Lunascape Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer And Chrome All-In-One

Lunascape is a new web browser that handles all three major web rendering engines — Firefox’s Gecko, Internet Explorer’s Trident and WebKit (which is used by Safari and Chrome).

Lunascape 5 Alpha is Windows-only and the first English version of the browser.

This is how Lunascape works: Users can toggle between rendering engines by either right-clicking tabs or by clicking on the engine switcher button on the bottom left of the screen. If you have figured out which engine works best for a page, Lunascape lets you force the page to use that engine for future visits via a pull down menu.


I will get our PLDs here to do some testing and it might help us in developing better websites.

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5 Responses to Lunascape Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer And Chrome All-In-One

  1. Gary Moon says:

    That javascript benchmark is totally bogus. If they’d enabled TraceMonkey in Firefox 3.1b (which it will be by default when 3.1 goes final) it would have killed Lunascape and Chrome.

  2. Ian Cleasby says:

    ZGambit’s Overview:
    Ok tested it properly and overall I think it is fantastic as a work browser. Firstly the speed of the browser is amazing and I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. Overall after testing the add on department I have so far attached both IE addons and FF3 add ons only problem is you have to change table format.

    Good parts:
    Skinz (people like decorating it so much better for customisation especially with ticker and RSS feeds which have pop ups to alert u of ur favorite blogs and news items.
    Uses both FF3 and IE addons
    After getting Greasemonkey on the browser I was basically free to edit the pages by choice of scripts available.

    Constent changing of Trident – Gecko :/ (can’t do much about that, but it suks)
    Sorry FF3 and IE will never come together 😦 it hurts

    Who beats who in Browser world:
    Inorder of prefence: I would see it as this it is in 3 different categories) Hardcore determines the type of nerd u are? Brackets define What u are getting

    Hardcore vs Softcore
    Flock 2 Firefox 3 (Gecko) (Social, Add on built interface, Fast, Intelligent, 3rd party built)

    Opera9.6 ChromeSafari3.2 (Simplisty,Easy going, Web Surfer based, Intergrated beyond competition)

    Lunascape 5Slepneir4.6 IE8 (Customisable, Skin personalisation, Business oriented ie, default browser, common, less common)

    There are plenty of browsers but this list has divided into 3 catgories based on the type of user and level he is at.

  3. I am new to this different web browser stuff but lunescape sounds pretty cool. I have had experiencve with mozilla firefox, internet explorer, chrome, and safari. Lunescape looks like it is complex but if used correctly, can be optimized for maximum capacity in web browsing satisfaction

  4. stephanlange says:

    @Cornelius Rex – Gecko is the redering engine that firefox uses to umm render pages.
    All major browsers are using different rendering engines:
    Internet Explorer is using Trident and Safari and Chrome use WebKit.

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