Social media fail whale

The latest social media blunder from Motrin Moms shows that reach and engagement isn’t everything when it comes to Digital PR.

Sure, it’s great to build awareness and hype around your brand online, but insulting your target audience probably isn’t the way to go …  

Mums everywhere have taken offence to this ad which labels babies as fashion accessories. Time for some serious backpeddling.  

More at Mashable:

2 Responses to Social media fail whale

  1. Bentos says:

    Not sure exactly what there is here to get offended by. Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross could tell you, people who get offended tend to be looking to get offended.

    The type animation reminds me of this stuff:

  2. Super Paco says:

    I just don’t get what people are up in arms about here.. I don’t see anything offensive here… WTF.. This is getting more press than the green peace “Kennedy ad”; and that is offensive

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