Amazon Window Shop in Beta


Amazon have launched the beta of their new Window Shop, where users can browse a selection of new/promoted store items such as books, movies and games using just their keyboard or mouse. Once an item is selected, a high-quality sample or video trailer is played and you can throw an item in your cart with a click.

It’s an interesting idea from Amazon with the user having no control over the selection of items on display. Essentially the opposite to Amazon’s site search and categories, I found more than a few things I wouldn’t have found on the regular site. It looks nice, too!

The content of the Window Shop is updated every Tuesday.

2 Responses to Amazon Window Shop in Beta

  1. Scott says:

    At you can find a 3D Bookstore, 3D toystore, several 3D art and poster stores, a 3D tshirt store (2 floors), and a 3D Flickr Gallery (just for fun) that are more immersive than Amazon’s WindowShop

  2. icleasby says:

    I thought it was pretty good nice find brady 😀

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