Pirate facebook

In case you haven’t seen this (“yaaawwwnn” … what?? I’ve been in exile and just discovering a few nice old gems), you can make every day Talk Like A Pirate Day on FaceBook. You simply set the language to English (pirate). See Fig 1.

Fig 1.

You’ve probably been pirate facebooking forever, but I LOVE it; particularly the relationship status (see Fig 2). And you know what they say? If you love it, BLOG IT. 

Enjoy … I’m off, me hearties, to write some more interesting blog posts while I wait for Gordon Ramsay Facebook to come out gggrrrr. AP

3 Responses to Pirate facebook

  1. nigepresto says:

    Love it… everyday should be Pirate day!
    arr… time to hoist a bewitched portrait or two

  2. Willibrand says:

    shares have a good blog nice
    Thanks for your effort to help me;)

  3. Yahoo results…

    While browsing Yahoo I discovered this page in the results and I didn’t think it fit…

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