Interactive LED flooring brings your Michael Jackson fantasies to life

Once again the bar for ad agency foyers has been raised. Interactive light walls? Hardly bleeding edge. No, to stay at the top of the game these days any agency worth its salt needs interactive LED flooring.


Engadget are carrying a piece about this awesome technology which is currently on show at the entrance to the Comunitat Valenciana in Spain and rocks over 1,000 interactive ‘modules’ (however a module is defined). Video of the installation below:

From a practical point of view this is bound to increase productivity…

31 Responses to Interactive LED flooring brings your Michael Jackson fantasies to life

  1. Luis says:


    cool video, but it is from Zaragoza Universal Expo, Aragon Community, Spain, near Valencia, but not there.

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  29. webkinz cheeky dog…

    This is a really good article…

  30. Leslie says:

    What a lot of weird comments! Great potential marketing with this.. especially in shopping centres. I wonder how much it costs.

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