The rise of really useful digital devices?

Is Kindle the ideal device for a person that just really loves reading, irrespective of format? Amazon’s reading device allows you to ‘wirelessly download blogs, books, magazines, and newspapers’. You can read The Telegraph’s full article here.

But as one of the above people it’s probably the perfect gadget for me however the main thing that puts me off at the moment is the amount of content currently available. 200,000 titles is nothing when you think about all the blogs, books, magazines and newspapers in the world. There must be at least a squillion or something like that.

To add insult to injury it’s mostly US content, so whilst I could buy one there is only so much James Patterson one person can read. Actually thinking about it there is probably too much James Patterson in the world for one person to read.

I do think this device will take off but predominantly for a mainstream audience. It will take Amazon years to populate the variety of niche publications and content that more and more people want and that arguably makes Amazon useful, and for me that is. Not that I’m in to any weird shit, honest, just stuff I can’t get in the average bookshop.

The first thing that’s interesting here is that this is a device that serves a very specific audience – one that loves reading. Now in my opinion this is why I will personally never buy an iPhone. My MP3 player is better than an iPhone, my camera is better than an iPhone, my mobile is better than an iPhone. My DS (if I had one) is better than an iPhone. So if you are really into something or need a device to function at a decent level the iPhone is just a jack of all trades, albeit a good one. It will unfortunately mean people could end up walking around with a suitcase full of gadgets and gizmos giving off enough radiation to cause a minor explosion should you get run over.

But to get to my point, I think we will see a proliferation of devices that are much more specific to the user’s needs and become highly integrated with their INSERT SOCIAL NETWORK/UTLITY. High quality cameras that allow you to upload photos direct to Flickr, Facebook and your blog. An MP3 player that you can download music on the go and connect to likeminded people on LastFM in real time and on the go. You get the gist.

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