My Windows 7 experience

I installed a pre-beta of Windows 7 a while back in a Virtual machine and back then I already had the impression of it being more stable and faster then my host environment.

now I recently got my laptop back which had some issues with its display and needed repair and I decided to install Windows 7 on it to give it a bit of a closer look.

Here I will be talking about Installation, User Experience, things I like and things I don’t like.



My laptop is a HP Pavillion dv6221tx, Core 2 Duo T5600, 2GB of RAM

I burnt a copy of Windows 7 on a DVD and started the installation. I didn’t have any internet connectivity so I expected drivers not to be installed properly.

An so it was I had a few base drivers not installed, but right clicking on them and updating them found them straight away and installed them.

Most impressive was that Windows 7 even found a driver for my Nvidia 7400 graphic card.

After this I had no other issues – the installation took about 40 min and apart from telling it which hardrive to use I had to do nothing else.

User Experience:

My first impression was that it starts up faster than Vista and I am talking here from pressing the button to be able to browse the web or start up outlook. And going into hybernation is about 70% faster than Vista (I use it when I get off the train).

Everything on Win 7 seems to be more responsive – things popping up, file movements, watching videos etc.

I tried most of the “secrets” described in an earlier post here and they all seem to be working just fine.

Things I like:

I really like docking 2 of my explorer windows next to each other (one left and one right) – it makes so much easier to copy files between folders – and it reminds me of Norton Commander from back in the days.

Rolling over the active windows in the taskbar and them coming to the foreground is a nice feature too – especially when you have 43 windows open at once.

I do like the new taskbar and it took way less time to get used to then I thought it would.

Things I don’t like:

The notifications are still very annoying – especially with the following. I installed the OS and it told me that I need Antivirus. To get it I followed MS advice and downloaded and installed Kaspersky antivirus for Win7 (its still in Beta). Unfortunately my machine didn’t like it and blue screened every 5 min. I had to uninstall it again. Another recommendation wants money for its product so in the end I had to go back to Norton.

In Vista I liked that you had a little blue globe next to the network icon when you are connected to the internet. They changed that in Win7 and I have to hover over it to see if I am connected to the internet or just locally.

They still haven’t implemented a keyboard shortcut to create a new folder. I’d really like that.


Apart from that I am quite impressed with it as it runs faster than Vista which I have been running since pre-beta. Microsoft is on the right track to deliver a great OS in the near future.

I am looking forward to it.

7 Responses to My Windows 7 experience

  1. mattypeee says:

    Great post! thanks for the info.

  2. takeoff says:


    you should compare it to Windows XP.
    If MS launches a Windows Version (vista) which is i.e. much slower than the version before, than it is easy (easier) to come up with a follow up version, which is “faster”.

    AFAIK Vista is approx 20% slower than XP
    I read that Windows 7 needs ONLY (!) approx 700MB RAm after startup – that it before installing any other program or even running it!! For what?
    XP need something like a little bit more than 100MB after a clean install and runs the same programs than vista. After all the main task of an OS is to abstrackt the hardware layer from the software, so that any someware can run on different hardware without change. The role of an OS is NOT to waste as many memory and CPU resources as passible bacause they became too cheep !

  3. […] 7 fight Vista and XP As I stated in my previous post here, Win 7 seems to be more stable and faster than […]

  4. stephanlange says:

    @takeoff – I posted another entry ( where I am linking to a great testing article.
    I am running Vista for a long time now and haven’t really a good way of comparing it to XP.
    If you find some good comparison I would be interested in seeing them.

  5. Johny Talker says:

    I have been running Windows 7 for almost two month, and I can say that I have really good feeling about this system. Its fast, easy to use, Network is working for 100%. I had no problem, with Vista I had, connecting with Win. XP. New IE is improved as well, but still use FireFox :), and at the end the best thing is that Windows 7 will be free for user of Vista (only for specific versions, such as Ultimate, Premium and so on.). This product is definitely worth the try.

  6. Avi says:

    I’ve been using Windows 7 since January, and it really was a wonderful gift for a new year, I was fed up with Vista Ultimate not delivering fast even @ 2GB Ram and Core 2 Duo, but this one is working charm, the first impression is the startup, beautiful!, vista sucked!

    Next up, much faster than Vista, ofcourse slower than XP, but then you don’t find AEro theme with brilliant colors in XP.
    THe WIndows Media Player, The Media Centre, everything looks cool..

    The best part is, besides being beta, its pretty stable, that was unbelievable, it made me break the record for keeping an OS for the longest time without reformatting, 2 months!

    Looking forward for the full release of this OS, and i m not considering it painful if i’m to pay for it, its worth it.

    And a small but sweet change, was MS Paint, for the first time since Windows 95(If m not wrong), they have modified the paint! 🙂

    Drivers are a bit of problem at present, but they soon will find solution.

    EveryONE with Vista, should give it a try..

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