Papervision – Augmented reality

Augmented reality, although this seems to be moving along slowly, it does seem to be showing some promise. This demo at Digital Pictures demonstrates how augmented reality brings this papervision character to life through using a webcam and a bit of flash. Surely with the help of some great creative minds this could be put to good use 🙂


Check out Digital Pictures if you would like to test and check it out for yourself

4 Responses to Papervision – Augmented reality

  1. masduqi says:

    it amazing video……..I have amazing video too.

  2. jakewithey says:

    You can have an experience similar to this if you go mushroom picking in the Blue Mountains in the winter and pick the wrong fungus for your fried garlic mushrooms.

    It would be a cool office pet for a digital agency – at least the poop would only be virtual…..

  3. stephanlange says:

    just sweet – love it

  4. […] have been talking about Augmented Reality for quite some time and we gave some pretty cool examples here and here and […]

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