Internet Challenge September 2008

First Person to solve this challenge and post the answer in the comments will enjoy the title of “Internet Challenge Winner Sept 2008” for the rest of the month, and their name inserted below in red!

Winner =  Joshua Oliver – well done Joshua (see comments).

This challenge has been won but why not test yourself and see if you can beet Joshua’s time of 4 mins. Want to try a tougher one? (


What’s the story behind this strange picture (can you spot what’s not quite right?) Who took the photo and where’s the source URL.
Time of posting 6.34 : Wed Sept 3rd 2008.

Rules for this challenge:
1. Winner to post answer in comments with your name.
2. Winner must post link to the original source of the photo.
3. Winner must explain the back story behind the image.
4. Winner should state how long it took them to find.
5. Miss out either 1,2,3,4 and you will be disqualified!

– Amusing comments and guesses are welcome.
– No prize – just the glory of having your name (in red) above!


5 Responses to Internet Challenge September 2008

  1. Eric Havir says:

    I’m guessing it’s off of Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth. Basically a satellite photo. What’s wrong with the photo has to do with the car on the side of the building in the lower left and the unusual perspective on the building. My guess is that an artist set up this tease of an optical illusion for the satellites to capture. I have no guess on where it’s from though..

  2. 1) Photo was taken by Google Earth Satalite
    3) Extreme Parking is actually the work of artist Theo van Laar, who has continued the car park markings up the wall and attached a gravity-defying Mini. At night time the car’s headlights even light up! You can see the work from the ground during the day or at night.
    4) around 10 min on google

  3. stuart says:

    I think Joshua has won, but what a fun idea!

    I found the source and background, but not the original URL (gave up after seeing Joshua’s answer).

  4. Obviously it was Google Earth but I must admit I didnt notice the car. Anyway, Still It’s Joshua who holds the record.

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