Dove v Greenpeace viral campaigns – social/environmental issue

Dove is reknown for its amazing commercials about bringing real womens issues to life. And once again they did with the following commercial.

As always a showstopping commercial   – however there was a retaliation commercial brought to life by Green peace which powered the issue that – yes Dove are about womens beauty esteem but at what environmental cost?  – please watch to understand

The great result of this campaign was that Dove RESPONDED to the call and joined Greenpeace in the fight to stop the destuction of the Paradise Forests. Greenpeace campaigners will work with Unilever for the next six months (starting May 2008) to bring together a major coalition of companies to make the moratorium a reality.

If Greenpeace then see a change they will stiop the onslaught.
Digital Advertising with a conscience – Love it

8 Responses to Dove v Greenpeace viral campaigns – social/environmental issue

  1. Adrian says:

    So Dove wasn’t aware on what they were doing in Indonesia and it took a Greenpeace viral for them to suddenly see the light? Either they are utterly ignorant of their own business practices or they are succumbing to public pressure once the truth got out. I can’t admire either of these scenarios.

    The only thing amazing about these Dove ads is that they exist. Unilevel dares to portray that they are sensitive about women’s issues. 30 seconds later and we see some scarcely covered woman turned into an object in heat at the first whiff of Unilevel deodorant. A message brought to you by Unilevel and their agency partners. Thanks Unilevel.

    We all know what’s really going on with you advertising agencies. Don’t throw around the term conscience like it means something to you.

  2. eunmac says:

    @adrian – This is not a typical ad-agency company blog – staff post what they like and are not by anyone. Above is a post by a female member of staff expressing their viewpoint alone.

    Personally I agree with you – I don’t like the commercial at all. It stinks. I’m free to say so and I don’t care if Unilever have a problem with me saying it. People are entitled to their opinion and free speech in digital which all staff have on this blog and we respect yours too. Well done for speaking up.

    Not all agencies are the same. Our clients do not make us write anything – and we would not …and just for the record Dove isn’t a client 🙂

    Iain 🙂

  3. Adrian says:

    My comment was not directed to Amnesia or the people that work there. I’m just pointing out the many holes that plague our industry in a colourful way.

    These paradoxes are what makes us do what we do.

  4. barsie says:

    Hey Adrian

    get your point – however I was mailny talking about liking Greenpeace’s response to Doves ad (not that I loved doves ad!) and the possibiity of people making companies socially accountable for what they do.

    I am sure Dove was aware of what they were doing but of course would not say anything about it – (that would make them socially responsible!)I was mainly in awe of the ad that Greenpeace put together quickly and were able to get a very strong message out quickly via viral means and support of the Dove brand to change their behaviour. They MADE Dove GET a conscience! Hooray wouldnt you say?

  5. eunmac says:

    We’re all settled. We all like Greenpeace 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback Adrian :))) – keep joining in the conversation!

  6. Great find guys. I like it. Screw the cynics. People sometimes forget that the PR role is not just a media relations role, but one of actually feeding back community sentiment and making changes for good.

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  8. Viral marketing is when the marketplace itself – as in your customers and the general public – promote your product for you. It spreads “virally” without you having to proactively sell or promote beyond the initial system you set up.

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