Google adds themes to Gmail. Ninjas spotted.


Gmail users will have noticed a bit of a change to Gmail in the last couple of days as Google rolls out the latest version of its hugely popular webmail client. The delicate blue border has been replaced with a brighter version, but that’s just the start. Just into your settings and you’re greeted with an extra tab for selecting visual themes.

There’s a lot to pick from but, really, they’re mostly a bit tacky. Standard themes with oceans, trees and clouds are predictably in abundance. The cartoony style of ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Tea House’ are a bit cute and if  you’re a nostalgic geek and/or no longer wish to have functioning retinas, check out ‘Terminal’ for some eye-searing ascii art goodness.

There’s a ninja theme, but it’s a cartoony ninja theme – not a silent-dealer-of-death-ninja theme, which is a bit disappointing. It’s understandable though, because as we all know, real ninjas are invisible.


5 Responses to Google adds themes to Gmail. Ninjas spotted.

  1. Ang says:

    Real ninjas are invisible?

  2. brii says:

    i think the ninja one is pretty neat…but your right, most of them are extremely lame and cheesey.

  3. Robby says:

    How does the ninja theme change depending on what city you live in? I’ve tried a bunch of cities in the US, some in Russia, England, Japan, and China… No change.

  4. Brady says:

    @Robby Does it change with the time of day? I think the ‘tea room’ or whatever it is does.

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