“Barack-Rolling”.. and the Google Elections Video Gadget

Most of you internet pranksters (and victims) out there will be familiar with the bait-and-switch concept of “Rick-Rolling“.

Hugh Atkin, a Sydney local, has posted on his blog – an appropriation of this concept, using footage from Barack Obama’s U.S. Presidential Campaign.

The result is the “Barack-Roll”:

Video’s like this are popping up around the place, making use of Google’s new “Elections Video Search” gadget.

The gadget makes use of speech-to-text technology and allows you to search for a word or sentence – and if one of the featured Politicians has said those words in one of the countless videos on file – it lists them for you and highlights at what point in the video the relevant text is spoken.

Google Elections Video Gadget

Whilst the speech-to-text technology for the gadget is by no means perfect, it definitely does the trick for sourcing the goods for little meme’s like this one.

2 Responses to “Barack-Rolling”.. and the Google Elections Video Gadget

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