Have you done the dew yet?

You might have seen the ads on the TV with the rhino or on the buses on the way to work. It’s all about doing the dew, with the official launch of Mountain Dew in Australia.

Following on from the award winning Pepsi Australia website, Amnesia Razorfish were tasked to create an online presence for Mountain Dew. The result is a surreal experience that challenges users to ‘do the dew’. B*tch slap rhinos, ride a ferret while whacking zombies, lick putty dew drops, and surf Mount Dewmore – all in a days work. Australian users can also win $500 worth of prizes every day by captioning images.

You can take the challenge at dothedew.com.au





7 Responses to Have you done the dew yet?

  1. Ang says:

    I tried. I can’t get over 72,000 for the bull slap though! Any tips?

  2. Rhino Slapper Man says:

    It’s about timing. Wait until the last minute the frantically swipe left and right. Apparently if you stretch the browser window it helps…..

  3. Rhino Freedom & Peace Man says:

    I think it’s cruel to slap rhinos. What have they done to deserve a slap. Mountain Dew should have used hippos instead. It is claimed that they kill more people than any other animal except mosquitos.

    Surely this game will lead to the extinction of the species if this slap happy attitude is taken to these hard-shelled creatures.

  4. Deano says:

    Rhino B*tch Slap hints:

    1. Open the browser window as wide as you can. (If you have 2 monitors this helps)
    2. After hitting the play or replay button move the mouse to the far left or right of the screen, wait till the rhino runs in and starts to raise his head then swipe as fast as you can across the screen.
    3. If you score over 50,000 you will have B*tch Slap mode unlocked!
    This gives you 3 seconds to go slappin crazy!

  5. Deano says:

    Rhino B*tch Slap Cheat for maximum points:

    1. While the rhino runs in, move the mouse to the opposite end of the screen without entering within the game area by moving your mouse carefully around the edge of the screen
    2. As soon as he goes to gore you, move the mouse into the game area.

    This will give you the maximum speed possible. Timing will still be a factor though.

    My best is 519,540, see if you can beat that!

  6. Kristian says:


  7. Hardenbrook says:

    S?per Hepsidahil.De

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