Marcus Brown’s Twitter Readings – David Armano

I’m not usually one to blow smoke up people’s backsides but here’s an exception. Marcus Brown has to be one of the funniest and most intelligent people using social tools to just do stuff, he gets how to get people interested, simple as that. His aliases so far include The Kaiser, The Dead Artist and my favourite Sacrum Now Mr Brown has created his Twitter readings. The first reading are the Tweets of David Armano and it starts as follows…

“Looking under the bonnet of one of the Twittersphere’s most influential Twitterers. The cowboy hat wearing social media expert that we have come to know and love…Mr David Armano. As you may well know he is an experienced blogger, graphic maker and a serious commentator on social media. So I thought it would be smashing to look at some of his most important Tweets.”


This is hilarious and worth following for the next instalment , good effort again.

2 Responses to Marcus Brown’s Twitter Readings – David Armano

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  2. Free Games says:

    wow cool blog – adding it to my favorites thx

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