Scrunch or Fold. The toilet paper debate unraveled.

So which are you? It’s a popular question, a conversation ice-breaker, and a cause of heated debate.

AmnesiaBlog Poll: Do you Scrunch or Fold?
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a) Scrunch  b) Fold  c) Both

The Results so far:

The online debate:
On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets per trip (as according to toiletpaperworld funfacts here) – a total of 57 sheets per day. That’s an annual total of 20,805 sheets. So what do “internet people” think about the subject? Here’s what I found…

Search for the truth. I found the question being debated in a physics forum but still no science offered to the debate, just personal preference. The most extensive debate found was here which introduced a third alternative – the pro wipe. Nice.

The debate has also made it to modern Advertising: Here’s the Australian ad for Sorbent. (Pro folding campaign?)

The final conclusion.
I couldn’t find anything that offered objective mathematical or scientific reasoning. The mystery for now remains unsolved. If anyone has any more information feel free to post a comment. đŸ™‚

5 Responses to Scrunch or Fold. The toilet paper debate unraveled.

  1. purple says:

    “8.6 sheets per trip … 57 sheets per day”

    so people go at least 6 times a day?
    i’m not doing my bit

  2. eunmac says:

    @ purple – we respect your bladder capacity!
    I know a couple of people in here who go more than every hour at a minimum.

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  4. […] in Australia we use the word scrunched rather than wadded. Look at the second video in the link, it was the basis of a whole advertising […]

  5. phat to roi says:

    phat to roi…

    […]Scrunch or Fold. The toilet paper debate unraveled. « Amnesia Blog[…]…

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