Unboxing the new Google 3D Mouse

Last night we came into possession of what we believe to be a beta-release for a new kind of 3D Mouse from Google. Whilst we can’t disclose exactly who gave this (because they work at Google) it certainly raised a few eyebrows in here when we opened the package. We’ve never seen a mouse like this before and has a couple of really WOW features (check out the last image).

EDIT: Just uploaded a quick video (this was right after we took it out of the box).

So our second unboxing in a month (*)… unfortunately we missed the opening of this box initially because it was totally unmarked so we didn’t know what was inside until we saw the mouse through the plastic …at which point we got the camera out. The mouse was well packed with inflated pouch to avoid any damage. 

Confirmed: It is green and has see through bits showing the Google logo.     

Underside: Marked (A) is likely part of the 3D accelerometer. This lets you lift the mouse up an use it pretty much like like a Wii controller (see shot of screen below).

(B) seems to be part of the Wii-like 3D system for when you’re waving it about – yes you can actually see the yellow sensor inside moving as you move your hand.
(C) – Appears to be the Biometric reader (nicely branded) and (D) seems to control all the 3D movements but doubles up as a really comfortable ergonomic gel to prevent RSI.

Above: The mouse in action – after the mouse drivers install you get this pretty neat affect as you lift the mouse up; the cursor lifts up and becomes huge, casting a shadow on the desktop. We haven’t figured out what the use for this might be yet but it was fun.

We were a bit disappointed that the mouse is not wireless, but seeing there was no battery compartment it probably needs to get power from somewhere.

Incidentally it’s Google’s tenth birthday, and we know they love a good old joke down under 😉 …Happy Birthday Google, and thanks for the mouse – already put to good use.

Birthday wishes, @ Amnesia.


11 Responses to Unboxing the new Google 3D Mouse

  1. Brady says:

    First Chrome, now this. Look out, Microsoft, there’s a new sheriff in town. ❤ Google 🙂

  2. eunmac says:

    Glad I got to see this before we get sucked into the LHC’s black hole next month. Does it come with a Google Fit?

  3. CW says:

    this looks sweet…. not being tied down to a desk is awesome… but seriously.. why does it have a cable? silly.

  4. jtu100 says:

    Move over Apple – We’ve got some new Industrial Design kings in town.


  5. Greg Brine says:

    Can they make it bigger though? Seriously, these hockey puck size mice are just too small. I miss the good old chunky Microsoft ones from days of old. Bring back the original Intellimouse explorer!

  6. April already? says:

    Total bollocks?

  7. Googlewatcher says:

    It looks kind of plastic? I thought Google would make it a bit more shiny and metalic but I do really like the see through bit at the back…

    Does anyone know when and wher I can buy one of these?

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