Christian Bale Vs Microsoft Songwriter

This is what you get when you mashup Christian Bale going insane on the set of a movie and use Microsoft Songwriter to compose a song to it. Just a bit of fun โ€“ we still like Batman.

Warning โ€“ contains adult language ๐Ÿ˜‰

Original Audio from Perez Hiltonโ€™s blog:

6 Responses to Christian Bale Vs Microsoft Songwriter

  1. American Psychic says:

    I don’t get why this incident got so much attention. Everyone has a bad day and swears a bit once in a while. The funniest thing is his morphing british/american accent.

  2. Mr Corbett says:

    agreed Psychic…the reason he is one of the very best actors of his generation is that he is super focused and intense. Someone walking onto the set in the middle of your work…get the f**k out monkey boy.
    Let him have it Bateman!

  3. American Psychic says:

    If it was Brendan Fraser, then that would be a different story. ‘Can’t you see I’m trying to get into the role of a treasure hunter from the start of the 20th century.’

    ‘Oh the role you have played in every on of your films from this century.’

  4. Mr Corbett says:

    Ha! I would like to see Brendan getting into some serious method acting to raise his game. Perhaps he could start by locking himself in a f#@king egyptian casket for a couple of thousand years. That way he can really understand the Mummy’s motivation for wanting to rip him a new asshole.

  5. Kain says:

    Why cant they just brand their products with out the ridiculous first bit. Have they not learnt anything from the xbox ? keep that dodgy accounting assocation name from the product and it has half a chance at being cool. “Songwriter” sounds interesting – “Microsoft Songwriter” sounds like a fucking audio clipart library.
    Will they ever learn??? Cant they buy someone who will make them listen? eeeek

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