iGoogle attacked by giant widgets

Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, is getting an update this Friday. Widgets on the page can support a new “canvas view,” which expands the widget to the full iGoogle window.

The new iGoogle also moves user navigation from tabs at the top of the page to a bar down the left side. This enables more pages and elements in the navigation, and I found that it made navigating iGoogle faster, since it provided a de facto table of contents for each page.

Like many of Google’s services, iGoogle is platform-aware. On a mobile phone, like on an iPhone or Android phone, when you log in to iGoogle, you’ll get a view of your page suited to the constraints of the device.

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4 Responses to iGoogle attacked by giant widgets

  1. Bobby says:

    I read about a site on John Chow today called http://www.43marks.com – its like Igoogle but better cuz you can add you own bookmarks and the bookmarks can be websites not just gadgets and RSS feeds although you can upload your favorite RSS feeds too. Its free and totally customizable. Plus you don’t have to login to see your bookmars and RSS feeds

  2. ZGambit says:

    @Bobby Yeah that is not a bad start up page. Digg actually had an article about this some time during July.

    I think the current favorite ones are: iGoogle, Netvibes, MyYahoo and the blank webpage.

    Netvibes is a good one so I would suggest taking a look: http://www.netvibes.com/#General

    Personally I use iGoogle, but I also like using the browser startup pages: Current browsers which have good startup pages are: Opera and Chrome.

  3. eunmac says:

    Don’t forget http://www.pageflakes.com
    We even have a channel set up there : http://www.pageflakes.com/amnesia

    Iain 🙂

  4. Timmy says:

    To me though igoogle looks better than 43marks 😛

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