Amnesia needs another dog

..and it shall be a big one.
This thing really is quite incredible.
Watch the video, especially for the recovery from a brutal kick in the side, and the comical ice scene.
Definitely needs funniest home videos theme music.
Okay, you’re right, NOTHING needs a funniest home video treatment.
John Blackman must be stopped.
Wait a minute what’s this post about?
Oh yeah,



Cute isn’t he? And his motor just purrs like sweet music.
Okay, ugly as hell and very freaky but still cooooooooooooooooool!

Move over hedgehog, I now want a BIG DOG!

And John Blackman still must be stopped.

2 Responses to Amnesia needs another dog

  1. Will Higgins says:

    This thing would rock at the Dressage.

  2. JayMan says:

    Now this is(especially that pic) like something lifted straight out of MGS4

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