Media Usage figures – 2008 out today – Nielsen

From Nielsen

The number of hours Australians spend consuming media also continued to climb in 2008, reaching 89.2 hours per week compared to 84.4 hours in 2007 and just 71.4 hours in 2006. New technology was the main driver of the increased consumption, with the amount of time spent online up from 13.7 hours in 2007 to 16.1 hours in 2008, while PC Video (video either downloaded or viewed on a computer) usage jumped from 2.5 hours to 4.6 hours, and video games usage was up from 4.6 hours to 5.4 hours. (See Chart 2).
This increase in consumption has lead to an increase in the amount of media multi-tasking undertaken by Australians – over three in five Internet users (61%) watch television while online and half (50%) use the Internet while listening to the radio. Of those consumers who report multi-tasking, the Internet is most commonly cited as the primary focus.


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