Lynx Chocolate Man – 3D Web Game

Help save Chocolate Man!

Masses of Chocolate crazed women are trying to eat him & it is your responsibility to help navigate Chocolate Man through the throngs of lustful women and out of town.

If the insatiable women catch Chocolate Man, they will systematically devour his hands, feet, arms, legs & torso until only his head is left bobbing around.

To make the game even more addictive and entertaining, enter the Code 293EFCT and the women’s clothes will vanish leaving them bikini clad to bob for Chocolate Mans head.

Check it out now at

Dark Temptation Game

4 Responses to Lynx Chocolate Man – 3D Web Game

  1. […] I can’t get this to run on my old G4 but it looks quite cool. Found it over at Amnesia’s blog where they also inform of a little special feature. Link « Angels and Demons […]

  2. Funchess says:

    S?per Hepsidahil.De

  3. Rajiv says:

    “I Luv Chocolat” is a fun filled family game from Zatun that takes you on a Chocolaty Adventure in 7 different fantasy worlds full of chocolate rivers, cup cakes, chocolate factories and chocolate mountains.

    With Easy to Use controls and 30 Exciting chocolates to collect, “I Luv Chocolat” is a combination of old-school game play and delicious ‘yummified’ chocolates.

    Go on – get your munch on at !

  4. xplodergames says:


    […]Lynx Chocolate Man – 3D Web Game « Amnesia Blog[…]…

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