Unboxing what Facebook gave its friends for Xmas…

We all love a good unboxing, so we were pretty interested to see what Facebook sends their ’friends’ for Xmas. We get on well with them in Aus so the guys were keen to see what was in the box that arrived last year… We only opened it today – Jan 6 2009.

Here’s Bux our Media director looking pretty excited. Big box – must be good!

Okay… about 4 Facebook T-shirts. Yep, they’ll make good pajamas.

Wait there’s another pressie at the bottom of the box. Looks a little more interesting…

No way a video camera!?

Even better – a Facebook branded digital Video camera… 🙂
OK it may not be HD, but that’s a pretty sweet gift.
Thanks Facebook 🙂

2 Responses to Unboxing what Facebook gave its friends for Xmas…

  1. ponikuta says:

    I wonder how does Facebook branded digital vcam works. 😉

  2. Glenn says:

    Apparently it’s a Panasonic underneath that Facebook branding… probably reasonable quality given that.

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