Such A Thing As Too Viral?

It appears there is indeed such a thing as too viral…especially when it concerns free food.

It seems as though a Carl’s Jr. online promotion for a free $2.75 “Famous Star” hamburger coupon went a little too viral.

The Carpenteria-based chain promptly stopped honoring the coupons
for their franchise burger after what seemed like a harmless online
promotion was supersized by the net.

During a promotion at a recent Los Angeles Lakers-New Orleans
Hornets game at the Staples Center in L.A., the 276 winning contestants
were texted a passcode and a 48-hour-only URL on the Lakers’ website,
showing where they could download their free red meat.

A day later, the URL and passcode spread faster than a Paris Hilton homemade porno. Hundreds
of bargain-hunting websites posted the URL and passcode — prompting
the hamburger outlet to discontinue honoring them amid fears of a run
on their burgers.

“We’re wanting things to go viral, just not free offers,” said Beth
Mansfield, a Carl’s Jr. spokeswoman. She said that was the first, and
likely the last, time the chain would give out free burgers that way.

From: Wired News

One Response to Such A Thing As Too Viral?

  1. Nick says:

    Maybe next time they will number them or put a barcode on them so they are invalid after the first use…

    Just a thought.

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