Friend Magnet. Ninemsn Instant Win Web Messenger Promotion.

From the makers of Prize Rush (Ninemsn and Amnesia) – you can now use your Messenger login to win amazing instant double prizes with our new game (Friend Magnet) whilst you chat with your mates. The best bit – If you win a prize – YOUR MATE WINS THE SAME THING :)))

Use the Magnet (below) to try to hook up the prize you want… Very easy to play.


A pretty cool physics engine, and to our knowledge the first time someone has used the official web messenger API to build a game like this… kinda cool? Good luck!

BTW: Here’s the 15 sec TV Ad for Friend Magnet:

(TVC produced by Amnesia)


9 Responses to Friend Magnet. Ninemsn Instant Win Web Messenger Promotion.

  1. friendmagnetanalyzer says:

    Top Secret: how to win with this game

  2. GGH says:

    I love this game.

  3. raysomuse says:

    really good place so com right now!!!!!

  4. raysomuse says:

    relly game friend happy love follow th boy love rayso name love dan loverun him his game 3 follow stoped.g

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