been ‘uninterested’ in helping me and entirely ‘uncaring’ about chasing what is owed and also in delivering effective customer service.






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