Being more green

There have been endless discussions about the standby modes of electrical devices and how they use too much energy this way.

image Now Spanish entrepreneurs claim to have invented a way to end a problem that has bedeviled energy regulators, environmentalists and appliance manufacturers. They have patented an algorithm that can detect when an appliance is in standby mode and automatically switch it off completely.

The standby-mode killer has yet to be proven commercially and must contend with other new products designed to tackle the same problem. But, despite some doubters, the Spanish inventors say theirs is the only product able to completely do away with a large, and growing, world-wide problem.

In this system, a microprocessor cuts off power to the appliance automatically. When the appliance is reactivated by pressing a button, it goes back into standby mode. It doesn’t have to go through its start-up sequence again.

Having that implemented would be a reason for me to buy it.

read more about it here.

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