How about a popup?

Last night I was talking to a mate who works in the creative and design arm (why is it always an arm… why not heart. Or the cockles of our hearts. Or maybe below the cockles, maybe in the sub cockle area? Maybe in the liver, the kidneys, maybe even in the colon? We don’t know… Oh how I wish Denis Leary could have answered that one. I digress.). Anyway he works for a (sometimes) well respect Australian Digital Media organisation. There has been this ongoing high level UX and IA issue we’ve been kicking around for a while on a little side project. Finally he says;

“Nickelass mine friend, I have de answer.” <– See that! Can you tell he is German? Anyway, his solution?

“How about a popup ya?”

“I don’t know mate, how about a kick in the nuts?”


Beyond this being one of those moments of realisation that sarcasm isn’t every nation’s favourite method of punch line delivery, there is a point to be make. Now I truly believe I’m not going out on limb by saying this. It is a very well known fact that every single time a popup is created on this planet called earth, a newly born baby seal is clubbed to death. Sure, you can delete that onLoad=”popup(‘babyseal.html’)” tag later but let me ask you this. Can you un-pummel that baby seal? No. The sooner the world accepts this horrid fact, the sooner we can all strive for a world free of this barbaric practice of ‘popping up’.

Disagree? We just think about the baby seals. With those big round eyes, sitting in there tighty whiteys… 20 pounds 6 ounces baby seal, new born, not even spoken a word yet. Brings tears to my virtual eyes.

2 Responses to How about a popup?

  1. Nick says:

    Personally, like most other web users, I have pop-ups blocked through my browser, and if there is one scripted to appear, I normally get it closed before it even shows me anything.

    The sooner designers / producers come to terms with the fact that not many people actually look at them, let alone click through on them, the sooner we will see more time spent on better ads on the page.

    But, I will keep my block pop-ups ticked from now until the end of time, because they simply just annoy me.

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