19 Responses to New Pepsi Can and logo

  1. Do you like my assistant’s hand in holding the can? 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    As part of the rebranding campaign, they sent Charlene Li from Forrester a package with the history of the logo on cans:
    Check out:

    Its pretty cool.

  3. Timrubber says:

    This new logo looks pretty cheap. But to be honest, I’ve always prefrered Coca Cola….

  4. frank says:

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  5. coups de pub says:

    I like not the typo (light) , the Bauhaus style

  6. Tara says:

    I liked the logo and was flattered they sent me and other online peeps a first look

  7. Rockets Fan says:

    What matters is INSIDE the can, not outside the can. I love cola flavor but my pallet isn’t refined enough to give a crap if it’s Coke, Pepsi, RC, or generic. Now if we could only get Coke to bring back the original formula of Mr. Pibb and dump this “Pibb Xtra” crap, we’d be on to something.

  8. Amanda Crawford says:

    I think it is a very “Refreshing Change!” We will have to learn all of the different flavors, but after a while, it should be as easy as back in 1987! Go For IT!

  9. sidney says:

    looks too much like Obama’s new ‘american’ flag.

  10. steven crites says:

    actually i think it’s pretty sad when you have to “rebrand” your product.trying to be hip and appease the masses? there was nothing wrong with that past logo. even when the logos changed from the 40’s style to the 50’s and 60’s style, it still represented a great product. but seeing that im not one to “new ideas” and money being spent on “developing “new taste” to attract more users.you have failed pepsi lovers by not bottling in glass . the true original flavor and taste of pepsi can only be found in glass bottled pepsi. go back to your roots and show your pride in delivering us the product that made you what you are! hell coke still does it here in the u.s. and your going to let those schmucks one-up you?

  11. not says:

    it’s a hoax end of story

  12. Anonymous says:

    So they came up with a logo reminiscent of Eastern Airlines. It oughta be on the tail of a 757 headed for Baltimore, not on the can I’m drinking from.

    And what’s with the lowercase, light, feminine type? What happened to bold, all-American, in-your-face? Are they trying to market Pepsi to the Virginia Slims crowd? NEWS FLASH: Men drink Pepsi, too.

    Anyone remember Burger Chef, the fast-food chain General Foods owned in the 1960s? They went through a drastic logo change that this is just too close to. Go look up the “flame and burger patty” logo with the type that looks too much like Pepsi’s “new” look.

    Horrible, horrible. Pepsi is a brand that doesn’t need to change to appeal to people who sit in front of computers. It’s a strong, strong brand as it was — like Budweiser, or Apple, or Chevrolet. Their changes are evolutionary when they’re made, not revolutionary like this crappy thing is.

  13. annalise says:

    I like this new can, a lot. Less is definitely more and I don’ t think the resemblance to the Obama logo is an accident. In addition, there is no need to waste resources on a can that ppl toss or recycle. It’s a can for goodness sake, most ppl pour their soda into a glass anyway.

    However, this is an improvement in style. It just looks classy and simple.

  14. I’m baffled at why they would change their logo so drastically. Conspiracy theorist are saying that they wanted their logo to look more like Obama’s logo, interesting theory.

  15. YourLogoMatters says:

    I personally don’t like it.

    Before & After magazine has an interesting take on this topic: http://www.mcwade.com/DesignTalk/2009/02/does-pepsis-new-logo-work/#comments

  16. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with

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