Jaiku vs. Twitter

For all you fellow early day tweeters out there … remember Jaiku? Jaiku, founded in Feb 2006 by Jyri Engeström, really was a big player for micro blogging; and widely recognized as the big brother to Twitter.

Shortly after – Jaiku ‘temporarily’ shut down in October 2007, after being bought by Google. Back then, Jaiku was seen by many (including Google) as the most expandable, reliable and solid platform for micro blogging.

So what has Google’s Jaiku been doing since? Well I think they offer very little information in their online Tour, however I can’t help but think that they will soon (one day) reemerge and attempt to dominate the micro blogging world. 

The very early day Jaiku members (Prior to the Google purchase) got to keep their accounts active and are now invited to download and test the beta release for most high end phones (including the iPhone). Currently you can only join the Jaiku team via invite only.

If you have an active Jaiku account and use it (phone app especially), then please share your experience and thoughts on Jaiku!

For those of you who don’t have an account, let me know and I can arrange an invite for you!

Keep an ear out for these guys, and get on board now with an invite – will be interesting to see what happens…


4 Responses to Jaiku vs. Twitter

  1. dc says:

    Hook it up! Is there a critical mass on the service? I’m assuming no, but then again they have the clout of Google behind them.

  2. Jason Nelms says:

    I cannot find anything but the nokia phone client. Any idea of where I can get a client for the Blackjack2(Windows Mobile)?

  3. Mattypee says:

    @ dc: No, not as of yet – and no Ruby overload problems like we experienced with Twitter in the early days; but Jaiku is still laying low at the moment…

    @Jason: Not sure if they have released a client for the Blackjack2, you may have to access it via the web mobile version for now (http://m.jaiku.com).

  4. […] might remember my post a few weeks ago about Jaiku… well as some of you may know already, Google had announced 2 days […]

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