The ultimate advertising fail – Panthers vs Raiders

This was sent to me on email this morning and I find it quite unbelievable. The image below captures one of the biggest Raiders celebration moments …


Pity this was for a Panthers ad campaign. WTF? How is it possible this made it through the ad agency and through management at Panthers without getting picked up? Its just dumbfounding. Full article in the link below.

If you can think of any ad campaigns that top this on the fail scale, I’d love to hear them.

Panthers pinch Raiders celebration – NRL – Fox Sports


2 Responses to The ultimate advertising fail – Panthers vs Raiders

  1. Jambo says:

    This could be very clever marketing to draw attention to a low budget campaign. Then again it could be someone who doesn’t know sh*t about NRL making a mistake. So it could be 99% of the population.

  2. Nick says:

    That would have to be a big ‘OOOPS!’ but honestly, you should know what your clients uniforms look like, and the fact no one on the marketing side of the team picked it when approving the artwork, shows a complete fail on everyone’s behalf.

    I wonder what happened to the artist after his three day holiday?

    That would be interesting to find out.

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