Good bye SLI and CrossFire – Hello Hydra

At its most basic level the HYDRA Engine is an attempt to build a completely GPU-independent graphics scaling technology – imagine having NVIDIA graphics cards from the GeForce 6600 to the GTX 280 working together with little to no software overhead with nearly linear performance scaling.

HYDRA is a dedicated silicon with sole purpose of scaling GPUs.  Though there is no graphics processing logic on the HYDRA chip, what the chip can do is redistribute graphics workloads across multiple GPUs in real-time.  The HYDRA technology also includes a unique software driver that rests between the DirectX architecture and the GPU vendor driver. 


I can’t wait for this and digg out some of my old graphic cards 🙂

there is more to read here.

2 Responses to Good bye SLI and CrossFire – Hello Hydra

  1. eunmac says:

    But there’s already no room left in my pc?!

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