The Fight begins Iphone vs N97 gloves off round

The N97 Finally announced to come into the market is the new phone to challenge the Apple iphone.

Below is the N97’s full list of talents as defined by Nokia.

The N97 has a full kick-out QWERTY keyboard, hidden behind a 3.5-inch widescreen 16:9 touch display that tilts smartly above the keys. Both control methods neatly coexist and are tailored to ensure every experience, be it messaging, social, entertainment-focussed or otherwise, are manageable via the most instinctive physical tool set available. The touchscreen promises to be exploited to full effect, even when inactive, courtesy of a new home screen that automatically sucks in live information via custom widgets sat on a S60 5th Edition backbone.

The N97 enters the fray stomaching 32GB of on-board storage, double that of any mobile device currently in existence, and can take up to another 16GB via microSD, enabling it to become a portable multi-media computer with 48GB in your pocket. Of course Nokia wants you to abuse this space with music, movies, photos and N-Gage games, and as such has worked hard to ensure the N97’s battery is up to the task – it promises to kick out up to 37 hours of music and 4.5 hours of video.

Embracing location based services and the concept of context awareness, the N97 is location-savvy, automatically sensing where it is at any given time via A-GPS. The benefit being that you’ll be able to tap into local services with ease and share your social location with friends minus any extra fiddling or fuss.

Other key talents include a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and dual LED flash, GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, stereo Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It will cost 550 Euros (before taxes and subsidies) when it launches in the first half of 2009. What do you think? Watch the video and leave your comments.

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18 Responses to The Fight begins Iphone vs N97 gloves off round

  1. eunmac says:

    Where do I order one? I loved the 2-column view

  2. Jon Gregory says:

    Am I the only person that thinks this is one ugly piece of hardware?

  3. Brady says:

    Looks nice. Also looks like an Android.

    Bet it has copy and paste. Lucky bastards.

  4. Terry C says:

    I would like to play with one. Dont get me wrong I love my iphone but this looks very cool.

  5. Ian Cleasby says:

    Yes fantastic looking phone definitely something to be played with….. After listen to the live feed presentation @ Nokia World last night. It was interesting to here the guy talk about the phone.

    My favorite two parts about the phone is obviously the OS Symbian S60 5th edition as they have made some significant changes to that and also the Storage.

    Cons which I don’t like sadly I am now comparing this to my INNOV8 is the camera including flash and battery life. These are things are most worried about however Nokia has the support now owning 99.9% of Symbian and also being a reasonable good phone manufacturer.

  6. Anne says:

    Love it! wonder when it will be released in australia.

  7. Three Doors Down says:

    Nokia N97 is a well planned attempt to outweigh the I-phone in each and every aspect. All the features that Nokia has come up with are double as good as the I-phone. And though Apple is known for its hardware and ease, Nokia is also a sturdy and a user-friendly device.
    Following Nokia’s strategy of not going for any collaborations with mobile networks unlike the I-phone, it just might take a very short time to counteract I-phone’s sale-ability and capture the market.

    For more on Nokia N97, do visit

  8. say sth says:

    i surely iphone is much better than n97.
    no doubt, the n97’s camera is better,but it’s apple ‘s first time make phone,and iphone issued early than n97. i use the iphone now,i really think 480×320 in 3.5inch screen is good enough(it’s not a tv,only a phone).long time ago,i thought the iphone was worse than nokia’s, but along with time goes on, iphone’s app comeing better and more than ever.
    iphone’s graph of game,much better than n97;iphone’s web browser is the fastest(i use many phones:n95,n81,n73,…);and it’s operation system is more convenient than others;its design looks better than n97; and my iphone is unlock,when you use app,it can use MMS, have video recording,office files viewer,…..
    somethings i don’t like iphone is unchangetable battery, the speaker(i like nokia’s)

  9. Humaira says:

    i think this is 1 cool phone.. and will kick iphone and blackberrys ass !

  10. sasdaman says:

    I don’t like the qwerty keyboard on any device other then a full sized computer keyboard. I think they should have kept the N97 with just touch screen capability.

  11. Andre Naude says:

    Poofter queers.

  12. Andre Naude says:

    You all lick balls. Samsung rules.

  13. Andres Hilas says:

    I like balls

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