Whopper Virgins


Burger King have launched their anticipated new online campaign, Whopper Virgins. Based on the idea that you can’t get an unbiased opinion in the western world because of media saturation, BK take to the world’s most remote communities to find people that have never eaten a hamburger or been exposed to advertising.

People in urban areas of countries such as Thailand, Romania and Greenland were asked to sit a taste test of the Whopper vs the Big Mac. No surprises with the results, but I was happy to see that it wasn’t a complete landslide.

The really interesting part was where they break out the portable Burger King grill and go out to make Whoppers for people that live in really remote places. The reactions are great, particularly the guy that says he still prefers seal meat.

Check it out.

2 Responses to Whopper Virgins

  1. Burger Me says:

    This is really patronizing. You can imagine the ad agency thinking up this concept – ‘we go out and find some peasants who have never tasted a real American burger and get them to choose the best one.’
    Most of their own natural food is probably better than sh*tty mcburgerking. Maybe they should have done a nutritional comparison if they wanted to keep it real. EOM

  2. clarence says:

    C4 plastic, AK47, me….and burger king. please.

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