Ooyala. Video Killer or just the worst name in web history?

Ooyala. Not the first time we’ve seen a new technology stamped with “built by ex-Google people”, (recently Cuil) but hey we’ll look at anything new when it comes to online video. OK let’s start with the worst bit: What’s with that name? Did they not teach URL strategy at Google? I’ve already forgotten it three times and keep having to look at the top of the page to remind myself. Say it with me… OO YAAAA LA or something like that. Spelling it after a couple of hours at the pub could be very tricky.

Is an adaptive bitrate the golden bullet?

Rant over, is it any good? Now there’s a stack of features on Oothingy’s site to benefit businesses and advertisers. It works with multiple serving platforms and has great analytics. Yes, that will keep a few people pretty happy as we all like more numbers to crunch, but in the recommendation age, the consumer holds a lot more power over the growth of technology platforms.

Let’s face it… every single successful web empire (eg: Facebook, Google, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr) made it there by putting the consumer first. Yes I get that this is more of a B2B offering, but remember that YouTube really killed it by allowing some groundbreaking comsumer features such as easy affiliation which made it the defacto video player for millions. Does Oojimaflip have anything that will significantly benefit the end user or content creator? OK, yes, there is one thing I did really like: the benefit of adaptive bitrate (meaning the video will fine tune itself to the users internet connection) but this is not something average users will notice if they already have a decent connection. The watermarking feature is handy for those wanting to stop their vids being shamelessly ripped. Bottom line, OOjamadoodah’s video player, appears to be a more bandwidth efficient video player with a rather nice analytics engine, but lacking in advanced social media capabilities. Let’s hope they’ll come up with some more front end features soon because the market is probably ready for someone to take the video player experience to another level.

“Help – can someone read what the banner says underneath us? We keep forgetting our own name.”

Ooyala means cradle in Telugu, a Southern Indian language. We like the name because it demonstrates what we are doing — cradling a new form of innovation.

6 Responses to Ooyala. Video Killer or just the worst name in web history?

  1. jtu100 says:

    Do they have to give these products such idiotic names? It’s all so 00’s.

  2. Raul Estrada says:

    I have an account with Ooyala. At first I believed it was going to be the solution to videoegg going out of business. It offers a lot of features but it lacks some of the most important parts of a good company. The videos don’t play good, if you check on some of the videos that ooyala plays you’ll notice that the videos pauses several times and is not as fluid as it should be. Their customer support is non, maybe if you are a multi million company they may answer your questions, I’ve sent several emails to support@ooyala.com and never got a response, never!

  3. Thanks for this cool post. I definitely agree with this. Anyway i found your blog on google and find it very useful. I’ll be sure to come back again for more!

  4. Dawn Cooper says:

    You wouldnt believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Through 10 pages of Google results and couldnt find anything. One search on Bing. There this is…. Gotta start using that more often

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  6. mdd says:


    […]Ooyala. Video Killer or just the worst name in web history? « Amnesia Blog[…]…

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