Social network for seniors

Through following the #osnbc Twitter feed over the last couple of days, I’ve learnt a lot about our social media world. One standout is a new social network for Australian seniors called Grandparents Network, proving that seniors really are ‘savvy and social’. 


According to Twitter feeds from the event:

* People aged over 65 will increase by 107% in the next 10 years

* Most seniors suffer from initial technology/knowledge barriers but once they get over this, they go for   it much faster 

* Reasons older guys use SN sites are no differnet to younger counterparts. Looking for entertainment, education and scoial connection

Grandparents Network comes complete with blogs, a forum, polls, quizzes, interest groups and a photo gallery. It will be interesting to see if, or how quickly, this picks up. They’re already at a couple of hundred members, the oldest member being 90! Now that’s impressive.

PS Thanks all at OSNBC for the regular Twitter updates!

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